The snow came down in thick heavy sheets. The tree doing little to protect us, but we survived. After 3 days of this, a cannon was fired in the distance. Madeline and I looked at each other, wondering who bit the dust. Silently, I hoped it was Arthur, that bastard from 2. But that night, I was proven wrong, when the face of Francis lit up over the sky. I gave a sigh, but in the end that made it better for me. In the following days, 2 more cannon shots were fired. the girl from 12, Elizabeta, and the boy from 3, Kiku. Now, we were the final five.

Madeline and I thrived in the snow, killing animals and keeping us, and Luck warm. He didn't seem to mind me in the cold, as I think he knew I was the one that fed him mostly. He still growled at Madeline but I could pet him now. He was a nice little... Whatever he was.

The snow must have done little to entertain the capital, so after about a week, it grew warm once again. The water melted and a river flooded a part of the forest. But, on a small hunting trip, the strange forest, with the strange trees and the lake of acid seemed untouched... But I never stayed there too long. I began to feel like I was being followed if I was there for more than a few minutes.

But, a more pressing matter arose then a creepy lake. With there only being five of us, how long could me and Madeline keep up our alliance? We couldn't both win. How long until we turned on each other? Would Madeline use me, until everyone else was gone, then stab me in the back? I was sure of it. But, could I kill her? Could I really end the life of this girl who helped me? I had already killed two people... But, I didn't really remember that.

I grew uneasy sleeping around Madeline, and started to take small naps, never sleeping too deeply. It was enough to keep me sane and somewhat healthy. Madeline insisted we start to go hunting together. I agreed. That way, we could keep an eye on each other. I think she was starting to get paranoid as well...

"Willow." I said to her as we walked down a path, searching for food. "We have to stop being so paranoid. Neither of us are sleeping well..."

"Yeah..." She said softly. "I'm just scared you'll kill me in my sleep."

"Are you kidding? I couldn't do that. You've helped me so much... If I need to kill you, I'd do it to your face, and apologize and I wouldn't do it until it was necessary."

"That's nice... But I feel the same. Watch where you walk, this path looks dangerous." She said

"Yeah ok. So, let's agree then, we wont go after each other until this all over. We can worry about throwing down later. You'll either stab me when I'm not looking, and say sorry as I die-"

"Or you'll say sorry as you chop my head off?"

"Basicall- oof!" I tripped and fell on my ass in a pit of mud, Madeline standing next to it. I tried to get up, my hand the only thing not buried. "What the hell?" I cried trying to move, but I sunk further down.

"Quick sand..." Madeline said softly. "That's quicksand." She took a step back.

"Ok... So pull me out. Get me out." I said trying to reach for something. Madeline shook her head. "Willow, don't be dumb. Get me out of here." I said "Madeline."

"I guess I don't need to stab you..." She said softly.

"Madeline, don't play games, get me out."

"Sorry Antonio..." She said backing up more.

"Madeline Williams, get me out. Please." But she turned and ran. "Madeline. Madeline! MADELINE!"

My voice rang through the forest, as I screamed out for her, begging her to come back and free me. I couldn't die. Not like this. Not when Lovino was at home, watching me... But, I was going to die, and suffocate. I searched for a sign of a camera, but figured they had enough around.

"Lovino..." I said softly, my free hand, grabbing the ring around my neck. "Lovino..." tears rolled down my face. "I'm dead. I am dead. But I love you. And I want you to be happy. Don't let my death kill you. Mom, Dad, Carlos, Alvarez, Lars, Feli, Marcello, Mr. Vargas... I'm dead. And I'm sorry I couldn't come home. I'm sorry I couldn't marry Lovino... I love you all, and don't mourn me too long. Just, be happy ok?" Most of my body was sunken now, all that was above the mud was my neck and hand.

"I love you, Lovino." I whispered and closed my eyes.

"Hullo there!" I opened my eyes, and found them to rest on the young boy from 4, hands on his knees. "You look like you're in a right state! Gupta, couldn't we give this poor fellow a hand?" He asked turning to someone, I noticed was the boy from 11. He looked to be about 15, but I couldn't see much of his face, as he made some sort of face covering... "Please? He helped me. And you heard his little speech I can't just leave him to die, especially after he saved me."

"Fine..." Gupta said, taking my hand. I held on tight, and God, Gupta was strong. He pulled me out with one tug "Happy?"

"Oh yes!" the boy said, taking my clean hand. "I'm Peter, I don't believe we've ever had a proper conversation!"

"Antonio..." I said softly, not really sure of what the hell just happened.

"Let's go back to base camp and get acquainted!"

As it turned out, Peter was really sweet. He seemed to be relying heavily on Gupta, who for some reason... Let him. I think Gupta, might have some moral code deeming Peter's life more important than his own. Which wasn't a hard thing to do. Peter was just so kind and honest, and much too young to be out in these games. He had his whole life ahead of him. I thought, that if I didn't have Lovi to go home too, I might do the same as Gupta and try to get this little kid home too...

He often talked about his mother, and how she cried when he was reapped. Begged the guards not to take him, and to take anyone else, just... I shook my head. Thinking of how a mother would grieve made my chest ache. I thought of my own mother, and hugged my knees. She was a wonderful person, and I really did want to get back to her.

My thoughts also moved towards Madeline... I felt so hurt by her... She betrayed me, left me to die when I thought she had my back. But I suppose I couldn't blame her... I might have done the same thing. She wouldn't have to see me die... A cannon fired in the distance, and a strange howl was heard. Had Arthur been killed? The sun sat that night, and Madeline's face came on the screen. Part of me hurt...

Madeline was dead.

So I about ended it at the part where Antonio looked like he was gonna die. BUt then I thought... Nah.