Francoeur was laying on the ground with his arms folded over his chest, when he awoke. His whole body was sore. His eyes were hot and dry. My mouth felt large and awkward. "Ah...? Ah...?!" he tried, the voice came out smooth and singular.. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh...?" He repeated. Opening his mouth wide...

"You've awoken! Come, come. I have much to teach you and little time to do so. First we will practice basic language, as your words don't seem to travel through much beyond music and chirps." Franc stared at the professor for a moment. "...which you can't do any more." The born-again-flea drooped. He loved chirping. It seemed like such an effective way yo get things across... "Okay, to begin we will practice the alphabet..."

"Hello, my name is Francoeur, you can call me franc, if you wish..." Francoeur says shyly. Fumbling his fingers together, and looking up from under his lashes.

"Marvelous! I'm astounded at how quickly you've learned this language! You are indeed a very smart flea." The professor says, tapping the man on his shoulder. He chirps happily. A trick he learned with his new mouth and vocal chords. He vastly preferred chirping over speaking. "... we'll have to try and break you of that chirp, though." Francoeur grins, knowing that wont happen.

"Thank you for all your help, professor..." He says, offering another timid half-smile. His wide eyes still held an otherworldly color to them. But the professor said it made him look fascinating, it was a defining trait. "Can I... Go home now?" It had been roughly three years. The Professor insisted nobody visit Franc during his studies, and thus Lucille and all his other friends seemed like pleasant dreams of the past... It made him sad to think about. He loved them all dearly, especially Lucille... She made him feel like nobody could. He loved everybody, in truth. He would give his life to a stranger, if it would help them. But Lucille... He would give his life a thousand times over. He would suffer a million hardships just to keep that sweet voice singing. Just to dance with her.

"Well, kiddo. First we need to get you some papers."


"I.D, birth certificate, things like that. Just so you're not too suspicious."

"Okay..." He says, dismissively. "How soon can you...?"

"Already got 'em, my boy." the professor says sharply. He winks at Francoeur and ovvers up the papers. They look aged and some-what wrinkled.

Francoeur grabs the papers and flashes an excited grin. He could taste freedom on those papers. He could taste the air of France. The sights of it. He was excited.

"Alright, get outta here. Ya big bug."

Franoeur chuckles as he scampers out of the building, trying his hardest not to hop or jump. His legs were still very strong, and he was still quite springy. But not quite as springy as he was before, unfortunately. It made him a bit sad, but he liked the idea of being human. More than just a 'pet'. He smiled at the thought. "Just wait until she see's me now..." he thought; "I'll show Raoul that I'm not simply a pet." He thinks over these things as he saunters down the road, to The Rare Bird. He sings "Un P'tit Baiser" as he struts. More than a few people turn their curious heads to examine the passing musician.