Hello, guys! In this chapter, I will tell you myself { OC }!

Name: Stephanie Gonzaga

Age { 17 or 18 only } : 18

Birthday: January 18, 1993

Hobbies: Badminton!

Clothing: She usually wears tank tops, shorts, flats, skinny jeans, silk tops, and converse. And, whenever there's a school special event like the homecoming/prom she always wear high-heels

Hair Color: Naturally Blonde

Skin Color: Fair Skin { A little tan and a little bright skin }

Any Highlights? : Nope

Eyes Color: Pale blue eyes

Talents: singing, acting, and dancing.

Likes: Romantic movies, books!

Dislikes: Jade, horror films, blood.

Crush { It can only be an OC well except Mike and Antonio } : Matt

Gender: Female

Are you a ranger or a student at Hollywood Arts? : A student at Hollywood Arts.

Best Friend: Cat and Emily

Any siblings? : An older sister.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend already or not? : No

Parent's Name { An OC too. } : Jessica and Albert

Are you pretty, mean, goth, childish, a nerd, or a geek? : Pretty

Do you wanna be a jock/cheerleader? : cheerleader

Who do you wanna meet first, the rangers or the Hollywood Arts kids? : Hollywood Arts kids

If you're a ranger what's your powers? : electricity

Spin Sword: Yes! Include powers like "electricity strike"

Ranger Suit Color? : Purple

Ranger Color: Purple

Are you related to any rangers or the Victorious gang? : Jayden's her long lost brother. She doesn't know that her own brother is a power rangers. And, now Jessica passed down her powers to her daughter which is, Stephanie.

Well, guys that was just my made-up OC! On the next chapter, I will really tell you who won the contest!


Victoria P.