The funeral was hard, the sight of the tiny white coffin covered in pink flowers was a very sad sight. There was a photo resting on top of it, one where she looked quite healthy and was grinning cheekily at the camera. All of the Cullen family attended, even Jasper, who suffered through the emotional event to support his brother.

A lot of people attended, Isla had touched a lot of people in her short life and they had turned out in great numbers to say their final goodbyes. David read the eulogy but broke down crying halfway though and one of Isla's uncles got up and finished it.

Emmett clutched Rosalie's hand throughout the entire ceremony, listening attentively to every word.

Shortly after Isla had been put to rest, he found out that David and Erin had set up a foundation in Isla's name to raise money for cancer research. Emmett made a generous and anonymous donation straight away, and would continue to donate money every year.

He visited her regularly and when the next Harry Potter books came out, he sat at the end of her grave and read them to her. Even though she was gone, he was hoping that her spirit was listening to him.

Well, that's it. I hope you liked it. I know it wasn't a huge story but I do not have the attention span right now to be writing long ones. I prefer short stories anyway :) I used the Harry Potter books in this story, not only because I am a huge fan, but also because I myself read them to my friend while she was going through chemotherapy. She was unable to read them herself because she was too nauseous to read them herself. She is in remission now, has been for a few years, but those books meant a lot to both of us. Thanks for reading...