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"I FUCKING TOLD YOU ALREADY! I DON'T FUCKING WANT YOU TO FUCKING STUDY ME!" Karkat yelled at Rose to restate the point he had continued to make for the last ten minutes, and had been trying to get across to her for a longtime before today.

Rose pressed the record button on her iPhone voice memos app and spoke towards it. "Take note that the subject still refuses to cooperate on his own part. And that when the matter is brought into question the subject becomes extremely hostile and tends to believe in the appropriation of inappropriate language to be of utmost necessity."


"Rose, don't forget to mention that as time passes in this hostile state the subject's use of inappropriate language seems to proliferate. This may mean that he does in fact become increasingly more unstable as he continues to believe his false assumption that our presence threatens him in some way." Kanaya added into the voice recording.

Rose then pressed the button again and the recording process stopped. "That should be about the thirty second entry saying the same thing."

"If that is true, then I believe we have acquired enough unvarying evidence to prove our original hypothesis and instead now list it as an aspect of the subject." Kanaya told Rose.

Dave, who had remained silent the entire time, tapped both of their shoulders to grab their attention. "Rose, Kanaya, as much as I love watching the extremely complicated way you two seem to flirt with one another. And no matter how much I would love to see it continue down this obvious road to sloppy make-out city between my sister and her girlfriend, you should really take a look at Karkat. He looks like he's about to explode."

At Dave's mention of Karkat, the two girls looked over to him. His face was as red as his eyes, and his fists were clenched so tight that his knuckles turned white. His teeth were clenched to the point of pain, and he was trembling.

Rose pressed the button again and spoke into her phone, "Subject has reached a point of such unprecedented anger that he has successfully silenced himself at the exchange of causing himself physical pain."

"Rose…not now." Kanaya said simply to her.

Rose pressed the record button again to stop her memo and placed the phone in her pocket. "Right." She nodded.

Just then, as they were awaiting Karkat's seemingly inevitable uncontrollable outburst of rage, they heard the sound of feet hitting the sidewalk as someone behind them ran towards them. Their focuses, all except for Karkat's of course, shifted to the sound of someone running.

Nepeta had taken off, greedily scarfing down Sollux's toast as she flee from him, only a slight bit behind her. She saw the bus stop closely now, the four other friends of hers who shared the stop already collected there. She glanced back, and Sollux was at least more than ten feet behind her, and if anything she would gain distance, not lose it, as she was the faster of the two. Then she looked forward as she finished eating the last of Sollux's toast. As she swallowed she sped up and ran straight towards the group.

Sollux was just managing to keep up with her, but there was no way he would catch up at this rate. He was well aware that she was faster than him, and it didn't bother him usually, but right now she stole his toast! In all honesty he didn't care much about the toast, but he was moreover chasing her because he knew she was purposefully doing this to mess with him. But then he did still want his toast back.

As they saw Nepeta's usual form speeding towards them, Dave took it upon himself to take hold of his sister and step out of the way. He was right to do so, as she ran right past them.

Nepeta was planning to stop before ramming into one of her friends, but then once Dave and Rose had moved out of the way she had seen Karkat. She ran faster, right by her other friends, and pounced onto Karkat. His eyes shot open as he felt himself being pushed to the ground. He looked back at her as she smiled as she tackled him to the ground. She held him in the same position she had held Sollux in only a minute ago, and looked at him with a large smile. "Hi Karkitty."

Karkat didn't smile, but he instead yelled, "GET OFF ME NEPETA, AND DON'T CALL ME THAT STUPID NICKNAME!" he continued to struggle to try and free himself, but was unable to.

Nepeta jumped off of him and smiled, "Okay, no problem Karkitty."

Karkat sat up, and for a moment looked as though he was going to yell at her again for calling him that stupid nickname, but instead he sighed and just mumbled to himself in a dispersing state of aggravation as he got back up to his feet.

Sollux stopped and doubled over for a moment to catch his breath, then he stood up straight and looked at Nepeta, her hands were empty. "Nep…that wath my toatht…" he said a bit disappointed.

Nepeta turned to look at Sollux and smiled. "I know, thank you Pawlux. I didn't get to grab anything to eat before I left." She stopped and gripped her stomach in pain, the emptiness in it making it growl with its un-sated hunger. "Probably not the greatest idea."

Dave looked at his sister, "Nothing to note about the subject?" he asked mockingly surprised.

Rose looked at him blankly, "Besides the fact that he calmed down so quickly, no. But that has to do with Nepeta, she just tends to be that person you can't be mad at. Actually, she would be a great subject of research, Karkat was getting a bit old anyway."

Dave simply rolled his eyes behind his shades as he let himself again become seemingly nothing more than a part of the background.

"Nep…you could have jutht athked for the toatht then, I would have given it to you, I at leatht ate more than jutht that."

"I know Pawlux, but then I wouldn't have had an excuse to run here." She admitted with a smile.

Sollux simply smiled back at her, and shook his head.

It was only now that Nepeta had a chance to see how all of her friends were dressed. There was Kanaya, who wore a red skirt, and a black t-shirt with an emerald green Virgo symbol on it. Karkat, who wore grey jeans and a black t-shirt with a grey Cancer symbol on it. Rose, who wore a white t-shirt with some strange purple squiddle depicted on the front, and blue jeans. And last there was Dave, who wore a white and red t-shirt with a cracked in two record on the front, his shades like always of course, and black jeans.

Sollux walked over to Karkat and gave him a slight nod of the head in greeting. "Hey."

"Hey." He nodded in return.

Nepeta was all hugs as she said good morning to everyone. "Hi Kanaya, I love your skirt." She said as she hugged her first, only lasting a moment. "It fits you so well."

"Thank you Nepeta, and I find myself quite fond of your outfit today."

"Good morning Rose." She said with another light hug.

"Good morning Nepeta." She returned in greeting.

Then Nepeta looked to Dave, but well aware that he wasn't the touchy person, as he was the "cool kid" as some of their friends liked to put it, she just smiled at him and said "Morning Dave."

Dave didn't respond, just gave her a cool kid greeting nod.

After that, they only waited a few seconds before the bus was down the street from them. In return for seeing this Kanaya looked to her watch. "The bus is supposed to arrive here at the set time of seven thirty, it is currently seven thirty four, the bus will not reach our stop until after it has turned to seven thirty five."

No one said anything, they knew all about Kanaya's like to be punctual about most matters, and scheduled times was one of them.

She was right though, a few seconds after turning to the next minute as she had said, the bus stopped in front of them. Kanaya was the first one on, and the last one who trailed behind was Karkat. Rose and Kanaya sat together in a previously empty seat. Karkat sat next to Gamzee near the back. Dave sat by himself, also near the back, on the opposite side from where Karkat and Gamzee were. Nepeta sat in the seat in front of him, and behind of Aradia. And Sollux was sure to seat himself next to Aradia.

As Sollux sat down he leaned over and gently kissed Aradia on the cheek. "Hey Aradia."

She smiled at him and returned the same gentle kiss on his cheek. "Hey Sol."

Nepeta leaned over the seat and hovered above them. "Awww, you two are so cute!"

Sollux and Aradia smiled as they looked up at her, but Aradia said, "Hello Nepeta, and thank you."

She smiled back, "Hi Aradia, you two just look so cute together. Even your names work if you put parts of them together, I call you two Solara."

Aradia raised a brow at that, "Hmm, Solara huh? I suppose that works."

"I'm glad you think so." Nepeta smiled back before sitting back in her seat.

After Karkat sat down next to Gamzee they were both quiet for a few minutes, before suddenly Gamzee honked in his ear unexpectedly.

Karkat gripped his ear in pain and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK GAMZEE?! THAT WAS MY FUCKING EAR, THAT FUCKING HURT!"

Gamzee didn't even flinch, or seem the slightest bit affected by Karkat's yelling. "Yo, calm down bro, don't be flippin your shit, you the motherfucker who's all up in here and performing miracles or some shit and just up and motherfuckin appearing next to me, I mean, what is that shit all motherfuckin about?"


"Four minutes thirty four seconds actually." Kanaya corrected his false statement.

Karkat turned, "NOT HELPING!"

Kanaya didn't even bother returning words, she went back to talking to Rose about a project for their college psychology class they were both taking to earn college credit early.

"Sorry motherfucker. I think I might have been spacing out there for a few minutes, that's all. No need for us to get overworked over a motherfuckin misunderstanding bro."

"Gamzee…you had a slime pie this morning didn't you…"


"Gog dammit Gam. What did I tell you about eating one of those before going to school? You know what, I'm gonna bet you don't even remember right now, so I'll answer for you. I said to NOT FUCKING DO THAT!"


Jade and John were standing at their bus stop, waiting for the bus's inevitable arrival. They weren't in the mood to talk, and they didn't have anything to talk about, so they waited in silence.

"HEY THERE JOHN!" a voice pierced through the silence.

John turned to see who it was, as did Jade, when they saw Vriska running towards them.

"HEY VRISKA!" he yelled back to her with a wave.

Vriska didn't stop running until she was there, and then she frantically looked to where the bus would be coming from. "Good…if you guys are here then we didn't miss the bus."

"Good assumption." John said with a smile. Vriska was wearing dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a dark blue Scorpio sign, which was both John and Vriska's shared zodiac sign, and a dark grey coat which she left open. But the most interesting and breathtaking physical feature about her was her eyes. They were a beautiful dark blue, and while that was all one could say about her right eye, her left eye was amazing. It had seven individual pupils, each with a small iris around it.

Vriska smiled at John again before turning back to the direction she had just arrived from. "COME ON SIS! THE BUS WILL BE HERE ANY MINUTE!" she yelled.

"I'M COMING, I'M COMING!" Terezi yelled back to her.

Vriska turned back to John. "I guess trying to hurry a blind girl isn't going to accomplish anything. You'd think having one as your sister would teach you that, but it just seems to slip my mind sometimes."

"Well…Terezi is probably one of the most adaptable blind girls ever, so no one can hold it against you."

"John…" she said his name before trailing off. Then she grabbed him and pulled him close. "You are way too nice to me sometimes."

"And you like to play mind games with me too often. So are we just stating things about each other?"

"Shut up John." She said as she pulled him to her even closer to kiss. And they began to kiss passionately.

Jade just watched with a bit of an amused smile. "You two have an odd relationship." She said, putting her right hand to her head and just shaking her head.

Terezi walked up just then, and heard what Jade had said. She walked past them and stood next to Jade, looking in their general direction. "Their kissing after odd dialogue again aren't they…"

"Yeah, they are. It may not be very easy to understand why they work as a couple, but they sure look cute together, don't you think?"

At her words, Terezi turned her head and frowned at her. "How would I be able to have any opinion about that?"

Jade looked at her for a moment before she realized what she had meant, and what she had said. She was immediately very apologetic, and her words were flustered and cluttered. "OH! Oh, I…I didn't, I mean I didn't realize...It's just that I forgot that…I'm sorry…"

Terezi snickered at her apology. "Don't worry about it Jade, I'm used to it."

Jade smiled, even though she realized it wasn't visible to her. "Really, if I had been thinking I wouldn't have said that, I'm sorry."

"Jade…are they still making out?" she asked, leaning in her left ear towards Vriska and John.

Jade looked to the pair. "Wow…uh, yeah, they're still making out. John, you know, I'm pretty sure you need to breath at some point."

If John heard her, then he ignored her, because they just kept going. It was only after maybe another minute that they finally released each other and breathed. They were both equally flushed in the face, and each was beginning to blush as they realized that their sisters were watching them.

"The bus is coming." Terezi said in the awkward silence.

They all looked down the street, way down the street, and saw the bus turn the corner and head towards them.

It reached them after a minute and they all got on. Vriska and John went on first, making sure to sit together. They were seated the opposite row from Sollux and Aradia. Then Jade, who gladly sat next to Dave. Her arrival with a smile directed towards him got him to give a small smile in return. Then after a moment it was stricken from his face, rarely to return, and never to be admitted to. And then Terezi, leading herself with her cane, made her way up the stairs and down the hall. She stopped and sniffed the air, then looked down at Nepeta and sat down.

"Hey Nep." She said in greeting.

"Hey Terezi." She smiled in return. Nepeta looked at her for a moment. She was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt with the symbol for Libra, her zodiac sign, in teal. And of course, she was wearing her red lensed sunglasses.

"So was I right?" she asked.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I don't even remember what I left to go do in the first place. But I guess I fell asleep on my bed which I was on for some reason…"

"No problem Nep. But be sure to get on later tonight, I have something I want to talk to you about, but not here, on Pesterchum, okay?"


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