N was slowly being molded to be something of perfection. A king among dogs, and not only was he intelligent (to the point that Ghetsis would allow him to be) but ate right out of his Father's hand and he couldn't help but relish it. Soon the world would be his, all thanks to this boy. And he loved it.

When N did particularly well with his studies he allowed Anthea and Concordia to take him outside in the Castle courtyards to play. It wasn't often, but when he said something, or something clicked along the lines of his plans. Humans would always harm him, no matter who they might be; no matter how much they loved him.

It was on the last of these outings that he had allowed that N had gone missing. The two girls had come to him sobbing, babbling on about how they'd just taken their eyes off of him for a moment. That they don't know what happened, and they were scared, as they should be. He wasn't sure whom he struck first but the other went down right after as he hit them both hard in the face leaving Anthea with a black eye and Concordia with a busted lip.

He walked; leaving them to themselves and with a snap of his finger summoned the triad. They hadn't completed their training yet, but he had to do something. Have someone out there looking, he couldn't afford to lose this boy after all the time he'd put into him. He would not allow it to be in vain.

No one in the castle had ever seen him work so fast, and so fervently. Barking orders, sending everyone on lookout- save for the girls, the orphans, N's caretakers. They had betrayed his trust. He had them locked away, so he could punish them rightly once they had this taken care of. If they never found N, then he would dispose of them accordingly.