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Chapter Three

"Wow, you actually nailed this one." I smile, twirling in front of the mirror in the Prep Room.

"You really think so?" My stylist asks, smiling back at me.

"Yeah." I nod.

I run my eyes over the cherry blossom pink dress, smiling brightly. It hugs my body, and puffs out a bit on the skirt. It makes my legs look very long, with the assistance of the silver stilettos that I'm wearing. And my hair is done up in ringlets with a bun on top. I don't quite like it, but at least my outfit and make up is perfect. I look so much better than I did on Chariot Night. I twirl one last time, knowing I'll probably be the best looking one tonight... Besides Glimmer...

A bell rings in the room, and my stylist grabs my arm and leads me out into the line. Glimmer, of course, is the first one on stage. Caesar shakes her hand, and she waves and smiles to the crowd. I grin to myself, and then see Marvel looking at me with a strange expression. I blink hard, then lift a brow at him. I cross my arms defensively, tilting my head. It's an awkward moment for a long time, and he just shrugs and turns around. I'm sure he has a thing for her, too.

I revert my eyes back to the largest television screen on the wall across from me.

"So, Glimmer, are you prepared?" Caesar asks.

"Oh, yes Caesar, I'm very prepared." Glimmer replies confidently.

"And, Glimmer... I hear buzz in the Capitol that you and Cato are becoming quite the couple... Right?" Caesar grins.

The hair on the back of my neck stands up, and I feel a scowl cross my face. I begin digging my nails into the skin on my arms, and I notice blood starting to emerge from the new cuts in my skin. Glimmer is silent, though. And Caesar awaits his answer eagerly, the crowd on their toes.

"Exactly correct." Glimmer finally says.

My eyes shoot open, and I can't even believe my ears. I feel rage beginning to fill my body, and I don't even listen to the rest of the interview. Time passes, and it's my turn all of a sudden. I walk on stage, faking a smile and waving solemnly. Then, I sit and slowly shake Caesar's hand.

"Welcome, Clove." He says, "It's an honor to have you."

"It's an honor to be here." I reply quietly.

"Well, Clove... I've heard wonderful things about your knife throwing. Are you really as good as they say?" He asks me.

Now, normally, I'd be flaunting uncontrollably. But right now, I'm so upset, I don't even care.

"Yup... Totally..." I just shrug.

"Oh, well... Okay..." I can tell he's disappointed with my response, "So, uh... How do you like our training facilities, here in the Capitol?" He asks.

"They're... Fantastic." I sigh.

"That's good." Caesar pretends to smile, "And one final question..."


"Are you and Marvel a couple?" Caesar grins for real this time.

I know this is my chance to get back at her... And possibly my chance to humiliate the District One boy.

"Definitely. You know it." I smile.

"Amazing! Well, Clove. It was a pleasure having you!" Caesar exclaims.

We both stand, and he raises my arm into the air.

"Ladies and gentlemen, District Two's Clove!" He yells.

The crowd goes insane, but I walk off stage casually.

"You're welcome." I wink at Marvel as I walk, and Glimmer comes running at me head on.

She slams into me, sending me right through a swinging door that leads to the bathroom. Tears run down her face, and she pins me up against the wall. She rests her hands around my throat, and just glares at me. Her face is twisted in rage.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She yells.

"What the hell am I doing? What the hell are you doing?!" I roar back at her, grabbing her wrists and forcing them down.

"I was playing it off! Nobody can know I'm..." She trails off, picking at her nails and looking at the floor.

"Nobody can know you're what?" I ask her, gently tilting her chin up so she's eye to eye with me.

"Nobody can know that I'm gay..." Glimmer whispers.

"I don't know why it matters." I say, "You don't hate them for falling in love with somebody... So why should they hate you?" I whisper back to her, brushing some strands of hair from her face.

"B-Because... The Capitol is a cruel place... And... And everybody here is used to what's natural." Glimmer points out quietly.

I use my thumbs to wipe away the tears from her cheeks. She looks down with her watering green eyes.

"Glimmer... Love is a natural thing. You love who you love. Nobody can take that right away from you." I say.

"But the Games will take me... Or you away..." She murmurs.

"No. I will make sure nothing happens to you or me. I will get both of us out of there, no matter what... Will you trust me?" I ask her, "Even through all the crazy decisions we will have to make?" I add.

"I... I will trust you..." Glimmer whispers.

"Alright... Pinky promise." I say, holding out my pinky.

We link pinkies.

"Stamp it." Glimmer adds.

We press our thumbs together, then Glimmer smiles at me. I give her a long hug, and kiss her forehead.

"Just remember no matter what happens, I am always there... And no matter what happens, you're always mine." I say to her, giving her a tap on the nose.

She giggles, her cheeks turning a rosy color. She throws her arms around me again, and I feel her hot breath on my neck. I wrap my arms around her waist, holding her close. After all, any time could be the last time I hold my beautiful Glimmer in my arms.

"Want to go upstairs to my room?" She asks.

I raise an eyebrow at her in surprise.

"Not like that!" She laughs, poking me in the forehead, "I just really need somebody there for me to fall asleep..."

"Oh, well that's good too." I wink at her, taking her hand and sneaking from the bathroom into the elevator.

We stand against the metal walls, with Glimmer's head rested on my shoulder. When the elevator stops, we walk straight to her room. Go figure. Her blankets on the bed are bright pink, and the bed is covered in fluffy pillows. I run across the room, and dive onto the bed. Glimmer laughs at me.

"You're such a child, aren't you?" Glimmer asks.

"I'll never grow up. What can I say?" I laugh.

"Well..." Glimmer grins.

"You're not too old for cuddles, are you?" I fake a pout, opening my arms and doing grabby hands in the air until Glimmer runs and pounces on me.

She plants a long, tender kiss on my lips, and sends me crashing back into the pillows. I tug a bit on her shirt, and she pulls away teasingly.

"Now, now. I need sleep." She reminds me, getting up and walking to her closet.

She pulls out some white pajama shorts, which are actually really short. And a green tank top. She waves her finger at me.

"No peeking." She warns.

"Yeah, yeah." I laugh, covering my eyes.

She changes, and I peek anyway. She never catches me, though. Which brings a smile to my face. Then, she comes running back and pushes me down onto the bed. I laugh and brush her hair away.

"What are we getting into?" I ask.

"I don't know. But as long as I'm with you, I'm fine with venturing into the unknown." Glimmer smiles, kissing me again.

Glimmer holds herself above me, but that doesn't stop my adventurous hands. They wander up to her waist, and slowly slide along to her shorts. I brush my tongue along her bottom lip, attempting to pull down the hem of her shorts, but she snatches my hand and smirks at me.

"Time for bed." She teases.

She pulls the covers back, wrapping herself in them, and then looking up at me. I turn off the light, and feel her hand on mine. I hear her voice, quiet in the dark.

"Goodnight, Clove... I think I love you..." She whispers.

I smile to myself.

"Goodnight, Glimmer... I think I love you, too..." I reply quietly.