Title: Stranger to None
Pairing: NejiHina

Note: I'm thinking of starting a couple of stories like these...if you'd like to, leave a review and tell me what you thought. NejiHina is love!

All I wanted was your unconditional love

Since when did you grow wings and fly,

Since when did I begin to lie,

Since when did I see you as something more than just a caged dove?

Hyuuga Neji opened his eyes to a dimly lit room that smelled of blood.

He rose slowly, taking in his surroundings with distaste as he regained consciousness. It seemed to be a regular hospital room, and yet, he had no recollection of ever being taken to a hospital. Why was it so dark inside the room, anyway? As he reached for the window, a sudden, sharp pain shot up through his abdomen, and the events of the night before filled his mind. Neji's hand dropped to his side for now. He could always get a nurse to open the window later, if he needed to. Again, he felt the pain. This time, however, a wave of dizziness came over him and he almost vomited from the unfamiliar feeling.

How did this happen? He was Hyuuga Neji after all, and Hyuuga Neji rarely got injuries. He wasn't the genius of the Hyuuga clan for nothing.

In fact, only one thing in this world could have caused Neji to become injured. Or rather, one person.

Blushing at the fact that he was his dear cousin's savior, Neji could only hope that Hinata had not gotten hurt after he was knocked unconscious. He also cursed himself for bringing a look of pure worry upon her face...but as he was thinking of ways to apologize to the Hyuuga heiress, a knock on his door jolted him out of his thoughts.

Neji suddenly found his bandages very interesting.

Without even activating his Byakugan, he knew who it was.

He didn't even bother looking at the door, though. He didn't want her sympathy. He didn't want her wishes for his well-being. He most definitely didn't want her tears, either.

He just wanted her loveā€¦

But no, he could not take her love. She wouldn't be happy with him.

And with these bitter thoughts, Neji forced himself to slip back into the throes of slumber, regardless of whether she was outside or not.