Not Alone

A/N- The wonderful Mousme gave me permission to write a follow-up to her story "Ex Crucio", so I give her all the credit for this idea. I hope this lives up to any expectations people have for a sequel, I'm just taking this where my little brain directs me…

A/N2- None of the characters belong to me…sadly…believe me, I wish I could have Sammy all to myself, but he, Dean, Bobby, etc… all belong to Eric Kripke and the wonderful people who made "Supernatural" what it is today.

A/N3- It's been years since I've gotten back into writing and even posted my writings, so forgive me if I'm a little rusty. I might post some of my previous works in the future, we'll see. Also, this is the first time I've attempted a Supernatural fic, so go easy on me! *attempts to match Sammy's puppy dog eyes*

Chapter 1

Pain. Torture. Those where the first things he remembered as he woke up, fresh from yet another nightmare invading his thoughts. A harsh gasp escaped him as his hazel eyes flew open, taking in his surroundings as he felt a gentle, feather like touch on his arm and a voice he would recognize anywhere.

"Sammy, Sammy, it's okay. It's okay."

Sam turned his head to the sound of his brother's voice just as he felt the gentle roar of the Impala come to a halt on the shoulder of the long stretch of road. The car instantly turned off and Sam soon felt Dean's hand on his shoulder, gently turning him to face him. Sam instantly wished he didn't have to see the never ending concern on his brother's face, he had been seeing it ever since he had woken up in the hospital weeks ago with that same brother by his side.

"Dean…" He breathed in shakily, looking down at his still bandaged hands and his damaged legs,

"Just another nightmare, it's okay, keep driving-"

"Sam, you know you're going to have to talk about this soon," Dean firmly, yet gently, admonished, his hand still resting on Sam's shoulder, trying to meet his eyes again to take his line of sight away from the damage on his body,

"You know once we get to Bobby's, you're not going anywhere until you've completely healed."

Sam moved his eyes away from his brother's gaze again,

"I know. But-"

"No buts, bitch, you're going to talk about it with me whether you want to or not, I don't care how long it takes, man," Dean's voice dripped with a concern and desperation he used only around his little brother and right now, he didn't care whether they were having the ultimate chick-flick moment. They could have as many of those as Sam wanted… Hell, if it meant his brother would eventually be okay after being…God, after being CRUCIFIED-literally-Dean would do just that. The kid had just been released from the hospital that morning after spending weeks there, and Dean noticed it was just now starting to sink in what happened to him. However, the details leading up to it were still a little sketchy,

"Sammy, you need time to heal and you know it, it's not going to happen overnight. That son of a bitch broke both of your legs and your hands…"

"Dean, please…" Sam's voice broke as he pushed back the tears starting to form in his eyes,

"Please, not yet." He watched as his brother let out another sigh before continuing,

"I'll talk about it, I will, with both you and Bobby, but…I can't yet."

Dean didn't have to be an absolute genius to see the terror and desperation in Sam's face, it was clear as day just from the moisture his brother was trying to hold back,

"You know, even despite everything that's happened, Sammy, I'm still here for you and will take care of you, right? You do know that, right?" He watched as the tears building up started to fall,

"All the crap that's happened up until now, it doesn't matter, Sam, all that matters is getting you better, okay?"

Sam silently nodded, unable to say another word as he let his brother's words sink in. Dean was always there for him, he knew that, it didn't matter how old or how big in size he got, he was still considered Dean's little brother. The Apocolypse, Lucifer, they all could wait for the time being. He lowered his eyes back to his lap as he felt Dean squeeze his shoulder in comfort, no more words being said. Sam knew and that's all that mattered.


"You'll be okay for a few minutes while I fill her up?"

Sam vaguely recalled nodding his head as he felt his brother's sharp eyes on him, searching his every movement up and down. He knew how his brother got-he often referred to it as his 'Sammy radar'-and although a part of him didn't want to be alone at all even for a few minutes, another part just wanted some space. He didn't know how he was supposed to have a break-down in front of Dean after this nightmare; not that his brother was unsympathetic, but Dean had so many of his own problems to worry about and now taking care of him both physically and emotionally…it was too much. As much as he loved and looked up to Dean, Sam wasn't sure how was even supposed to begin to talk about this.


"Yeah, I'll be fine," Sam knew he better answer quickly or Dean was never going to leave him alone.

Another sharp look was sent his way before Dean nodded with a quick, "I'll be right back", before opening the driver's side door and getting out. Sam allowed his eyes to follow his brother as he rushed into the mini mart and disappeared. As soon as the older brother was out of sight, Sam shut his eyes tightly and leaned his head weakly against the passenger seat, finally allowing his tears to flow freely down his face for the first time since his release from the hospital.

Inside the mini mart, Dean stood with his arms crossed, his foot tapping against the floor as he waited ever impatiently in the line leading to the cash register. His bright green eyes travelled back to the Impala, made sure Sam was still in the same place he was, sighed and looked down at his watch again. Just as he was about to open his mouth and give the cashier a not so pleasant piece of his mind, ordering him to move it along, a familiar voice appeared at his side and nearly making him jump out of his skin.

"Dean, I need to talk to you."

Dean's brow furrowed in an impatient glower as he stared at the trench coat angel standing next to him,

"Cas, this is not a good time, believe it or not," he snapped sarcastically, not in the mood to hear one of God's messages right now. After what He had allowed to happen to his baby brother-HIS BROTHER-Dean didn't think he would ever want to hear what God or his angels had to say ever again,

"I have a little brother who needs me right now-"

"If you care about Sam and the state he's in, I'd suggest you follow me right now," Castiel, in his ever serious manner, interrupted, turning his back as if he expected Dean to follow him.

Glaring in outrage at his friend's back, taking a quick glance back over at his car and Sam, Dean moved out of the line and followed the angel around the corner of the store and towards the men's room. As the two walked in, Castiel locked the door quickly and turned back around to his friend,


"This had damn well better be important, Cas," Dean growled,

"Do you have any idea what the hell happened to Sam?"

With a sad sigh, Cas closed his eyes briefly and nodded his head,

"That's why I need to talk with you."