Closet time

They glared at hikaru with absolute hate. "...I wont do it." Of course I'll have to...even if I fight.

Hikaru smirked. "you know the rules." He motioned to the closet, in which mori waited.

"...Fine, I'm not getting off easy tonight, am I?" Trudging over to the closet, they were about to open the door when it was opened for them.

"Hurry up! Time starts when you're in the closet!" Hikaru sad, pushing them in and locking the door.

All mori saw was a bright flash of light and then someone fall onto him.

"Gah!" The person screamed as they fell. Mori helped them up , so that they were no longer leaning on him.

"Oh, they'll pay…." They hissed in the darkness. Mori cleared his throat, to remind the person if they didn't do anything , that they would have to be stuck in the closet longer.

"Oh, right. Sorry. Well, might as well get this over with…" they sighed.

*AUTHOR NOTE* sorry i took so long for such a short chapter, but i think you'll like the next chapter...