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Chapter One

I pull my shirt over my head, opening the metallic dresser that sits in the corner of my room. I pluck the baggy, white shirt from the pajama drawer, and slip it on. I open up the bottom drawer, and exchange my jeans for a pair of short, black pajama shorts. I stroll to the door, walking out into the living room, where Cato sits with Brutus and watches recaps of the Hunger Games. They cheer when Tributes are killed, and boo when the Careers do something wrong. I roll my eyes, shaking my head and laughing. I won't make any mistakes in the Arena. But Cato will make plenty...

I enter the kitchen, opening the large refrigerator and picking out an apple. I pull a pocketknife from the center of my bra, and begin slicing the apple. I slit off a thin piece of the apple, eating it off the blade. I walk back to my room, eating as I go. I pass Brutus and Cato again, watching them ignore me once more. I just chuckle to myself, enjoying my apple. I close my door behind me, sitting down on my bed and then opening the drawer under my nightstand. I yank out my notebook and a pencil, and then open up my notebook. I put the eraser in my mouth, chewing it lightly as I think. My face twists as I look over the other entries in my notebook. I'd been recording what the Capitol was like... I knew my brother would want to see it when I get home. So, I take another slice of my apple and chew down as I begin to write.

Day 3

It's my second to last day in the Capitol today... And things have been going well. As you know, I met a girl. Her name is still Glimmer. As much as I love to pretend I hate her... I can't. You know how I am, Sage. I can't take being away from her, though... And the Girl On Fire... Oh, how I actually do love to hate her. How could she have gotten a ten?! I still can't believe that... At least tomorrow's Interview Night. A Twelve girl like her will crack under pressure, I'm sure. Though, I think I will do well. What do you think, Sage? I'm not really sure how Cato will do... Or Marvel, the boy from One... I always wonder about him. How can he be a Career? He's just so... Goofy. And obnoxious. Being a Career is all about being serious... And smart. As well as prepared... Anyway, where have I strayed off to, now? Back to the girl. I wonder if she feels the same about me. Because she has taken quite the liking to Cato. I've even heard them sleeping together a few times... I just question it a lot. What is the point of falling in love in the Hunger Games? There isn't a chance you will find love that can stay... Even though, this girl... I want her so much, it hurts... I get so protective over her, it's crazy. For instance, the District Three boy was flirting with her the other day, and before she could respond, I was calling him out... I just couldn't see that sort of thing... It really bothered me... Has that ever happened to you, big brother? I know the girls quite like you... Lucky... Well, I'm exhausted. I have to sleep so I will be rested for training tomorrow. I can't wait to see you again...

"Yeah, if only I could send you letters." I say to myself, closing the notebook and stowing it in the drawer.

I finish my apple, tucking my knife back where it belongs. I turn out the lamp on the nightstand, and then settle in bed. I pull the sheets over my chest, careful to keep my arms out from under the covers. I roll onto my side, putting one arm under my pillow and the other in front of my face. I suck in a deep breath, glancing out to the bright lights of the Capitol. The window that they so conveniently placed right in front of my bed provides me with a full view of the Capitol. I spend every night looking out it until I fall asleep. There's just so much to look at here. I smile to myself, and then close my eyes and drift into a deep sleep.

It seems like only a few minutes when I'm awoken by someone walking through the dark of my room. I sit upright in bed, pulling another knife from my shorts and pointing it at the figure.

"I'll murder you, whoever you are. I don't care if I get in trouble, I don't like people creeping around my room while I sleep!" I threaten in a whisper, quickly turning on my lamp.

My eyes instantly register the slightly curly, cascading blonde hair. I blink hard, rubbing my eyes.

"Glimmer? What are you doing here? It's like..." I glance to the clock, "Midnight." I say.

"I-I know... I just... Really need a friend right now." She says.

'Shit... Friend-zoned...' I think.

"Well, I'm here for you." I reply, still blinking hard in disbelief.

More at the fact I've been friend-zoned.

"So what do you need?" I ask.

"I don't think Cato really loves me... I mean, he says he does and... I just don't know what to do. Especially with the Games coming up..." Glimmer says, wiping at her eyes.

'Oh, honey... If only you knew...'

Glimmer sits down beside me, and I lean against the headboard of the bed. She just shakes her head.

"I'm so stupid..."

"Do you want a hug?" I ask randomly.

Glimmer looks up at me, then nods slowly with tears coming from her eyes. So, I have no choice but to pick up my friend-zoned self, and hug her. She falls onto her back, and my arms are still around her. We just lie there for a while, and I play with some of her hair, and she cries herself to sleep. And I can't help but feel like she'll be better once she wakes up. I turn her to lie correctly, and tuck her under the covers. Then, I get in next to her, and fall asleep. Maybe things could work out.