Truth or dare?

Haruhi knew as soon as she walked into music room #3, it would not be a "regular" day at the host club.

"MOMMMMMMYYYYY!PLEASE?" a blonde haired boy cried kneeling at a raven haired boys feet.

"Tamaki, I told you, no. Why not ask the twins?" The other boy sighed, fixing his glasses.

"Um… kyouya-senpai? Tamaki-senpai?" Haruhi asked "what are you guys talking about?" she received a glare from kyouya, who seemed rather pissed by Tamaki's pleading.

"Ask him." Kyouya pointed at the sniveling boy who was now hugging his legs. Before she could ask, Tamaki rushed over to her holding her tight.

"Daughter! Mommy is being mean! He won't let us have a sleepover at his house!" Tamaki bawled into haruhi's ear, while swinging her side to side. Kyouya gave out an irritated sigh.

"I told you, Tamaki if you want to have your little commoner sleepover, ask. The. Twins." He said through gritted teeth, each word more tense and filled with anger. Tamaki shrunk, holding Haruhi in front of him, as if she were a shield from the shadow kings wrath. Haruhi's face scrunched up in confusion.

"Wait…commoners…..sleepover…?" she said slowly as if trying to find something wrong with the two words being paired together. Kyouya gave Haruhi an 'honestly? You should know' look before answering her meaningless question.

"Yes Haruhi. Our dear leader, Tamaki has just found out about these overnight parties you commoners seem to enjoy quite a bit." He said talking into his laptop. Tamaki gave kyouya a little whimper pleading for an answer. "ASK. THE. TWINS." Kyouya said tense and frustrated at Tamaki's inability to listen.

"Ask us what?" the twins strolled into the room, heads cocked to the side. They strolled up to Haruhi and Tamaki, quickly snatching Haruhi away from him. "What does the boss want to know Haruhi? Do you know?" they said in perfect sync, wrapping their arms around either side of haruhi's tiny middle.

"Something about a sleepover." Haruhi shrugged "senpai?" she looked over at the somewhat jealous Tamaki. His death glare on the twins receded as he met haruhi's gaze.

"Oh! R-right! Since kyouya won't let me have a commoners sleepover at his house, maybe you two cou-"

"Sure! We can have your sleepover at our place!" they said releasing Haruhi. Then a sly look came across their faces.

"But we have one teeny question…" hikaru began.

"And that is is every one of the hosts invited?" kaoru finished. Tamaki looked at them strangely; his head cocked to one side, unsure what they were getting at.

"Of course!" He said crossing his arms, squinting at the twins. They gave each other a smirk and looked back at Tamaki. Leaning close they said in their trademark synchronization;

" Even Haruhi?" Haruhi stood in the back ground looking at them. What are they talking about? Tamaki stumbled back, a small blush creeped onto his face.

"Y-yes…" satisfied with the answer they called out to honey and mori, who were sitting at a table eating cake, only honey was eating the sweets though.

"Hey! Honey senpai! Mori senpai! You guys wanna come to our place tonight for a sleepover?!" Honey looked up from his cake, grinning, he smiled and replied in a cheerful tune;

"Sure hika chan, kao chan! We would love to! Right takashi?" he said looking up at his silent friend. Mori gave a grunt and a nod. The twins now aiming at kyouya began to ask the same question but were cut off by the shadow king himself. "Yes." Was his sole answer. The twins gave huge ear to ear smiles and chimed out "Well seems well all be meeting at our house later!"

"Uh! Wait! W-what about me?" Haruhi stammered but this time her question was left unanswered. Guess I have no choice… Haruhi thought defeated.