The Lion King: The Secret Prince


In the far distance a tall lion stood upon a mound of grass overlooking Pride Rock. His mane blew in the wind as he stared at what some would call a magnificent sight. How lucky the lions in this land were to have such an impressive and glorious home. His home land was nothing compared to the sight of the Pride Lands. It's another thing that seems to have spurred his anger. He frowned and growled as he realised the extent he went through to get here. Suddenly he noticed a figure running towards him, it was his second in command, Sikio. He stepped down from the mound to meet him.

"I'm sorry it took me so long your majesty." said Sikio, apologizing to the lion.

"Cut the formalities I want to know if it's true. Is the one who killed my son truly the Prince of the Pride Lands?" he asked.

"It seems as though he is. When we knew him he couldn't remember who he was." Sikio explained. "He was known as Ayari to us."

The lion turned away angrily. He wasn't happy. It's taken him months to track down this lions whereabouts and now, to top it all off that lion turned out to be a prince. He hadn't considered that possibility when forming his plan. It definitely makes it more difficult.

"Come we must return to the pride." said the lion, gesturing for his subordinate to follow him. "This unexpected turn of events has complicated our initial plan. We need to return and take a second look." he explained.

"But I thought you wanted to strike now sire?" Sikio asked.

"I did but rest assured we will return when the time is right. My son did not deserve the fate he got. You can believe me when I say Prince Kopa," he said saying the name with such distaste. "will pay for what he did. Come, there's nothing here for us to do." the lion said, turning to leave. "Sikio, I'm serious. We need to leave." the lion beckoned.

Sikio sighed heavily and followed after his king...

A little bit of a teaser to give you an idea of the plot for the next book :) Hope you like it!

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