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The Lion King: The Secret Prince
Chapter 13

Seriously, could he not have at least one morning without being woken up earlier than he'd intended? he half expected it to be Rafiki or better yet Timon and Pumbaa, but Rafiki's usually mumbling some nonsense when he's around and he was hearing something airborne. They'd disturbed Vitani as well and she sounded less than happy at being woken up. Reluctantly they both opened their eyes and were surprised to see Zazu circling above them.

"Zazu, you better have a good reason for this." Kopa complained. The hornbill flew down to his height and the look on his face told them both something wasn't right.

"There's unfamiliar lions approaching the hideout. The others have already scattered." he explained. "I could be wrong but some look like the ones I saw at pride rock."

"What, how the hell did they find us?" Vitani questioned, standing up.

"I don't know but we've got more important things to worry about at the moment." Kopa replied. "Zazu do you have any idea where the others went?"

"Tojo instructed them to split up in pairs then circle back near the Zuberi river. I can take you there." Zazu said.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Kopa wondered before Zazu flew off, Vitani and Kopa following eagerly behind him. They ran through the grass, not coming across any enemy lions on their way.

"If we're lucky we might be able to outrun them." Kopa said, hoping luck was definately on their side today.

"Yeah, if we're lucky." Vitani said, praying he was right. They continued to follow Zazu when all of a sudden two figures crossed their path. Kopa and Vitani stopped as the two figures came closer. They both breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out to be Afua and Mheetu. They looked out of breath but glad to see them all the same.

"Thank goodness we found you." Mheetu said. "I don't suppose you've run into Koko have you?" he asked."He wasn't around when we left."

Kopa and Vitani frowned. "What, he's missing?" Kopa questioned.

"Yeah he was gone when we woke up this morning." Afua said. Kopa's frown deepened. He didn't want to jump to conclusions but it could be a possibility. For now he'd keep it to himself and concentrate on getting everyone to safety.

"Come, we must hurry!" Zazu said, interrupting them and the four lions continued on their way. Vitani noticed Kopa's concerned face and realised what was playing on his mind.

"You think Koko has something to do with this don't you?" she asked, rhetorically.

"I-I'm not sure. I'm not going to jump to conclusions without knowing more." he said.

Vitani left it at that even though she knew she was right. She didn't know the lion so it's easier for her to accept but for Kopa, he's known him his entire life. To even think about it is difficult for him and she hopes for his sake Koko has nothing to do with this.

The four lions continued to follow Zazu to the river and for the majority of the journey not a single enemy lion crossed their path. However they could feel the presence of the lions like a shadow slowly creeping up on them. It wasn't until one lion appeared out of nowhere, charging at them that they begun to realise the severity of their situation. Kopa immediately blocked his path, pouncing on him before he managed to get close.

"Go, I'll take care of this." he said.

"What, no we're not leaving you behind!" Vitani protested, reluctant to leave him alone.

"Don't worry Tani, I'll catch up. Now go." he ordered and Zazu obeyed the prince. Mheetu and Afua quickly followed with Vitani being the last to leave. She realised it was time for her to trust him and she too continued on to the river.

Once they were gone Kopa looked down at the lion who managed to free himself. Kopa stepped back, not too worried about taking on this lion. He's had much worse to deal with over territory disputes.

"So you must be Simba's other heir," laughed the lion. "No wonder Jitu was so happy this morning." he continued.

Kopa's eyes widened slightly as he realised this Jitu knew about him. He didn't want to admit it but his suspicions of Koko were growing. But he was quickly drawn out of his thoughts as the lion attacked him, knocking him to the ground. Kopa kicked him off with his back legs. Noticing a large rock in front of him he stepped forward and pushed the lion back, while he was still dazed. Tripping over, the lion hit his head on the rock and fell to the floor unconscious.

Kopa shook himself off and continued on his way without a second thought. Time was of the essence so he can't waste time sticking around there. If there's one there's bound to be more. Running the direction the others went, it wasn't long before he was knocked over by yet another lion, however this one happened to be Tojo, with a very angry and concerned Tama following after him.

"Tojo, honestly, look where you're going next time!" Tama scolded him and Kopa got to his feet.

"Oh sorry I'm just trying to stay alive I'm not really thinking about who I run into. No offence kid." he said, gesturing to Kopa.

"None taken, but seriously Tojo that hurt." he complained, shaking himself off. "Tama has a point." he said. Tojo ignored them both before the three continued on their way.

"So you told them all to meet near the Zuberi river?" Kopa questioned.

"Yes, it was the only place I could come up with at the time. Once everyone's there we'll sort something else out." Tojo said.

"We'll need to." Tama and Tojo both glanced at him, slightly confused.

"What do you mean by that?" Tama wondered.

"Nothing, just I think we've been betrayed." he said, hanging his head slightly. Tojo and Tama said nothing on the matter because they could see the hurt look on his face and didn't want to make it worse. But suddenly they heard several roars and that worried them.

The picked up their speed until they came to a clearing close to the river. They ran out, only to discover they'd run straight into a trap. There, before them were a bunch of Jitu's lions restraining most of Tojo's pride. A small yell from Timon also attracted their attention and they noticed the meerkat, along with Pumbaa, Rafiki and Zazu had been corned inside a small cave, lions angrily threatening them.

The three lions growled as more surrounded them and Jitu emerged from the grass in front of them.

"Prince Kopa, nice of you to join us." he laughed and all three lions stood there, each having no clue as to how they were going to get out of this in one piece.

At Pride Rock that day, the lionesses of Simba's pride had begun to notice how weak their king was growing. Most of the food they've been given has hardly been enough for the whole pride and so Simba's had to sacrifice his own strength to feed the rest of his pride. Nala was growing increasingly concerned, Kiara too. He barely had enough energy to stand and as he gently collapsed onto the floor they both rushed over to him, including Sarabi, whose strength had returned to her in the past day.

"Simba, you need to save your strength." she advised her son.

"Father, you can't give up, Kopa's coming, I know he is." Kiara said in a muffled tone. "You have to be here when he comes back. You have to see him." she encouraged.

"I'm not sure I'll be able to hold on until then." Simba said and Kiara didn't even want to think about that. "Kiara, you have no idea how long I blamed myself for your brother's death. In my eyes there was no one else to blame. Losing my son burned a whole in my heart that filled with darkness a hate." he explained.

"But it wasn't your fault for what happened to him that day." she said.

"Back then all I could do was blame myself, but when you were born I slowly began to heal. I could never forgive myself for what happened but you made it easier because you were so much like him." Simba continued.

Kiara forced a smile, realising how true that was.

"When you confirmed he was alive all those feelings crept back in and the reason I've been so distant is not because I don't want to believe he's alive, it's because I don't feel like I deserve to see him again after I failed to protect him all those years ago." he admitted.

"Don't even say that father. You will get to see him again because he's coming for us." Kiara insisted while Nala and Sarabi watched on. "You can't give up yet."

"It's comforting to know you have faith in your brother. You might need it if I don't survive the next day." he said with a smile, even though the prospect worried and upset those around him.

As more lions encircled Tama, Tojo and Kopa, a very proud Jitu stepped up to him, stopping inches away.

"How the hell do you know who I am?" Kopa immediately asked. "I didn't even know that myself until now."

"Well we've never officially met before but I've known who you are longer than you can remember." Jitu smirked.

"So you're Jitu then, the one holding Simba's pride captive." Tojo said, angrily. Both he and Tama could see the distressed members of their pride struggling against Jitu's lions and suddenly the two became quite distressed themselves, they'd never been in situation like this before.

"Yes but I'm not interested in talking to the two of you right now. My business lies with the prince. I believe you already know Koko." he said gesturing to the pale lion behind him.

Koko stepped forward, looking very pleased with himself. Both Kopa and Mheetu were shocked to see him, both feeling angry and hurt. Kopa's suspicions had been confirmed but he didn't expect it to hurt as much as it was. The look Mheetu's face was only making it hurt more for Kopa, he was devastated.

"You betrayed us, why Koko, how could you do something like this?" Mheetu questioned, trying not to agitate the lions threatening him on either side.

"Why, why, maybe because I was sick and tired of him getting all the praise and attention. He was always the special one. My life with you was perfect until he came into it. I saw the way you looked at him, like he was your own son and I just faded into the background!" Koko angrily explained, only hurting Mheetu more. In his eyes he'd always treated them equally.

"So you did all this out of jealousy?" Kopa interrupted, struggling to take it in.

"You can think what you like but the truth is I never liked you, always on top you were well not anymore. I'm going to enjoy watching the look on your face when you see everyone that's close to you die." Koko replied with a gleeful smile.

Kopa lost his cool and went to attack him but Tojo quickly placed his leg in front of him, stopping him.

"Don't bother kid it's not worth it." he said as Kopa growled at Koko.

As he watched on, Mheetu was utterly speechless. He felt completely betrayed and realised he has no one but himself to blame for the way Koko's turned out. But he wasn't the only one feeling betrayed. Young Boga felt so disappointed that he turned out to be a traitor, considering her earlier impression of him. She never would've guessed he could do this.

Jitu laughed and said "Your little friend's been spying on you for me for quite a while now. I've been watching you since the day you met my daughter." Jitu said, and Vitani's eyes widened.

"So it's you then." she scoffed, realising the lion before her was indeed her father.

"Yes and I'm sorry our reunion couldn't be under better circumstances." Jitu replied, turning to face his daughter.

"Reunion, you abandoned us before we were even born." she said, not expecting Jitu to react so angrily.

"I did not abandon you!" he snapped, making his own lions take a few steps back. "I was forced out of the pride lands by Scar while your mother did nothing to prevent it. Months I plotted my revenge on him for stealing my family, then I return to discover he's already dead, no thanks to your father." he gestured to Kopa. "My plan for revenge now shifted onto Simba once I realised my family had been forced to live in the drought stricken outlands. I would take his pride from him to give my family a better life."

"You have a strange perception of better." Kopa said.

"Yes well, back then I was prepared to do anything for my family, there was just one little problem, you." he said to Kopa who'd expected that the moment Jitu explained his revenge plan against Simba. "You prince Kopa just happened to be in my way but luckily Zira took care of you for me. To make sure she'd done the job I followed you down river where I watched you get pulled out by him." he gestured to Mheetu. "I was ready to finish the job but after a chance encounter with Koko here I realised you'd lost your memories. With no memory you weren't a big threat so I let you live until I was ready to put my plan into action. You see I'm not going to let you ruin something I've worked so hard for and let me tell you, your family will die and then I will kill you." Jitu finished.

Stepping back, he and Koko looked rather pleased with themselves. As it was the entire group was trapped, including the three unrestrained lions. With that Jitu knew he couldn't lose and ordered his lions to attack.

"Kill them all." he said, catching every one off guard. His lions sprung into action immediately and Koko lunged towards Kopa who tried to help the others.

The two lions fought without hesitation and they were evenly matched, however Kopa was too caught up in his battle with Kopa to notice that they'd drifted away from everyone else. He could hear plenty of roars and scuffles but couldn't see what was actually going on. Every time he tried to get a glimpse Koko was tear him away.

"It's useless worrying about them." Koko said. "Their fate is sealed." he laughed and this enraged Kopa. He sprung towards Koko, forcing him to the ground.

"How could you do this to everyone?" he questioned angrily.

"I don't care what happens to them, it's their own fault for getting caught up in this." Koko replied.

"We trusted you, I trusted you!" Kopa said.

"Well you really are a poor judge of character then." he laughed. He could see Kopa was distracted and that enabled him to gain the upper hand. Kicking him off with his back legs, Koko watched as he crashed into a nearby tree. "Look how the mighty have fallen." Koko said as Kopa sunk to the floor.

He glared up at him, breathing through the physical and mental pain.

"You were stupid to think you'd have a chance at saving pride rock. You're going to lose everything and then you'll finally know how I've felt all these years." Koko said, spitefully. Kopa refused to dignify him with answer, the pain of betrayal weighing heavily in him.

"Koko," Jitu called out, approaching from the side. "Leave him, he's mine." he said and Koko reluctantly backed off, pleased with what he'd done. "Until we meet again prince Kopa." and with that they both left. Kopa tried to muster up the energy to go after them but it was all too much. His previous injury hadn't healed properly either and he was all out of stamina

He stood up and tried returning to the others but he succumbed to the fatigue and pain and collapsed back onto the floor.

"Do you think he's ok?" asked Timon as Kopa slowly started to come around.

"I hope so, he's all the hope they've got left." replied Pumbaa.

"Stop crowding him, give him some air." Zazu said in a disapproving tone. Kopa opened his eyes and groaned, attracting their attention.

"Hey buddy we were starting to think you weren't gonna make it." Timon said, approaching him with sensitivity. As his eyes focused he noticed Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu and Rafiki all looking down at him.

"What happened?" he asked, vaguely recalling what happened before he passed out.

"They were all defeated, Jitu's lions were ruthless. Those that weren't injured he took back to pride rock." Timon explained with a solemn look on his face.

"What?" Kopa asked, standing up too quickly. "Ah!" he cried out as pain shot through his back and chest.

"Be careful." Rafiki said. "You shouldn't stand up so quickly." he advised as Kopa hastily sat back down.

"Who's injured?" he asked once the pain had settled down.

"Boga, but hers weren't serious. Her mother was a little worse but nothing Rafiki couldn't take care of then there's-" but Timon stopped himself all of a sudden wondering if he should say this or not.

"Who, who else is injured?" he asked.

"Mheetu, he was the worst." Timon replied. Kopa's heart sank.

He gulped and asked "So the others were taken, that include Vitani and Kovu?" he wondered.

"Yeah, put up a bit of a fight though. They weren't hurt, that Jitu didn't want them harmed." Kopa figured that much at least. He may be insane but at least he still cares about the wellbeing of his children.

"How did you guys survive anyway?" he asked, noticing none of them had a single scratch on them.

"Well to be honest they didn't really seem interested in us. The moment they were ordered to kill the lions they forgot about us and left us alone." Timon explained. "We didn't leave the cave until it was all over though." he mentioned, bowing his head, Pumbaa too.

Kopa closed his eyes, not wanting the others to see his pain. He was so angry and disappointed in himself. Words could not describe all the pain and guilt he was feeling right now. He allowed all of this to happen, he even let his emotions get the better of him and that had proven bad when facing the treacherous Koko, the one lion he thought he could trust. He couldn't even muster up the strength to open his eyes, he was so ashamed.

"This, this is all my fault. I brought Koko here thinking he would help but all he cared about was betraying me. If I'd known-" but he was cut off when an agonising roar erupted from the sky. "No, Mheetu!" Kopa said, knowing instantly that had come from him.

Without any consideration for his own injures he stood up and ran in the direction the roar had come from, the others slowly following behind him. When he came to the clearing Jitu had confronted them in, he instantly saw Mheetu lying on his side, breathing incredibly slow. Boga and Sabini where off to the side a little but the two wore anxious expressions the moment they saw Kopa appear.

Rafiki walked up to him, while Kopa just stood there, frozen. Rafiki studied him for a bit before lifting his head and saying "Come, he doesn't have very long."

Those were not the words Kopa wanted or needed to hear right now...

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