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Chapter 15-Epilogue

Dean sighed and rubbed his face tiredly as he sank deeper into the chair besides Sam's hospital bed. Scrubbing his eyes, he opened them and looked back down at his brother's still form; for the first time in what seemed like ages, he appeared peaceful and not plagued by nightmares.

Of course, that was probably partly due to the morphine and the other part due to Castiel attempting to take some of the flashbacks and nightmares away. It didn't matter though, to Dean, he couldn't have been more grateful. Right after Sam had been admitted after Cas had zapped the two brothers and the Impala to the hospital, Dean was about to get in the angel's face and demand he do such a thing; but thankfully, Cas had beat him to it and with a single touch on Sam's forehead, the younger Winchester had quieted down and was still.

And had been still for the past two days. The only way Dean knew that his little brother was indeed still alive was from the heart monitor beside the bed and the rise and fall of Sam's chest as he slept on.

Silence continued to fill the hospital room as Dean glanced across Sam's bed to Bobby and Ellen and then over to Castiel standing in the doorway, a line of salt spread out in that same doorway. If there was still anything out there-besides Lucifer-that wanted to abduct his brother and torture him like that again, they would have to get through the angel and more importantly, get through Dean.

Over my dead body, Dean though, a fresh wave of fury and rage washing over him as he remembered coming into that basement a few days ago and seeing Meg…that bitch had it coming for her, that was all there was to it. As a matter of fact, a beheading was too kind as far as Dean was concerned.

As the older Winchester looked down at his baby brother again, his hand never leaving from where it continued to stroke his hair splayed across the pillow, Dean's eyes widened as he saw Sam's hazel eyes slowly start to open and blinking quickly.

"Hey, little bro," Dean greeted, glancing quickly over at Ellen as she was about to speak and silenced her with a look.

Sam swallowed and licked his lips, his eyes looking up at his big brother and Castiel and then over towards Bobby and Ellen,

"Water?" He rasped quietly, his throat parched with thirst.

Cas moved from the doorway and poured a cup from the pitcher resting on the table near Sam's bed and handed it to Dean. With a nod of thanks, Dean grabbed a straw and moved the cup towards his brother's lips, letting him gulp down as much as needed.

"How you doing there, big guy?" Dean asked, setting the now empty cup back down on the table.

"Hurts…" Sam mumbled, his eyes roaming over his body and sighing,

"But okay…"

"It's gonna hurt, honey," Ellen gently spoke, her hand moving and resting on Sam's uninjured shoulder,

"Give it time."

Sam sighed softly once again, exhaustion and pain flowing through every part of his body. His eyes kept travelling over his broken body, the evidence that none of this was a nightmare staring right back at him; his re-broken right leg had been re-casted and was elevated above him and his hands were re-bandaged, his broken right arm casted and secured to his chest in a sling. He blinked his eyes tiredly and looked back over to his brother,

"No nightmares…"

Dean grinned for the first time in what felt like ages as he glanced over his shoulder at Castiel,

"You can thank the angel for that, Sammy."

Taking that as a cue he was allowed to step closer to the youngest Winchester, Castiel moved till he was standing next to Dean,

"Lucifer still cannot get anywhere near you, Sam, and most of the nightmares should also be kept at bay, too."

"I still remember…" Sam whispered, blinking back the tears threatening his eyes,

"That can't be fixed, can it?"

As Castiel shook his head, Bobby rolled himself closer and laid his hand carefully on Sam's left leg,

"Just rest, son, we'll still be here when you wake up."

Sam felt a few of the tears start to fall as he looked back up at Dean,


With a grin that held no trace of sarcasm, Dean nodded his head, knowing exactly what his little brother needed and wanted. Rising from his chair, he lowered the railing of Sam's bed and after kicking off his boots, sat down on the hospital bed, gently helping his brother sit up enough so that he laid against Dean's chest. Wrapping a careful arm around his brother, Dean blinked back his own tears as Sam closed his eyes and let sleep overtake him once again.

"Just don't let his nurses see you there, you idgit," Bobby grumbled,

"They'll kick you off of there in no time-"

"Over my dead body," Dean interrupted, pleased as he saw the rise and fall of Sam's chest once again, knowing that his baby brother had fallen back to sleep.


6 months later…

"Well, looks like you finally might be able to get out of this wheelchair soon, Sam," Dean smiled as he rolled his brother out of the hospital doors and over to the waiting Impala and put the brakes on,

"Don't even think about attempting to get up by yourself!" He placed his hand on Sam's shoulder, pushing him back down as he attempted to rise to his feet.

"I have to try sometime on my own," Sam mumbled under his breathe, but allowed his brother to wrap his arm around his waist and help hoist him to his unsteady feet.

"Not if it risks you falling on your face, Sammy," Dean replied, opening the passenger door with his free hand and helping his brother take a seat,

"You've still got a ways to go even when you get out of this fugly chair."

"It's been 6 months, Dean," Sam complained, looking down at his lap and then at his legs. The bandages had come off long ago, but the pain was still present and every time he took his shoes and socks off, the evidence of what he had been through was still there, too. Just looking at his limbs daily always brought back memories he wished he could forget.

After folding the wheelchair into the backseat, Dean climbed into the drivers seat but didn't start up the car; instead, he turned till he was facing Sam in the eyes,

"Yes, it's been 6 months, Sam; and for all you've been through, I have to say you've recovered pretty well." He paused,

"But not completely, kiddo."


"Nu-uh, we're not doing that again, Sam."

"Doing what?" Sam frowned in annoyance.

"Pretending like you're perfectly alright, when I know you're NOT." Dean looked his brother square in the eye and sighed as he watched Sam lower his own eyes and away from him,

"Sammy…I know how much of a pain in the ass this is. I mean, hell, we're still at Bobby's half a year later, but…There is no person besides you who has lived through what you went through. I mean, really, Sam, we're not pushing this."

"And the Apocalypse? You do remember Michael and Lucifer, right?"

Dean sighed loudly and shook his head,

"If those two sons of bitches want to end the world, then they can end the world, Sam. But they're not having us. They're not having YOU. You hear me? So I don't want to hear any self blame coming from you about how you started it, Sammy, because we both started it."

"And then what, Dean?" Sam whispered, guilt showing plainly on his face,

"They're not gonna stop, even if Cas blocked Lucifer out so he can't get near me…that won't stop him…"

"Then if we go down, Sammy," Dean sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly,

"Then we go down together. No ifs, ands or buts, alright?" The older Winchester reached over towards his brother and cupped Sam's face in between his hands,

"No sacrificing ourselves to save the world. Promise me, Sam."

Sam closed his eyes, feeling a few tears leak out from them, and nodded his head,

"I promise."

"That's my boy," Dean grinned sadly, wiping the tears from his brother's cheeks before pulling him towards him and wrapping his arms gently around him,

"That's my boy."



Written by: Erin