Ask and ye shall receive. :) Enjoy!

Derek wandered back into his room an hour later after sharing afternoon tea with Meredith outside in the college courtyard. He'd resided to have a shower but he saw his phone flashing from his desk. Hitting the home button, the lock screen lit up with 9 missed calls and 12 new messages. Derek sighed, sliding his finger across the bottom of the screen to see a run down of what he had missed.

Mum: Missed Call (3), Message (1)

Amy: Missed Call (3), Message (6)

Mark: Missed Call (1), Message (2)

Kathleen: Missed call (1), Message (2)

Unknown Number: Missed Call (1)

Oh goodness. Who died? Derek sighed, playing the voicemails. He held the phone up to his ear and he heard his Mum's voice.

Hi Der, it's Mum here. I heard you and Meredith were both sick, and I hope you're feeling better after your sleep… The photo was very cute. I hope you're looking after her. She's good for you. Talk soon; let me know if you need anything. Love you.

"What photo?" Derek asked out loud. He pulled the phone away from his ear and selected the next voicemail. A loud excitable squeal was heard from the other end of the phone line, paining his eardrum. He winced pulling the phone away from his ear before pressing it back again when he heard his sister's voice.

Derek. O-M-G. That photo of you and Meredith is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. Don't get well, this is way better.

"Oh Amy, you're so nice." Derek laughed sarcastically, starting to get agitated. Next message.

Der, Mum again. Don't kill Mark.

"I will soon if I don't find out what is going on."

Der? Kath here. I love her and obviously you do too. Don't mess this us.

"What am I messing up?"

It's Amy. Don't kill Mark.

Derek huffed and pulled the phone away from his ear and sorted through the text messages. They were all pretty much the same message, except Amy's excitement described using capital letters and an excessive amount of exclamation points. Derek gave up, throwing his phone back on his bed. He grabbed his towel and toiletries, opening the door to the hall. A couple of metres down, Meredith was wandering down the hall staring at her phone. She looked up when she heard the noise of his door, shouting ahead.

"Why do I have several missed calls from your sister about a photo or something? What photo?"

"I wish I could tell you, but I don't know either. I had 9 messages from Amy and 4 from Mum… as well as Kath and an unknown number, which I assume was another family member. Mark called to see how I was today, and they all mentioned him, so I'm going to say he is behind it."

"Oh no." Meredith looked straight ahead into this distance.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry, it can't be that bad."

"I left the door unlocked and we slept through lunch."

"They weren't expecting us to join them, they know we're sick." Derek replied, missing the point of her comment.

"That's not what I meant. If Mark rang to check, he probably would have come upstairs since you obviously didn't answer. You wouldn't have been in your room, so, he would have come to mine. Or Cristina. She would have seen us. They would have seen us asleep together. I bet you that is what the photo is."

"Yeah, that would be it!"

Meredith started to breathe faster, looking distressed. "What are we going to do?!"

Derek was a little lost by her response, "what do you mean 'do'? Do we need to 'do' anything?" Derek paused before speaking, "… You're not dating someone else are you?"

She stopped, and looked at him as she caught up, "What? No!"

"Then is it really a problem they saw us?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders.

"…I suppose not."
"But it will definitely out our relationship."

"Our relationship", she repeated, the words flowing off her tongue. She leant into his chest again, and he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head.
"I suppose we should thank Mark for this, hey. Maybe it'll be easier than having to tell everyone."

"We could have got an ad in the paper," she replied laughing. "I hope the photo was flattering."

"You're always cute when you sleep."

"… Do you often watch me sleep?" She asked stepping back, giving him the third degree.
"Just today. Don't worry, I was out within a minute too. As I said, best nap ever."

"It really was."

And with that, Derek continues on to the showers, whilst Meredith wandered back to her room climbing back into bed to watch a DVD before Cristina returned.