"We are here today to honor and say good bye to someone who saved us all. She stood up to tyranny, even with a gun to her head, and drove away those who sought to hurt the people of Terra Nova. Yes, she was insane. But she taught me something I will never forget. Even in my old life."

Taylor looked over the new colonists with his chilly eyes, families staying close together, little children looking in wonder at everything. The usual, but what he was looking at was far from it.

A young girl, looked barely fifteen, ebony hair and pale skin, her face was down ward, staring at the ground. Why wasn't she looking around? And what the hell was sticking out of her bag?

He gave his speech, his eyes constantly finding her, alone and arms crossed over her stomach. He finished and watched people disperse among themselves and he watched the girl wander off, alone and face hidden by her long dark hair.

The Shannon family was brought to his office and he retreated to talk with the parents.




Taylor was walking along the fence, his body relaxing after the stressful day. He suddenly heard something, but he hadn't heard of such a thing in years. Following the sound, he came to a watch tower.

Climbing up, he found the young girl, gliding a bow over the string of a violin. It was beautiful and made him think of better times. Ayani insisted there be a violinist at their wedding.

The music stopped at the girl looked at him with hard brown eyes that set him on edge. "What are you looking at dinosaur?" She hissed.

"I should as you the same thing, get down, why are you up here?"

"It's quiet a good place to sleep." She twisted around and put her back to him as she began to play again. He climbed up and sat down, his back to her as well while she started again. "Are you just going to sit there like a fucking stalker?"

He reached back and wrapped an arm around her waist, grabbing her bag with his other hand. "Get your crap and come with me, if you didn't know, I'm your god damn Commander."

He pushed her to the ladder and she jumped down, rolling out of it with an unnatural ease. He followed, her violin and bag. She hissed at him, calling him a number of things, but he just grabbed her arm and walked along to an area of older units.




Mary was pushed inside of the oldman's house. "Is this where you fuck me? You have no class, with this sort of thing."

"No, I am not fucking you. This is my home of which I share with my second in Command-"

"Who, the stiff chick?" Mary laughed, "Are you fucking her, I bet you a hundred bucks that she' s a screamer." She grinned only her brows showing her displeasure, but the Commander froze.

"No," he yanked her into the first room on the right after they entered the hall way. "And you will never say such a thing again, to me or anyone else." He glared at her with chilly eyes, but she just set her jaw and glared back. "You will respect me and the Lieutenant. Is that clear?"

"No, I'm deaf in one ear, say it again." If she was a grown ass man, Taylor would have decked her. "You aren't my father, you don't even want me around. No one does, so just get over the fact that you have no control over me, ass hole." She hissed. But he just stood, dropped her items on her bed and walked her out of the house.

Hey, the fuck are you doing with me now?" She growled as he walked to the obstacle that they used to train new recruits.

Once they were there, he threw her into the course and told her to run it. "And what's in it for me?" She growled.

"I'll let you live in the watch tower, outfit it with walls and everything, if you can beat my time." Mary looked up at the little board, it wasn't just his time, it was distance too. "Well, get going." He leaned back and watched her as she started off, over the wood walls, first six feet, then nine and up.

As Mary ran, she found her mind empting of all stress and thought, just like before, just like when she fought. As she rounded a corner she saw some woman approaching the white bearded man er Commander. Damn it, he was a dick but at least he paid attention to her. Even if it was negative.

Mary looked at her time, she already lost, but she would win, she really liked that tower, and she wouldn't have to live with this bastard.

She crossed over the tracks, not bothering to finish, she was already tired. Climbing ropes, running, she even scaled walls with perfection, that's what living in a city alone would do to you, an urban jungle at your disposal.

"you didn't finish." The Commander ground out but Mary just dropped to the ground and laid out, looking at the clear sky.

"I'm tired, besides, living with you ain't that bad." She huffed, through heavy breathes.

"No, not yet, but it will be."

"Great." She sighed, closing her eyes.

"How old are you?" the woman asked, her dark eyes matching the same aggressiveness as Mary's.

"Thirteen." She curled onto one side and used her hands as a pillow for her head. She heard the 'adults' talking, mostly about her, but she stopped listening and fell asleep, something easy to do when you are used to noise and haven't actually slept in the last eighty odd hours. She heard somewhere that after fifty hours of high stress and no form of sleep or brain relaxation, can cause the brain to shut down for a little while. But she didn't care, just slept.




It took a bit to get Wash on board about taking care of the girl, but sometimes Wash didn't understand why Nathaniel would do something. When they finally agreed to take her in for a week to see hose she would hold up, did they realize that she was fast asleep on the hard rocky ground.

Taylor lifted her into his arms and they walked back to their housing unit and Wash entered her room before Taylor and did. She placed the bag on the floor and the violin on the dressing table. She then pulled back the blankets and watched Nathaniel place her in the bed. They both pulled her shoes off and he tucked her in. "So what are we now her parents."

"Funny, earlier she insisted that I was fucking you." He said after they left her room and locked the door. "I don't want her getting into anything she isn't supposed to be in."

"You know, I can always, get my own place, I mean we don't want the colonists to think-"

"Boylan has been spreading those rumors since he got to Terra Nova. Besides, I need someone to have whiskey with in the evenings." He said as he pulled out bottle and glasses. "Do you want some?"

"Do Carno's eat meat?" she asked as she leaned against the counter. Wash's whole body ached from a hard days work.

He laughed and passed her a glass, before they both moved to the kitchen table.




Mary was having a nightmare. Men were chasing her, but they had no idea the surprise. She remembered them, she killed htem a year ago after witnessing them rape and murder a girl. Those idiot cops didn't catch them like they were supposed to so she was going to take care of them herself.

The trap had three stages. The first was a warehouse meant to pysch them out, the second was her playing her violin as she played the video she shot of them during the crime. Then She started to pick them off, until it was just the leader. She had something special for him. She remembered kicking him. She was always really good when it came to kicking.

She got him to his knees, and didn't stop, never stopped. She remembered when the polive found him they said that all his ribs were broken and his inner organs turned to mush.

Of course they couldn't pin it to her, because she technically didn't exist, but who cared she killed him the way he deserved.

But then, she did regret it. She felt disgusting after-words, having let her anger out in such a way. She asked herself a thousand times if she could have done it different, if she didn't have to kill them. But each logical answer came to the same conclusion. Yes, they had to die.

Mary woek up screaming and jumped out of bed, she tried to get out of the house, still in the nightmarish haze. Staring at the door, Mary started kicking, she only had to kick twice to get the door open. As she rushed out, strong arms wrapped around her.

"What's going on?" Taylor had her in his arms before she kicked his shin, only making his arms constrict tighter.

"I'm sorry, It was the only way. It was the only way, you would have hurt other's." Mary that it was the bald igmo. The bastard had come back to haunt her. "You killed her and I had to had justice, she had to-"

"The hell are you going on about girl?" Taylor asked as he pulled her tighter against his chest.

"Oh." Mary seemed to realize what was happening, to her senses. "The Dinosaur." She yaniked away and this time he let go. "Don't touch me again." She reentered her room, grabbing the broken door and placing it back into the frame. It would need proper fixing but not today.

"Hey girl-" Nathaniel didn't know her name, but Wash just put her hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"Let's talk to her in the morning." She said. "But uh, guess she is sleeping with the door unlocked." Rubbing the back of her neck, she went to her room. "See you in the morning."

"Hm, Night Wash." He said, retiring to his own room and getting itno bed. He was about to doze off when a soft sound lit the night, a welcomed distraction in the night to the usual dino calls.

He fell asleep to the sound of the young girl's violin, but he couldn't deny that he wanted to know what her little out burst was about. And damn it, she owes him a new door.