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Chapter 1: Ice Princess

"Berk, it's an island boasting the kind of balmy fun-in-the-sun climates that will give you frostbite on your spleen." -Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

I spend a lot of my time on the isle of Berk. It snows almost nine months of the year and hails the other three. All that, well, it's my doing. Honestly, Berk is where I go to let off steam. When I'm mad or upset about something, I literally sit on one of the mountain tops and cause snow to bury the small city beneath me. Sometimes I feel bad for the island's inhabitants but…then again, I don't. They're all hard workers and seem to know how to handle the winters that I blast them furiously with.

I sniffed into the air, flipping my staff in circles in front of me. I was bored and tired and…bored. A little depressed too because I'd been thinking about how alone I was for the past…well, three hundred years. Totally sick of the loneliness, the only thing I could actually talk to being my imagination.

"Hey Jack Frost, how are you today?" I said out loud while I perched myself onto a tree branch covered in freshly fallen snow.

The inner me replied with, "Pretty shitty, actually. And yourself?"

I sighed and knocked my staff onto the tree, causing some of the snow to fall. When it did, I actually heard a voice that wasn't my own.

"Ahhh…great, I'm covered in snow…"

I grinned to myself and jumped down to the ground gracefully. My eyes instantly went to the boy I had buried in snow; his brown hair looked now white because of me.

Laughing at that, I walked up towards him and brushed some of it off.

"Sorry about that, kid."

His eyes lifted up towards me, but obviously, he could not see or hear me.

"Was it you who knocked that snow onto me?"

I froze in place like an icicle that I'd just recently created. Stiff and straight.

He…can see me…?

"It's fine, I'm actually kind of used to it. My house was buried in snow the other night; I had to dig my way out of my own front door."

Holy shit. He can see me.

He stared at me, confused. My eyes wouldn't return to their normal half-lidded stare.

"Are you alright? You look like you've just seen The Green Death or something…"

I grabbed a hold of this stranger's shoulders and was shocked for a moment when my hands didn't just go straight through him like every other time I had tried to touch someone. "Can you really see me…?"

He nodded, a blank stare on his face.

Mine lit up like a lantern in a dark room.

"Fuckin' A!" I grabbed my staff and began creating icicles on the tree, causing the sky to spit out snowflakes, each one designed by me. When I was done celebrating, I returned to the boy and quickly asked for his name.

He giggled a little and smiled awkwardly at me. I noticed the many freckles littered across his face. They were actually kind of cute on him…

Wait, what…?

"My name's Hiccup."

I burst out laughing and fell into the snow. "What a weird ass name!" I cackled, holding onto my stomach.

He just rolled his eyes at me and crossed arms over his small chest. "It's actually a pretty normal name around here. My great grandpa was named Hiccup as well."

"How adorable." I sat up and grinned. "I'm Jack Frost. The Jack Frost. And you're the first human being to ever lay eyes on me."

Hiccup's features turned grave and he tilted his head in confusion. "You're…being serious?"

"No lies. Watch." I pointed my staff towards the ground and bit my tongue slightly. Soon enough, a snowman started to form, just as I imagined it in my mind. I wrote out the boy's name on the torso of it and gave it a goofy face.

He frowned at me but it soon turned into another one of his weird smiles.

"Well…I guess I have to believe you now, huh?"

"Sure do."

There was a small silence between the two of us and I felt…nervous for some reason. The more I thought about it, the more I suddenly realized that I could actually have someone to talk to. It wouldn't just be me anymore.


His green eyes sparkled. "Yeah?"

"I'm not…really good with talking to people, since I never have before…but, I'd like us to be friends."

"Just as long as you don't drop snow on me anymore."

I laughed evilly. "No promises."

Oddly enough, we spent the rest of the day talking and walking through the woods together. It soon became like second nature, speaking to this boy, my only friend in the world. I instantly became…attached to him. So when a giant flying reptile came swooping in, I was about to freeze the thing to death before it could have the chance to hurt my new found companion.

Before I could attack, the boy stepped in front of the beast and blocked my path.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I shouted angrily at him, holding my staff up almost like a gun.

Hiccup put his hands out in front of him. "I-it's okay, this is Toothless. He's my pet."

My face fell and my mouth hung open slightly. "Your…what?"

The small boy turned to the gigantic animal and petted its nose. "Believe me, Jack. I believed you, remember?"

Seeing as how the animal was staying calm I just shrugged and lowered my weapon, leaning my body onto it slightly.

"Can animals see you?" Hiccup asked me.

I eyed the black reptile and bit my lip. "No. Unless he's something special, like you."

I think I saw the boy blush a little, but he hid it quickly by turning back towards the dragon. "Try talking to him, maybe?"

"You want to me talk to a dragon?"

He nodded.

This kid's crazy.

Instead of brushing off the idea of speaking to a reptile, I actually humored it and cleared my throat before saying, "What's up, Toothless?" I waved a little.

And for some reason…the animal approached me. My eyes widened and I stood still once again, my hand still up like a statue.

The dragon quietly leaned its head onto my hand and I could see kindness in its eyes.

"Wow…Toothless usually doesn't warm up to people like that…"

I smiled at the creature and it smiled back. I saw then why it was named Toothless.

"He doesn't have teeth!"

"No…he does. Toothless, c'mere bud."

Hiccup walked towards me and the dragon then reached into his bag and pulled out a fish. I cringed. That's why the kid smelled a little funny.

"Here, boy." He tossed the fish into the air and Toothless caught it, sharp teeth instantly protruding from its gums to feast on the fish.

"Do you always carry around dead animals? Or is that just a hobby of yours, Hic?"

He seemed flustered for a few moments before he answered. "He's my pet. I at least carry around one or two just in case he gets hungry." He pointed to my feet, "Do you always not wear shoes?"

I laughed and wiggled my toes into the snow. "It's called being immortal. The cold won't kill me. I'm actually quite fond of it. If I get too hot, that's when I start feeling sick."


"Three hundred and twelve, to be exact."

This stopped him in his tracks. Maybe that freaked him out…Maybe I was a little too old to be hanging out with him. I was about to fly away and forget any of this happened, when he just gave me a toothy grin. "You're like…ancient."

A smile erupted onto my face as I wrapped an arm around the boy's neck and rubbed my fist into his mess of hair. "Wanna say that again, kid?"

He pleaded for his life and I finally let him go, the both of us laughing and smiling like two, freezing cold idiots.

That's when I noticed that Hiccup was shaking. It wasn't like he was a winter sprite. He had to go back home sooner or later.

"You're cold, aren't you?"

He nodded and rubbed a finger under his nose. "I'm used to it though. But it is getting kind of dark."

"What did you come out here for in the first place?" I asked.

He rubbed one hand on his lowered arm, seeming a little nervous. "Nothing in particular. I just needed some time to myself."

"And you found me. Someone who's had way too much time to himself."

"I'm glad I did, really."

This halted me and I felt something…warm growing inside my chest. It hurt…but it also felt…a little good.

I shook it off and sighed a little. "I am too, Hiccup."

He rode home on his giant reptile and I followed not too closely behind them both. He was in awe at how I could fly all on my own like I could. Relying on a dragon would be a little annoying for me anyways.

Hiccup invited me into his home and I accepted, knowing full well that I probably couldn't stay the night. They would have fires going and I wouldn't be able to sleep near one of those.

My eyes went straight to the figure lying on the couch. He was huge and wore a hat with horns on it. Now that I thought about it, the people on this island always did wear things of that nature. Pretty sure they were called…Vikings?

The man was snoring and Hiccup tiptoed up towards the staircase. He turned behind me and put a finger to his lips.

I snickered and then yelled at the top of my lungs, "Hiccup smells like dead fish!"

His eyes turned into saucers the moment I opened my mouth but after the silence (plus the snores from who I assumed was his father) followed my words, he just huffed loudly and stormed up the stairs.

I was seriously loving this.

He closed the door behind me and I instantly sat on the windowsill and dangled one leg out of it. "I told you, no one else can see or hear me. Just you and your weird dragon apparently."

"Why is that…?"

I shrugged and created an icicle which I then broke off and began sucking on. "Beaffs sme."

He rolled his eyes and started throwing wood onto the fire, which I scowled at. "Is this going to cause issues…?"

I nodded a little. "As long as I stay over here, I should be alright for a while."

"Jack? Are you the reason the winters are so bad here on Berk?"

Being faced with that question kind of made me uneasy. I didn't want to lie to my new friend, but I also didn't want to tell him the truth. What if he got angry with me…? I wasn't about to lose the first friend I'd ever had.

I bit some of the ice off into my mouth and started chewing on it. "I might have a little to do with it…"

"I'm not mad. I was just wondering. Berk…well, Berk wouldn't be Berk without the terrible winters and hail storms, ya know?"

I laughed at that. "You're a strange kid."

"And you're a myth come to life. Who's really the strange one here?"

I couldn't really argue with that logic. "Oh shove it, dragon boy."

"Sure thing, ice princess."

The night continued on at that pace, we each learned a little more about the other as time went on. Toothless joined us after a while and fell asleep on a slab of rock beside me. I actually began petting the thing, to my surprise.

After hours of dragon talk and winter speeches, Hiccup let out a yawn for the third time. "I'm really tired…"

I yawned as well. "Same here."

"You can sleep by the window if you're still comfortable. I could get you some blankets, but…you said that stuff about not liking warmth."

"Naw," I said with a wink. "I think I'll just go find a nice snow bank to nuzzle into for the night."

"You're so weird, Jack Frost."

"Right back atcha, Hiccup."

The boy smiled and walked towards me. He stopped then held his hand out. "It was really nice meeting you, Jack."

I suddenly felt a burning sensation inside of me that made me want to cry. When I grabbed on to his hand I…I felt like it wasn't enough. I instantly stepped to the ground and wrapped my arms around the boy, crushing him in a cold embrace. His body heat was almost too much for me to handle, but I held on for a few more moments.

When I let him go, I smirked, saying, "This can't be goodbye. I want to see you again. Please."

A slight pink color was filling his cheeks, causing his freckles to grow less noticeable. He smiled though and grinned. "I want to see you again too."


The next day the sun was shining and I let it. I was in no mood to cover the ground with frost or the sky in dark clouds. All I wanted to do was see that stupid grin of his again.

I was whistling as I passed by some kids that were talking and feeding dragons. It seemed that everyone on this island had one for a pet. Strange people.

"Has anyone seen Hiccup?"

I turned my attention to the group and walked towards them so I could hear better.

"He didn't show up for training yesterday. Probably ditched."

A blonde girl spoke up, eyeing the ground. "That's not like him."

I got a weird vibe from the girl. It was like…she cared a little too much for my new best friend. It almost gave me a jealous feeling.

"Hey, guys!" Hiccup's voice filled my ears and I let out a small sigh.

When I turned towards him he smiled at me and I felt complete. It wasn't just a normal smile…it was one specially meant for me. And that meant so much.

"Hiccup!" The kids all started running towards the boy, who I noticed was limping a little. Odd. He was just fine yesterday.

The blonde girl put her hand on his shoulder, which I eyed narrowly at. "Where were you yesterday?"

"I took a walk, actually. It's no big deal."

"Does your leg hurt today…?"

Why would his leg hurt…?

"Yeah, a little. I guess it froze last night. The metal did at least. But I'm alright."

"You need to take it easy. Where's Toothless?"

"Still sleeping."

"Your dragon is as lazy as you are."

They both laughed and I glared at them. What was the girl talking about?

Curiosity got the best of me as I headed toward the group and used my staff to lift up the cloth of Hiccup's pants. He turned towards me and scowled, inwardly asking me, "What the hell are you doing?"

But I didn't pay much attention to him. My eyes stayed focused on his leg. Just above where his boot line was, flesh connected with metal.

The kid…lost his foot?

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked with a growl, even though I didn't have much of a right to be mad at him.

I knew that he couldn't answer me without his friends thinking he was crazy, so he just turned back around and started speaking with the girl again.

That pissed me off.

I already didn't like that girl and it made me angry that she knew more about Hiccup than I did.

Which…was pretty childish. But I hardly cared.

I was the spirit of winter, constantly causing ruckus and fun times where ever I went. I never said that my age defined who I was.

A gust of wind nearly blew me over as Toothless landed next to me and began licking my face as if it were an icicle.

The group of kids stared at the dragon. I was laughing almost uncontrollably.

"What…is Toothless doing?" asked a very large one with rosy cheeks.

"You're dragon is nuts, dude!"

"Totally. Freaking. Awesome."

"It's totally seeing a ghost right now!"

The girl tugged on his sleeve. "Hiccup…?"

He looked at me with pleading eyes and I pushed the dragon off of me with a frown. Even though the looks on their faces were priceless, I didn't want to cause trouble for my friend.

The dragon stopped its attack on me and went straight for its owner, which it then proceeded to lick as well. The dragon almost reminded me of a dog or something of that nature.

I followed the group of kids with a hand in my pocket and the other on my staff. I didn't get too close to Hiccup but every now and then I would nudge his ear with my staff or poke his back with it. I received glares which eventually turned into playful grins, which only made me smile more.

They ended up in a fenced in, bowl arena where they all fed their dragons and taught them various tricks like sitting and rolling over. My eyes wandered until they landed on Hiccup and Toothless. I figured his dragon already knew the essentials, because he was just talking to the reptile.

I walked towards them, checking to make sure that the girl wasn't going to sneak up on us. She seemed busy with her own dragon so I tapped Hiccup's shoulder with my staff.

"Hey, kiddo."

He smiled. "Stand by Toothless so it doesn't look like I'm seeing a ghost too."

I did as he said and started rubbing my fingers along the scales of the creature. "Toothless is actually pretty cool."

"He means a lot to me."

"Then he means a lot to me, too," I told him truthfully.

Hiccup smiled and handed me a fish out of a bucket. "Here, feed him. He'll like you even more."

I raised an eyebrow at the boy and took the fish by its tail. "Great, now I'm going to stink too."

"I do not smell like dead fish!" the enraged boy shouted.

Laughing, I tossed the fish towards the dragon who ate it happily then suddenly regurgitated half of it. He looked at it and then practically smiled at me.

"He wants you to eat it," Hiccup said, crossing his arms and eyeing me sinisterly.

My face grew disgusted. "No way!"

The dragon kept nudging it towards me, smiling and whining.

"You better eat it before he gets mad…" Hiccup was looking at his nails, as if none of this fazed him.

"Has he done this before?!"

The brunette nodded. "I had to eat it too."

I grunted and picked up the decapitated fish body and held it up to my face. Toothless was beaming. "…Can't believe I'm doing this…"

My teeth sunk into the fish and I instantly wanted to throw up. Hiccup was trying to hide his laughter. My eyes wandered towards him and I ripped off a piece of the fish then swallowed.

"There! I did…it…" My mouth tasted like shit. I was going to vomit.

Toothless licked me and Hiccup finally let out a laugh. "Good job."

"You totally set me up, you little jerk," I pointed to him and threw what was left of the fish at his head.

He ducked in time and just laughed some more. "I might have…"

I wanted to tackle him to the ground and tickle him until he cried for being so cruel. Maybe then he would learn his lesson. But I stopped short of my idea, remembering that there were others around that would find something like that pretty strange.

Instead, I just sighed and picked up my staff with my foot, tossing it in the air so I could catch it. "Well I might have to punish you for that."

Hiccup giggled. "Oh really?"

My eyes wandered and I instantly thought of something I could do. I waved my staff a bit and created a patch of black ice underneath the boy. He instantly slipped then fell onto his back. I jumped forward and crawled on top of him, pinning him down. My eyes narrowed and my mouth was set in an overconfident grin.

"Gotcha," I purred.

He blinked a few times and I saw the pink rush to his cheeks once again. The kid had a hard time hiding his embarrassment.

The moment was quickly ruined though because Toothless decided to jump on both of us.

"Toothless!" we both yelled.

The dragon smiled at us and we laughed. I was beginning to believe I could get really used to this…