So, I had an idea. (ROXI Y U NO UPDATE OTHER STORIES?) I got this after re-reading Hunger Games XD (GO UPDATE OTHER STORIES.) So I checked the Hunger Games and Hetalia crossover section... Yeah. So this has nothing to do with the "Brutal Series" I haven't read it, kinda don't want to... But it looks really good. So it looks like it doesn't follow any character in particular. This will. On that note, I want to make 2 things very clear. In the books, no one gives a shit when Katniss is 'pregers' and 'married' to Peeta at 16. So I guess its fine to get married young there. Also, because we don't see any homosexuality in Hunger Games we don't know if that's cool or not. So I'm saying it's cool. No one cares if you're gay here. They don't even fucking notice. "This is my boyfriend" "Cool!" So yeah.

I have the 1st 3 district tributes picked, along with 7 (Our main character will be from here) one from 6 and both from 12. So if you have any ideas, having them within the next few chapters would be great. Thanks. Ok now the warnings. WARNING; High amounts of Spamano in the beginning. Mentions of it later. Gender Bends; Canada, Scotland, China and Austria so far. Larges amounts of Character deaths. Oh! And dark!Spain! Enjoy my shit, k?

I quietly got out of bed, and into the shower. It wasn't much, but it was more than most people in District 7 had. Our shower was indoors, thanks to Lovino's father. Lovino's father, Mr. Vargas was the mayor of District 7 and would often give Lovino money (much to Lovino's dismay). He's been doing this since Lovino and I got engaged and moved in together.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a small towel, and walked back into the bedroom. Lovino was awake, and he looked like he had been crying. "

Lovi? What's wrong?" I asked, coming over, the towel draped around my midsection.

"Nothing I'm-" He stopped himself, catching my disbelieving look. "Just a nightmare. They picked me... And you didn't care." I gave a sigh and held his still naked form close.

"If they picked you I would take your place. I would never let that happen to you." I said stroking his hair.

"Bastard..." He mumbled into my shoulder.

After a few minutes he showered and we got dressed. "Alright, Lovi I'm going to visit my parents and my brothers, ok?" I asked he nodded.

"I'll do the same... This year is Marcello's first reaping so I should be there for him."

"See you at the reaping, love." I said kissing him before leaving.

District 7 at this time would normally be full of men and woman running around, going to work in the woods. As I would be too. I had been working in the woods as a logger for three years now, and I was pretty decent at it. But today, no one was out really. I soon reached my parents home, and came in without knocking.

"Antonio!" My brother Carlos called, and all I saw was a flash of messy black hair before I was in a back breaking hug. Carlos was only 14 and next year would start to work in the woods with me, our father and our brother Alvarez.

"Hey Los." I said hugging back before he pulled away.

"Little brother." So Alvarez was already here.

"Hey Alva. Where's mom and dad?" I asked.

"Mom's in the kitchen and dad ran out to the market for something special for you and Los for luck today." Alvarez said getting off the couch to give me a hug. I know he was scared for me and Carlos. Alva's hug wasn't as back breaking as Carlos'. I leaned my head against his chest, simply because that's how much taller he was than me. Then again Alvarez was taller than everyone at 6"7, while I was barely 6"1. He kept his hair long, and had it up in a pony tail, unlike me and Carlos who both kept our hair short. It was a bit lighter than mine as well.

"Antonio!" My mother called stepping into the room. I smiled and hugged her as well. She and Carlos had the same color hair.

"Hi mama." I said pulling back. "Oh you and papa didn't let Carlos put his name in more than he had too, right?" She sighed.

"We didn't make him put any in for us, just him." She said frowning. "We didn't have the money to make sure he didn't need too. Wait, how many did you put in?"

"My name is in 7 times. I was going to put it in again but wouldn't have that, so he gave me extra money in exchange." I said.

The door opened behind us, and in came my father with two small gifts in his hands. They were wrapped in thin white paper, with a small ribbon.

"Oh Antonio, I was hoping to be back before you got here." He said with a goofy smile. My father and I looked so much alike it was scary sometimes looking at old pictures of him. The same shaggy brown hair, same tan skin and the same bright green eyes.

"Hi papa." I said giving him a hug as well. He held me for a moment, and pulled back, giving me one of the gifts

"I got them in the market from that Lars boy. He wishes you luck." I blink in confusion, as far as I knew Lars hated me with a passion. I guess he was fond of me after all. My father handed the other small gift to Carlos. "Alright boys open them." Papa instructed and both Carlos and I opened them. Inside was a small piece of chocolate. Chocolate was nearly impossible to come by, and it's normally top price.

"Oh papa, you didn't have-" I started

"I wanted to. Besides, I got them cheap so eat up. I know you both love chocolate." It's true, I did, and I've only had once before on my 12th birthday. In the end I ate my chocolate happily, but I saved half for Lovino.

Before we knew it, it was time to go to the town square for the reaping. In District 7, the Hunger Games aren't too popular. I mean, we've had a about 4 winners out 57 Hunger Games. But we haven't won for years, and only 2 were still alive. One was Mea Greback, but she was super old and on her deathbed, so the only winner left is Blight Jackson. He won about 7 years ago, and ever since has been at least buzzed most of the time. So all in all, being a tribute normally means you're as good as dead.

Carlos follows me through the crowd as we made our way towards Lovino and his brothers. His other brother Feliciano was 15. I greeted Lovino with a small peck, and a hug for his brothers.

"So, how are you feeling 'Cello?" I asked Marcello. I knew first hand that the first reaping is always the worst.

"So, so." He said with a shrug.

"Well don't worry. Your name is only in that giant ball once. While some people have it in there at least 40 times, as they say, the odds are in your favor." I said with a smile.

"Yeah, see? Even Antonio knows you'll be fine." Lovino said, but by the way he grabbed and squeezed my hand, I knew he was nervous. "Well look, it's time to check in, you go and wait in line with the little kids, and we'll see you afterwards ok? You too Feli, you and Carlos need to check in." They all nodded and setted off for the lines, each giving wishes of luck.

"Come on Lovi, we have to check in two." I said leading him towards the line. "

I'm so nervous." Lovino said quickly and quietly. It's rare for Lovino to express his feelings aloud, he must be really scared.

"I am too. Everyone is, no one wants to be part of these games." I whisper. "Oh! I almost forgot, my dad knows a guy, so look what he got a hold of!" I say, pulling up the re-wrapped package of chocolate. He opened it and looked up. "And this is for.."

"Eat up, for luck." I say giving him a smile.

Once we were signed up, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

Mr. Vargas started by reading off the list of District's 7 winners, and introducing the last living one, Blight. Blight wasn't tall, but he was broad, with dark murky brown hair and milky brown eyes. Blight gave a small wave, then Mr. Vargas introduced Benvolia Love. Benvolia Love was the District 7 escort. She must not have been taller than 5'3, with pin straight lime green hair, dyed orange skin and blue lipstick that contrasted horridly with her purple and pink suite.I noticed one heel was pink while the other was purple. She walked oddly, almost prancing to the microphone. She smiled brightly, her teeth straight and white.

"Happy Hunger Games!" She proclaimed "May the odds be ever in your favour!" She talked about the honor that being in the Hunger Games involved. "Now, lets get ourselves some tributes~ Ladies first!" She squealed, prancing to the giant ball. She picked a piece of paper and pranced back to the microphone, unfolding it. "Madeline Williams!" Lovino squeezed my hand.

I knew her, not well but I did know her. I know she was the same age of Lovino and that she had an older brother who was 19. She seemed like a sweet girl, very quiet and shy. I knew she wouldn't last long.

"Any volunteers?" No one said a word, I looked over to where he brother was standing on the outside of the roped area. He looked pale, poor Alfred. "No? Moving on!" She pranced over to the boys giant ball, pulling out a slip of paper and pranced back over. Lovino squeezed my hand tighter, and I squeezed back. Please don't let it Lovino or Carlos. Not Lovino or Carlos. Not Lovino or Carlos. And it wasn't Lovino or Carlos.

"Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo!"

It was me.

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