Hello guys! So, since I got bored I decided that I should make-up a Victorious and Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai Crossover. And, I am thinking of using some OC'S for this story. The couples in this story are:

. Jemily

. Bori

. Jandre

. Cabbie

. Trinjin

. Kia

. Mike and OC

. Antonio and OC

. OC and OC

. Nikki and OC { Nikki is my OC! }

. Matt and OC { He's my OC too! }

. Stacey and Joshua { They're both my OC. }

. Sarah and OC { She's my OC too! }

. Mindy and OC { She's my OC too, GOSH WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY OC'S }

I know I have so many couples but, couples are just so cute!

Here's the form:


Age { 17 or 18 only } :




Hair Color:

Skin Color:

Any highlights? :

Eyes Color:




Crush { It can only be an OC well except Mike and Antonio } :


Are you a ranger or a student at Hollywood Arts? :

Best Friend:

Any siblings? :

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend already or not? :

Parent's Name { An OC too. } :

Are you pretty, mean, goth, childish, a nerd, or a geek? :

Do you wanna be a jock/cheerleader? :

Who do you wanna meet first, the rangers or the Hollywood Arts kids? :

If you're a ranger what's your powers? :

Spin Sword:

Ranger suit Color? :

Ranger Color? :

Are you related to any rangers or the Victorious gang? :

Was this longer cause' on Microsoft Words it is?

On the next chapter, I will be telling to everyone who won the contest!

You can only join of you're a teenager like me or a young adult!

Thanks, and please enter fast cause' I wanna start this story right away.

And, RRHSram11 and I agreed that we should write a Jemily fic together since were both obsessed with Jemily!

But, were not gonna start until, she finishes I'm your's and your mine and were neither gonna start until I'm done with my Rangers in College! Story!


Victoria P.