Chapter Eight Taken Aback, To The Future

Thursday and Friday went much smoother for Kim. There were no more incidents except the expected ones. Kim was actually able to ignore the short blue guy being grabbed by the tentacle from his locker. Ghoulia was right- he should have learned by now. Fearleading practice was generally good, though Cleo and Clawdeen would occasionally get into a fight about something.

During the day Kim would occasionally notice Toralei smirking at her, which only cemented her suspicions. So Thursday afternoon she went to the werecat's locker, and searched around with the Kimmunicator's sensor. She found nothing.

"What are you doing around my locker?" asked Toralei in a low growl. Kim looked up, and found her stretched across the top of three lockers. She had an angry expression and arms crossed.

"Oh, just checking a few things," answered Kim, "I still think you put that statue in my locker, to cover up laying that litter trap out for Robecca."

Toralei narrowed her slitted green eyes. "Well, unless you have some evidence, you'd better keep your suspicions to yourself. Now go away." She jumped down, landing silently.

Kim shook her head. "Fine. But one day, you'll slip up and pay for it." She moved past the other girl.

Toralei just gave her a smile and stood there.

As Kim moved off, Meowlody and Purrsephone came up to Toralei.

"Can you beLIEVE what that normie girl said to me!" Kim heard her say.

kp/mh kp/mh kp/mh

Ms. Bloodgood announced that, in honor of the successful visit from Kim, an assembly in the Vamphitheater would be held on Friday as a last chance to meet her.

At the assembly, Kim stood beside Ms. Bloodgood on the stage.

"Students, despite the... incidents both here and at Kim's school, the exchange program has been deemed a success. There will be more exchanges taking place later this year," she said.

That announcement had a mixed response.

"So, as she'll be going home this weekend, I want to take this opportunity to thank Kim Possible for coming to Monster High."

There was some applause, most of it from Draculaura and her friends.

Ms. Bloodgood stepped aside so Kim could speak.

"It has been, to say the least, an interesting week," said Kim with a smile, and everyone laughed. "Despite my travels around the world, and all the people I have met, this has been my first encounter with monsters. And I have to say, I've liked it.

Coming here has been a learning experience that I wouldn't have missed for anything. Finding out that werewolves, ghosts, vampires, zombies, minotaurs, sea monsters, and many more actually exist has expanded my world."

Cleo looked annoyed, and leaned over to Deuce. "Why didn't she mention me?" she whispered.

Behind his sunglasses, the gorgon rolled his eyes. As much as he loved Cleo, her ego could get on his nerves quickly.

Kim continued. "This ch- fearleader exchange program is only the start. I think everyone, monsters and normies, could benefit from greater contact. It won't be easy for either side, I know. But it will be worth the effort.

I hope that someday I'll be able to visit this great school again, and be with you all once more. Thank you!"

There were cheers for the normie heroine, and Spectra was taking pictures.

Kim started to move away from the podium, then stopped and went back to the mic.

"Oh, I almost forgot... Toralei, your normie cousin Tara wanted me to be sure I said 'hi' to you for her." Kim gave a slow, rather nasty smile, and sauntered away from the stage.

There was dead silence, as everyone stared at the werecat. That included Meowlody and Purrsephone.

For her part, Toralei wanted to claw a hole open in the floor, jump in, and pull it in after her.

"Thank you, Kim Possible, you give an old teacher hope for the future. Classes are dismissed. Have a good weekend!" said the Headless Headmistress. "And don't forget to do your homework!"

The Vampitheater emptied out quickly, with everyone avoiding Toralei. She was glaring daggers at Kim. Then turned and left, body posture radiating anger.

Kim went over to where Draculaura and the others were waiting for her.

"Toralei has a normie cousin? Seriously?" asked Spectra.

"She sure does!" said Draculaura, "I've met her. She's on Kim's fearleading squad."

"I can't wait to get this blogged!" crowed Spectra, "It's big news!" she flew through a nearby wall.

"You got her good, Kim," said Deuce.

"Actually it was D's idea." Kim sighed. "I'm not big on revenge, but I couldn't let her get away with what she did completely."

"Never mind her, let's go to the Maul and celebrate!" said Frankie, and everyone agreed with that.

kp/mh kp/mh kp/mh

The next afternoon, Draculaura held a going-away party for Kim. This time, more monsters showed up.

"Is normie girl going home tomorrow?" asked Abbey.

"Yes, I am," Kim replied, "Probably pretty early, so I can get some rest before school Monday."

"Probably wise of you," said the Yeti, "Was nice meeting you."

"You too, Abbey. Maybe I'll visit your home mountain sometime."

"You would be welcome." The fur-wrapped girl suddenly notice Kim's drink was out of ice. "Let me fix that for you." She touched the glass with a finger, and the soft drink froze.

Kim quickly put it down. "Wow, that's cold!" she shook her hand, hoping not to get frostbite.

"Whoops. Am sorry. Did not mean to ruin it."

"I'll take care of it for you," said Heath, coming up behind Abbey. He shot a line of fire at the glass, and after about ten seconds the ice melted, followed by the drink boiling and the glass melting, making a mess. "Whoops. My bad."

"Yeah," agreed Kim, "That took care of it!"

At one point, Kim introduced Wade to Ghoulia, telling him she was pretty smart too. They seemed to hit it off quickly,
especially after Wade installed her Zombie/English translation software and they were able to talk.

"So, Kim, what was this I heard about someone you know being a fashion designer?" asked Cleo.

"Oh, Monique is going into that field after graduation. She and Lala talked about monster fashion, and how it differs from normie fashion," answered Kim. "She wants to do some research on it."

"I plan on inviting her here for a weekend soon, and I was hoping we could get together and show her what we like," said the petite vampire.

"That sounds great!" put in Clawdeen.

"I'd like to meet her," said Frankie, "Especially if she's a friend of Kim's."

"Yes, I could go for that," said Cleo. "Is she any good?"

"Yes, Cleo, she's very good," said Draculaura, "She works for a high-end fashion retail store called Club Banana."

"Mmmm... never heard of it," said the imperial mummy. "I guess we'll see."

Late in the afternoon, the Kimmunicator beeped.

"What's the sitch, Wade?" asked Kim. The room grew quiet.

"Kim, looks like Professor Dementor is on the move. He's attacking a company in Silicon Valley. Probably after that new type of computer chip," said the tech guru.

"All right. Tell Ron I'll pick him up in about an hour," she answered, and signed off.

"Do you really have to go?" asked Draculaura, sadly.

"I'm afraid so. It would probably be best if I went back home after the mission, since it's late," said Kim.

The vampire gave the normie a hug. "I will miss you, Kim."

"And I'll miss you too, D. But don't worry. We'll get together sometime soon," was the reply.

"I think we're all gonna miss you, ghoulfriend," said Clawdeen, also giving Kim a hug.

That sentiment was echoed by the other monsters in the room.

A short time later, Kim was in her mission clothes, and the Sloth was waiting, her suitcases in the back seat.

Goodbyes were said, and Kim started to get inside when she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

"Kim, just remember," said Cleo, "Like we said when you got here; we're monsters. We have powers you normies don't have. If you need our help, let us know. We'll be glad to give you a hand."

"Uhhhh..." said Ghoulia, which translated to "I told Wade to call me if you need our help."

"Thank you, everybody, I'll keep it in mind!" said Kim.

Everyone stood by as she cranked up the purple car, and with a wave drove out the gate. Suddenly there was a rising whine that burst into a roar, and the Sloth suddenly appeared over the trees, powered by the rocket engines. It gained some altitude, then turned southeast in the reddening sky, disappearing in the distance.

The students of Monster High watched until the Sloth was out of sight, then went back inside to continue the party. No sense in wasting it, after all, even if the guest of honor had left.

Things were back to normal. At least, as normal as they get for Monster High.

The End

Author's Note:

You might have noticed I made references to my two earlier MH stories; Setting the Record Straight, and Fast Times at Monster High. I hadn't actually planned on doing that, but when the flow of the story made it possible, I took it.
So it looks like I've got a series going. I'm not planning on writing any more KP/MH crossovers, but if my muse brings one to my attention, I'll certainly have a look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it.

Robert Teague, Nov 2012