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Chapter 5

Sunshine's pov on his own family

My dad, Sergeant William Bass, worked for the army and he was my hero. He always seemed so cool and collected about everything. He and my mom had taught us all from birth that the only thing that really mattered was ones heart and soul. Not their race, religion, color, sexual preference, or how intelligent they were. He was a really easy going guy. And yet he was extremely firm and strong. He instilled in me and my siblings the importance of being respectful. He didn't even complain when Susie decided to instead of heading off to college after she graduated she choose to go on a trip around Europe.

Susie was my older sister, she was 19 years old. As a neighbor we used to have said Susie looked like a pretty princess. Golden blonde hair, deep blue eyes; thin but curvy in just the right places. She said she didn't want to start school until she knew what she wanted to do. Meanwhile, while she was traveling it gave her the time and opportunity to work on her writing and cooking skills. She said that she just wasn't sure whether she wanted to go to school to be a writer or if she wanted to go to cooking school. Either way I knew that she would be spectacular at both.

Payson was 14 and incredibly sweet and responsible. She had the golden blonde hair like I did and gigantic blue eyes. Her nose small and had a slight upturn. Payson was rather small. She was only 5'3 and couldn't weigh more than 100 pounds. Payson took it upon herself to mother Vanessa which she hates. She loved designing clothes and taking photos. Dad allowed her to try making a lot of our clothes. The key word being tried. Some of her tries turned out rather poorly and others, well let's just say that they were ahead of the times. She tried to copy styles that we had seen around the world but I don't think most places in the states were quite ready for them yet. She used to play piano as well. Used to, but not anymore.

As for Vanessa or Nessa as I call her, she's more of a tomboy. She's spunky, feisty, and opinionated. She's a tiny blonde haired, blue eyed 12 year old girl with more personality than a majority of people in this town would call improper for a young lady. My parents used to joke that she was such a tomoy because when I was little I used to pray for God to give me a baby brother. However I never got one so I got the next best thing. Nessa my adorable feminine looking baby sister loved any type of vehicle. She was always trying to convince people to let her tinker with their cars. And when she wasn't trying to take apart our old car she was trying to rescue and adopt every animal she came across. She said that when she grew up she would be a mechanic and a vet which caused many old ladies to frown on. We're not completely sure whether that's just her personality or if it's something else.

You see with all of us it tends to be something else. My mom. And my other older sister, Alicia. Why was Susie having such a hard time choosing a career? Because she wanted mom's input. She needed a push from Alicia. Why did Payson no longer play piano? Because Alicia had taught her how to play. How come Nessa refused to listen to anyone and why was she being so wild? Because she wanted mom to be the one to tell her stop being so disobedient. We all needed them.

My mom, Grace, was one of the most spectacular people in this world. She had a smile that seemed to light up the entire world. She was strong, smart, compassionate, and kind. She was always trying to help everyone. She had thick, long, golden blonde hair and eyes like an ocean. Dimples, ski slope nose, and long lashes made her look like a model. She was the farthest thing from looking like a typical mom. Me, Susie, Payson, and Vanessa all looked just like her.

Alicia would've been 21 years old if she was still alive. She was the only one of us kids who looked like dad. Her long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes always shined with a comforting warmth. Everything about her seemed to draw people in. She always said that she wanted to get married and adopt children from around the world. She had also been trying to become a dancer. And boy was she something.

Without Mom and Alicia our whole family dynamic was completely thrown off without them. I missed them everyday and wished that they could still be with us.