Of Stitches and Stalking

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Note: This is the expanded version of The Muggle Doctor and the Magical Policeman. And by expanded, I mean, chaptered. There will be six chapters in total and I'll probably post one a day. I leave for Navy Basic Training in 10 days. Obviously, things were edited, some things were changed, other things were removed, and a ton of stuff was added. I sort of had this nagging desire to add, edit, and change the original which was supposed to be a silly one-shot drabble. If you want to read the original it's still posted as the aforementioned titled one shot.

The original summary: Ginevra Weasley had seen the war, experienced the war, fled the war, and mourned the war. Draco Malfoy had seen the war from the other side and turned spy. Now, he hunts the bad guys down and in his spare time searches for the missing Weasley. 10 years later, a case goes bad and he finds her only she doesn't want to go home. What's a guy to do? Pester her incessantly, of course.

Something to note here: In this fic, there are differences from the books, meaning it's not entirely cannon. I mean, obviously, Ginny runs away and Draco turns good guy (yay!). Draco tends to get out of character, but he's had to change as it were. He's an Auror and how many people can say no to Molly Weasley when she tries to take you under her wing? Exactly. So, suck it up. If you don't like, keep it to yourself.

Another point to make, Ginny and Draco formed a tentative sort of friendship is their 6th/7th year respectively. Draco, who was working for Kingsley as a spy, did his best to make sure Ginny was safe enough from the Carrows thinking that if Harry ever found out something had happened to her while on his mission, then Voldemort might actually end up winning and he'd be, well, screwed. After all, Draco didn't want a master forever. That being noted, while trying to protect Ginny as much as he could, they sort of bonded.

Also, Ginny leaves the wizarding world and she figures she can't go by the Weasley last name and worries that her first name isn't common at all so she goes by her middle name - Molly (and also to remind her of her family) - and uses the last name Bennett.

NOW! Onwards!

-Chapter One-

Draco Malfoy had surprised everyone during the final battle at Hogwarts. Publicly denouncing Voldemort, he strolled over to the side of one Harry James Potter and fought hard against the remainder of the Death Eaters. Kingsley, it was said, had employed him as a spy after Snape was no longer able to perform his duties.

The Malfoy heir turned many things around after the war. He funded the rebuilding of Hogwarts and went to Auror School and graduated at the top three of the class, right along with two of his most disliked peers. He later became quite close with the people he had once thought of as enemies after a near death experience when he saved Hermione Granger's life from a blatant attack from his, now deceased, father. He was herald as a dark savoir and Granger, Potter, and the Weasley family had come to except him as a good friend.

All except one Weasley.

Ginevra Molly Weasley had seen the war, had experienced the war, and mourned the war greatly. She had lost too many people she had grown close to and when Harry was brought forth from the Forbidden Forest, seemingly dead, she fled the grounds of Hogwarts. Some would call her a coward, but she couldn't bear to live in such a cruel world any longer.

No one had seen hide or hair of the girl since then. Many believed she was dead, but her family still hoped she was alive. Harry Potter had moved on, marrying an American Auror named Elizabeth, while Ron and Hermione had married shortly after Draco saved the latter's life. Draco, however, remained quite unattached. He settled into his work as an Auror, rarely giving any women a second glance. He was, they say, far more devoted to capturing the remaining few Death Eaters than Harry had been at killing Voldemort.

His devotion was what had landed him in this situation, he mused as he hid behind a large shrub at half eight on a Thursday in late July. He was incognito, waiting for the head of the disgraced Parkinson family to walk out of the shabby muggle building he watched. Odds were the man wouldn't go down without a fight. He'd have to modify some muggle memories, but he didn't expect it to be too hard. The old man had done a decent job at hiding himself from the Aurors hot on his tale. Yet, he had seemed to prove less difficult to find than the youngest Weasley. She was still missing.

He wouldn't classify her as dead; not for the world would he. It wasn't because he cared about her, but because he cared about her family. Rare as it was for him, Draco Abraxas Malfoy, to admit that, he did care about the Weasleys. Even Potter, now, had managed to gain a rather large margin of respect from him.

So, as Draco sat waiting, he was shocked to see the redhead he'd spent the last ten years searching for walk directly in his line of vision. So much surprised was he, he failed to notice Parkinson stroll out of the building and spot him. He even failed to see the curse that sent him flying into the wall mere feet in front of the redhead.

Ginevra Weasley, under the alias Molly Bennett, was quite shocked to see the blonde haired man flying into the wall of the building in front of her. Horror rose in her and she rushed forward, allowing her life's career path to kick in immediately.

She checked his pulse first and relaxed slightly before checking his breathing, which was shallow. She somehow knew, without an x-ray, that the man had a few broken ribs. It was a sixth sense for the woman to know how to treat her patients without testing. Some said she was bonkers, others claimed it was magic, but the woman paid no attention to any of it. She merely claimed that she was in tune with the injured and sick.

"Sir? Sir?" She called, trying to rouse him from consciousness before pulling out her mobile and calling for an ambulance. "This is Doctor Molly Bennett. I have an unconscious man here. I need an ambulance right away."

She rambled off the location and the statistics to the dispatch and it wasn't long before they were on their way to the nearest hospital. With a sad sigh, the woman noted that her plans of her night off were thwarted.

- - Break - - -

She observed the man lying peacefully on the bed before her. The woman had been send home as soon as word came that the man was stabilized. She'd been told to get some rest sometime around midnight and she did so, only because she had to be back to do rounds at six the following morning.

Now, she glared at the blonde looking vulnerable as he patient. She wanted him healed and out of this hospital as soon as possible. Not because she wanted him well, although she did want him well, but because she knew him. Well, she knew of him and the fact he, too, knew of her. Which was enough to ruin everything that she had gone through for the last ten years.

But… at the same time…

She observed his features, noting how he had changed from a pointed faced little ferret into a rather good looking guy. Too bad he wasn't a muggle. His blonde locks were strewn around his head like a halo. His face was clean shaven with a hint of growth on his cheeks. His nose was very aristocratic and it seemed like he was a younger, far more handsome, version of Lucius Malfoy. She briefly wondered if he was anything like that Death Eater scumbag.

No. She shook her head as she looked at him through hardened brown eyes. No, he might look like his father, but she knew he was nothing like him. Or he hadn't been in that final year they had been at Hogwarts. She wondered if he was there to force her home or if it had all been a chance encounter. Surely if she had been found out, more people would have come to see her. Not that anyone could make her go back.

"What are you doing?"

The redhead jumped and spun around, hand over her pounding heart and she released the breath she had sucked in out of surprise.

"Don't do that, Candie. Heaven above," She exclaimed.

"Scared you, did I?" The nurse teased and the doctor scowled, "What are you doing?"

"Yes you did," Ginny replied and turned back to the blonde on the bed before her, "Thinking."

"You like him, don't you?" The woman said, wiggling her eyebrows, "Thinking about doing naughty things to him, aren't you?"

"I do not know what you speak of, Candie," She replied, faking innocence, "And I swear if we hadn't been friends forever, I'd have your head for that comment!"

"Mol, I know you better than that," The nurse said, pushing dark spirals out of her face with a grin.

The pale woman snorted at her dark skinned friend, "He's my patient."

"Then why are you looking at him like that?"

Hesitantly, she admitted, "Because I went to school with him. I was just comparing then to now."

Candie paused in her routine and looked at her employer, "You… went to school with him?"

She waved her hand, "Not med school. Before."

The woman was notably surprised at the mention of the Doctor's past. She rarely spoke of anything from her past. Just that the love of her life died and she couldn't bear to see the looks of pity she would receive from her family. Try as Candace had, she still had yet to convince her best friend to go back to see her family. The girl could whizz through her degrees and become a doctor at the young age of twenty four, but she couldn't brave seeing her family.

"You know, he is rather good looking," Candie said, testing the water and the redhead scowled.

"Candie, please. Just let me pretend I don't know him. He'd probably try to take me home with him."

While she was incognito as a muggle Doctor, the redhead still received the Daily Prophet and was quite up to date on the news of the wizarding world. Several months after she had run, she noticed that things were improving. No longer were there randomized 'terrorist' attacks as the muggles claimed them to be. There was peace and that sense of peace had her picking up the Prophet three years later and reading it. To her surprise it showed that the wizarding world was in celebration.

Draco Malfoy had saved Hermione Granger's life – and captured his Death Eater father. It also stated that Harry Potter had personally thanked the man. Below that article was one announcing the successful wedding of Hermione and Ron Weasley, with a little background on both. What surprised her most was the very last paragraphs.

While it is universally acknowledged that the newlyweds are renowned heroes, none can deny that they both have suffered personal tragedies. The new Mrs. Weasley lost her parents in the war with Voldemort, who Harry Potter successfully destroyed last year, while the entire Weasley Clan lost one of their own. Ginevra Weasley, one of three students who singlehandedly led the student organization called Dumbledore's Army (started by Potter in 1995), was also lost last year. She was rewarded for her valiant efforts with the Order of Merlin first class along with Potter, Weasley, and the new Mrs. Weasley.

The happy event was not daunted by the lack of Miss Weasley, although the absence was noted when the entire Weasley Clan, Mister Potter, and Draco Malfoy asked for a moment of silence for the deceased Miss Weasley. Mister Potter's toast was eloquent and featured a short, emotion filled tribute to the late Ginevra Weasley as follows:

I know that Ginny is here with us, in spirit, and she would be telling us all not to dwell on her, but to celebrate her best friend and her brother being united. Today, the Weasley family officially regains a female Weasley, although no one can replace Ginny.

Ginny had tossed the Prophet aside and decided that since she was dead to her family, she would never return. Later, when Harry married that American – Elizabeth – she cried and swore, again, to never go back. Yet, she still read the Prophet, soaking in the events of the world she was no longer a part of. The only snippets she had really cared for were of the mysterious workaholic currently lying in room 23 on the fourth floor of her hospital. He had been an enigma all of her Hogwarts years.

First, he'd fought against the Golden Trio. Then, he had tormented her until her fourth year when he had only half heartedly held her at bay as Umbridge was distracted by Harry and Hermione. After that, he seemed to ignore her. She'd found him once, in the Astronomy Tower after curfew, he had this look of pure pain on his face as if he were being pulled in two different directions. She had silently hugged him, much to both of their surprise, and told him that everyone needed a friend. After that, Draco would seek her out and they'd bandy words. Then, when the Carrows tormented the students, Draco was always sticking his neck out for her.

So, while Harry Potter had lived through the downfall of Voldemort and was herald as the hero of the Wizarding world, she believed Draco was the true superhero of it. He threw his abundance of darkly earned money to rebuilding the Wizarding World and, to top it all off with; he was responsible for more than half of the Death Eaters in Azkaban being there. And he saved Hermione Granger's life.

They were something of the Golden Quartet, now. Something, Ginny though with irritation and envy, which she had never and would never be a part of. Harry was the face, Ron the brawn, Hermione the brains, and Draco? Draco was… lying in a patient bed right before her eyes.

"Candie, please alert me when he wakes," Ginny said softly before walking out of the room, unaware that the man was slowly coming into consciousness.

Strange… He thought, resisting the urge to groan and alert anyone in the room with him that he was awake. That sounded vaguely like Ginevra.

His memories slowly returned as his mind came into a sharper focus. He'd been on a stakeout when he'd seen her – Ginny Weasley. He'd been caught completely off guard and ended up being spotted by his quarry and ended up flying through the air. His head pounded and his ribs ached with a fury of hell.

"Oh, Molly," He heard a female voice sigh, "If only you would face your past. You could be living happily with your family once again. You are quite the silly woman." A feminine chuckle was issued here. "I wish I could tell you I was really a squib and I know exactly who you are." The woman bustled about and sighed. "Just as I know exactly who it is laying on this table. I wonder if I should send a message to Mr. Potter."

Draco opened his eyes and slowly, almost painfully said, "Don't."

The woman jumped nearly a foot into the air before sharply glaring at him.

"I would like to live to age thirty, Auror Malfoy," She snapped before a look of relief washed over her head, "And do be careful. Your ribs are seriously injured."

Draco rolled his eyes, "Not for long. Where are my belongings?"

Suspiciously the black woman regarded him before pointing to the bedside table. Draco reached for his clothes, nearly grimacing in pain as he moved. Once his wand was in hand, he placed the tip of it on his left side and began muttering a few spells. He repeated them on the other side and relief filled his eyes.

"Merlin's bleeding knickers," He muttered before looking at his nurse, "I supposed you should call in the doctor. I've made a miraculous recovery."

- - Break - -

Ginny was drinking her tea when a frazzled Candace walked into the break room and informed her that the patient was awake and very cranky. She sighed before placing her cup on the table and standing.

"I told you he was a bastard," She muttered before heading off to Draco's room where he sat, dressed in his clothes with his hands legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded over his chest with a bored expression on his face.

"What are you doing out of your gown?" She asked, fiercely, "You should be resting."

Draco snorted, "Let's cut to the chase, Weasley."

Ginny paled and nearly stumbled over her words as she claimed, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Obviously you do, or you would be looking me in the eye, Ginevra." Draco drawled.

"Malfoy, you can just fuck off," She snapped, losing her cool.

Merlin she'd forgotten how bad he pissed her off sometimes. She'd spent several long years learning to control her temper and Draco Malfoy comes barging in, throwing her for a loop. She was not amused at all.

A smirk slid onto his face, "Tut, tut. You shouldn't speak to your patients so, Doctor."

Growling, Ginny folded her arms, "What do you want?"

"Come back with me," He said simply and she shook her head.

"No," She replied and turned to leave the room, "And I'd appreciate it if you'd just leave me be. Run off and tattle on me to my family. Go ahead. I don't care." She left the words on the tip of her tongue from her speech. They don't care.

"They wish you'd come home," Draco said softly, reminding her of a time when Draco had been something akin to a friend, and she snorted derisively.

"You're healthy as a horse, Malfoy. Get out of my hospital and let me never see you again."

She walked out of the room, heels clicking against the floor as she left the bewildered blonde staring at her retreating form. Draco decided at that moment as he watched her sashaying hips sway away from his line of vision that he would not give up. He hadn't given up hope on finding her after all of these years. He wouldn't stop now. All the while, Doctor Bennett slash Ginny Weasley groaned trying to think of an explanation for her patient's sudden recovery.