Hey guys, I'm...back? Maybe? Well for this story I am! I promise I shall finish this one considering my last story I wrote and still haven't finished was literally years ago. I apologize if you have read and want me to continue my last story, I have wanted to but I would have to go back and watch more Shugo Chara and I've just been too busy. But nevermind all this crap if you haven't read my past story! :3 (Please don't ;_;) Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. Because if I did own Sailor Moon, it would never becoming back because I'd be too lazy.

On a Sunday night when her blonde hair bounced. Minako had a spring in her step as she walked with her friends; Rei, Motoki, one of their famous singer friends Seiya, Usagi and her boyfriend Darien. They headed out back to meet their other famous friend; Yaten. Yaten was performing a solo to end their concert. The band was a trio of brothers, but after their mother died, Taiki went home to look after their dad. This was good for the other brothers because they get more money. Minako looked up to the sky and sighed in contentment. "Full moon tonight, wonder if something scary might happen...Nah." Then as they neared the back of the stadium, they heard a scream. They stopped for a moment to look at each other in fear before running towards the source of the scream from behind the building. There, skull cracked and blood oozing out, lay their dear friend Yaten, with a bouncer knelt beside him.

The bouncer looked up, tears falling and hands clenching. "I-I don't know what happened, I just got back from the other side of the building, after hearing a motor and he was here, just laying here, dead."

Motoki ran towards the distressed security guard as Darien held Seiya as he collapsed into him. "Don't just stand there! Someone, call the police and an ambulance!"

Seiya pulled himself from Darien's arms and looked up at Rei who struggled to dial the numbers with her shaking hands. "No, there's no point of an ambulance, he's already dead..."

Ta~da! One chapter, I am so proud...but expect more! As it is on it's way! And yes, it is this short on purpose.