Bella's Journal Entry; September 31st

It has been nine months since the Centennial celebration. That celebration was shocking. Honestly, who would have thought that I'd be chosen as Dark Leader? Certainly not me. With the minimum knowledge and skills that I had, why would the Dark Lord have chosen me? But his reasoning was rash. The descendant of the Latin Script would be the one chosen. That, I understood.

I've taken up that job as Dark Leader. The Dark Lord has kept his promised and is currently training me, sharing his knowledge and secrets of all worlds. It is quite fascinating, I must add. I do believe my knowledge and maturity have risen since then.

It has also been nine months since my wedding. The wedding was not planned by me, but I appreciated it, nonetheless. It was exactly what I hoped for. Jane did not disappoint and everyone else was just so reluctant and happy that it lifted my mood.

The reason I am writing this journal, is because if I ever get carried away in my authority, get angry at any one of my family members, or just forget who I am, I have something to go back to. I know that when I read this, I will remember how happy I was, how content and at peace I felt while writing this. It will surely help me in the near future.

This past year have been a roller coaster of emotions, pain and glory. I would have never thought that I would have married a demon, become one and then become ruler of the demon world. It seemed so unlikely that all of this could happen to me, but they did.

I'll never forget my parents.

I'll never forget Rosalie.

I'll never forget those memories I faintly remember as a human.

In all honestly, I have felt like I had matured. I most certainly am not the same person I was more than a year ago. I was no longer introverted, shy, quiet and discrete. I was much more different now; courageous, brave, quick-witted and open-minded.

Over a year ago, I summoned a demon, asking him for a wish. A wish to get a friend - someone who can comfort me, support me and be there for me.

And I got that wish. I have that exact person. I have that person who was made for me, who cares for me and who loves me. I have found that person who will listen to me talk endlessly without getting tired, becoming critical or cut me off. I have found that person who will stick by my side no matter how ridiculous my opinion is.

And his name is Edward.

I'll forever be thankful that he came into my life.

My Demon.