-Chapter 1-

Bella's POV

It was rainy outside and I had absolutely no idea what I should do. I couldn't go out with my friends because they all moved away two weeks ago. By 'friends' I mean my one and only friend I have ever had growing up in this small little town. She had to move away because her father got transferred to Africa. That's not the only thing that sucks, she doesn't even get phone reception, a decent postal system or even internet access. It seems like she was living in a jungle.

That doesn't bug me though because I'm usually alone all the time anyway. Rosalie was always busy at parties and clubs and I was never really into that kind of stuff. My name's Bella and I like reading. I'm, what you guys would commonly call it, a nerd, I suppose. I don't wear those taped up glasses, I don't tuck in my shirt, I don't have freckles and I don't have braces. I have wavy brown hair, my eyes are a light brown, my complexion is fair and I'm only 5'4" tall. I'm average and I liked it that way. I didn't stand out but at the same time, I'm not outcast either. I was in between.

My mom and dad aren't home. They were workaholics who never learnt to take a break. But that's not the reason why they were never home; they're dead. Rosalie told me it was because of an accident a very long time ago. I lived on my own for the past two years; I'm eighteen. Everything is being paid for, thanks to the government. Rosalie helps financially, but she's never here physically. I'm alone.

I was sitting on the edge of my neat bed with a magazine in my hands. The magazine belonged to my mother but it's not like she'll miss it. I was flipping through the pages when I came across an article about calling demons. I found it rather intriguing and kept on reading.

"Demons are supernatural creatures. They come from the deepest, darkest spots of Hell and if summoned, will command you one wish. It may be anything you could ever dream for. But with that wish, comes with a hefty price."

It kept on going on for about half a page. And at the bottom, there was a website telling me where to go to find instructions to summon a demon. Well, what do I got to lose? I went to my computer and typed in the URL address. The webpage was black with red printing on it. In such precise details, it gave me a list of what to do in order to summon a demon properly.

Well, if that was really real, would it work? Maybe. But all this is fake, isn't it? A bunch of bologna? It couldn't hurt to try, right? I mean, there's no such thing as a demon. Might as well...

I stood in the middle of my room, listening to the rain pounding against the window. The lights were off and my room was as neat as can be. Step by step, I started to follow the instructions. I calmed myself down and started to whisper the latin words that were printed on the screen.

I held my posture straight, my hands in a praying position, my eyes closed and my breathing was slow and steady.

"Per secreta maculis in inferno, ego præcipio tuum daemon apparere prodiendum super me. Et cessavit metus. Minus tuum daemon apparere prodiendum super me. Tuum daemon concedemus, voluntate elegi mihi carissimo. Sit daemon veni foras." After whispering the words so cooly, I felt a tingle go down my spine.

I slowly opened my eyes, kind of scared to see what might be in front of me. As my vision came back to me, I was disappointed. I was half-hoping that something would have happened. I sat on my bed as I shook my head, repetitively saying that this was all just a waste of time.

Suddenly, I felt a cool air whip around the room. I frowned. I didn't leave my window open. Without knowing what to expect, a velvety voice whispered:

"Did someone call?"