"Sometimes I wondered if were really were that much alike. She once told me that everything seemed clear to her, and that hatred was just a word. Maybe she was a psychopath. But she was our psychopath."

Mary stared at Elizabeth as the woman sat in shock. "You killed a man?"

"I've killed many men, and they all deserved it." She keened back. "Now the slasher? We did have deal."

"Yes, or course, let me give him this." She started to pull items out of her bag, "Mary you should go, this could take a very long time." The woman had a scalpel and a gun looking thing. She injected something into the slasher through the gun thing, who was currently laying curled up near Mary. The thing was easy enough to get to her, she just bought a bunch of fish and left a track.

"Okay, I uh, I'll be back in about an hour." She walked away and contemplated roof jumping.

She saw the soldier, or as she called him Nervous Nick, the same one that had talked to Shy Sally, talking to a man the Sheriff. She smiled and started walking closer, opening her book and pretending to be absorbed in the pages.

"Sir, as you may well know, I've started courting your daughter-," all she could think was that he was just asking for a beating. "And I wanted to ask you-"

"Look, son I'll talk to you alter, but the Commander's a calling." The Sheriff sped up, but Mary followed him.

"Yo, Zebra." She hissed, and he turned around to her. "So, your daughter's going out with that boy?" She stood before him and his eyes narrowed.

"Didn't you blow up the sixers?"

"Did you go on a trip with the Commander after saving his ass?"

"Yeah, is there something you need?"

"He really likes her." She leaned forward. "He get's nervous around her and brings flowers to her."

"How do you-"

"Listen, dumbass." She hissed, "Have a family dinner, and have him over." She turned on her heel and walked away.

"Sorry, what's your name?"





Mary was playing her violin, pulling the bow deliciously across the strings. It was like something never seen, was crying and calling for it's mate, broken that it was not whole but so sweetly sickening.

"That's lovely, Mary." Wash was walking up onto the porch and petted Mary's ebony hair which was pulled back in the same style as Wash's

"Is there anything fun around?" She asked, lifting the bow up.

"Well, for adults there is the bar-"

"Let's go to the bar." She jumped up, "Which way?"

"Haha no." Wash said in a monotone. "For you, you can go apple picking with the little uns." Mary stared at her as the older woman smiled at the looked of horror on the young girl's face. "I'm kidding, I was thinking about taking you outside the gates. I wanted to teach you something about living out there in case you find yourself lost." Mary smiled again and started inside.

"Let me put this up." She ran inside and placed her violin on her bed.




"See," Wash helped her start a fire with a knife and a flint stick. "Here, let your strokes angle forward like this." Wash was behind her, her strong arms around Mary as they worked.

Mary stared at the flames, before backing away. "I don't like it, can we put it out." She knew Wash was looking at her at her.

"How were you going to live on your own without a fire?" She was talking about her stupid runaway attempt.

"Well, I don't like fire, but I would have needed it. We don't need it know, so I want to put it out." She scooped up a bunch of dirt and threw it on the little flames.

"Alright, well, lets go with our food options." She stood and pressed her hand in the space between her shoulders blades to guide her to another location.

"Now, look here." She had pulled several fruits down from a low hanging branch. "See this one." She held a half rotted orange fruit, "this is obviously bad." Dropping it she grabbed another. "And his one has insects at it." She could she it looked half eaten. "And this one ay be good. To may sure you cut the fruit up into small pecies." She took out a large knife and started cutting..

"Oh, Alicia when will I get my knife back?"

"Soon," Wash grinned and began cutting the fruit. As Mary waited she saw something very unique. A very bright blue and yellow eight legged thing. It looked like a bug, but she had seen dragon flies around, but this was freakishly beautiful.

"It had three parts to it's body. The first to parts were small and blue, but the back of it, the last part was larger, ovally and yellow. It's legs were blue and transcended to yellow as it went to it's feet. Suddenly it did something amazing. It let go of the branch but didn't fall. Could it fly?

"Oh, Damn." Wash grabbed her and backed her up. "Do you see that?" The girl nodded, not taking her eyes off the wonder. "That is a very poisonous spider. One bite and you have thirty minute to life if you're lucky. It's venom make your esophagus and lungs swell and muscle contract to you. If ding by bodily strangulation doesn't get you then your lungs start to fill with fluids and you dying of drowning the thin air."

"That is a beautiful killer. It's perfect. Doesn't have to do the nasty stuff just bite and leave, maybe come back later." Mary was in complete awe and she stared at the giant dinner plate sized insect.

"Now let's go back before-"

"Awe I just was thinking how happy I am to see you." It was that ragged dark skinned woman. She glared at Mary as the girl took a few steps back. Nearer the spider. If anything she wanted to see that lovely kill. And then the ragged trio aimed their guns at the two women and that changed the game.

"You are going to be great to trade for-" One of the ragged men made a mistake of grabbing for Mary, she turned and ran, ducking under the spider who was now hidden slightly in the branches.

She twisted and jumped for a branch, jostling the blue thing loose and watching it drop on his head. He screamed as it bit into him and she watched with fascination as it attacked his eyes. Anthen one popped out.

"So Fucking cool." She whispered as she slid behind a tree. Mary looked around, al she had was her pocket knife, the hell was she going to do with that-

The second Ragged man reached arund the tree and wrapped his hand around her wrist. She contracted her body, pulling her arms in as she jabbed the dull little knife into his eye. He cried out, but she would not stop, not leave him. He fell down and she pounced on top of him. And he had a glorious knife.

She grabbed the handle, trying to get used to the feel as she plunged it into the soft skin of his stomach. She started tearing, and ran her hand over the softness, the smoothness and warnmth of a body. Then her hand met the oddest thing. There was something there.

Wrapping her hand around this thing and started pulling. She held a red thing it was soft and delicate and she didn't want to break it, but it was also nice and juicy like a piece of meat.

She stood, blood on her shirt and arms, a knife in one hand, the delicate warm thing in the other.

She looked up and smiled at the dark skinned woman who held a gun to Alicia's head. Wash didn't look good, in fact there was a dart in her arm and her breathing seemed weak. "You little bitch, freeze or I kill her."

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