Chapter two
Nico tilts his head, his shaggy bangs falling into his face. What was his father doing here? Only one way to find out. "Hi dad. Whatcha doing here don't you have people to punish or a wife to play with?"
His father chuckles darkly with humor. "I will let you know I left Persophone thoroughly shagged." He grins. In fashion and facial features both he and Nico have that dark,mysterious man look.
Nico shakes his head. "So what are you doing here dad?"
"I heard a certain son of mine is intreasted in a certain daughter of Achilles."
Nico gulps a bit. He knows his father hates Achilles because the immortal warrior is the only man to escape the underworld to become a god.
"Uh you hear correct. Xan Crestè is my girl friend."
"Good. She's a smart girl. You need strong women in your life." Hades nods while talking. His son takes a breath of relief. His dad likes his girl. Though on the other side of camp Xan is having a similar conversation with her father.

"You can't tell me what to do Achilles. Just because your my sperm donor doesn't mean you run my life!" Xan screams at the warrior who's about four times bigger then she is.
"Actually smalls I can. I am your father and your godly patron. You do as I say when I say it and I say your not dating that Boy of Death."
"You stripped my family from me! Don't you think I deserve to be just a little bit happy?! Of course you don't cause all you care about is blood, guts and gore. So you can take your dumb ass back to hell!" She yells at him furious beyond belief.
She found one person worth living for besides her mother and Achilles decides to take Nico from her too.
He slaps her hard across the face. So hard he knocks her down. She crumbles to her knees holding her face sobbing. Realizing what he did he kneels down to comfort her and apologize.
She pulls away from him. "Just go..." She sobs. And for once he listens and leaves. Leaving her to cry alone and wish even more for Nico to come.