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Karin and Tōshirō

The doors to the Meeting Hall explode as two guards were flying out of the path of an enraged-looking Ichigo Kurosaki. Obviously, this grave disturbance had the other captains and the head captain on high alert.


Ichigo got as far as he could before he's visibly restrained by the majority of the captains, but also the rushing-in lieutenants as well as other shinigami. But it's hard because Ichigo was really angry and also swinging Zangetsu around madly whilst in Bankai.

"Hey! What in the world is going on? Ichigo!" Shunsui Kyōraku all but demanded angrily at the interruption and subsequent invasion of the sacred Meeting Room.

"Ichigo, holy shit, calm down!" Jūshirō shouted to the orange-haired teenager.

"Stop raving like a lunatic!" Rukia is heard yelling, her arms wrapped tightly around her best friend's neck trying to subdue him. Likewise Renji and Shūhei now managed to pin Ichigo's arms. What's more amazing is that Yoruichi and Kisuke are hanging off Ichigo's legs.


This sudden outburst had everybody stunned, and most eyes now turned to a visibly shocked Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Taking advantage of the slackened hold on him, Ichigo shoved everybody away with his spiritual pressure before charging Tōshirō. Byakuya, ever quick on his incantations, subdued Ichigo with several Bakudō spells.

Rangiku was surprised. "What the fuck? Tōshirō-kun slept with Karin?"

This was absolute shocking news to Rukia, who has stayed at the Kurosaki Residence more times in the past number of months ever since the whole Thousand-Year Blood War with the Quincies. That and having stayed with Ichigo more than ever, there is also that whole "I'm dating a substitute soul reaper" bit barely passed by her brother Byakuya.

Ichigo was struggling to move, and very little movement can be noted even when restrained. "I found one of his signature clips in Karin's room..." And then Ichigo drops the mother of all bombs. "And she's also pregnant..."

Shunsui looks to Ichigo, then back to Tōshirō. "Well, been nice knowin' you, Captain Hitsugaya," he says to Tōshirō.

One of the restraint spells casted by Byakuya broke off Ichigo... then hell broke loose with Tōshirō fleeing from a mad Ichigo, whose laughs weren't soothing to rookie soul reapers (more likely his laughs were just plain frightening to hear). Many of Ichigo's friends have to give chase to prevent Soul Society from being destroyed by Ichigo's fit of brotherly rage. You can't blame him; one of his sisters got knocked up...

Okay so this was in my head for awhile... after reading a Karin/Tōshirō shipping fic about two days ago. So, I just did this... it's hilarious how overprotective Ichigo is, huh?