Welp! Finished, yea.

So while Rei went home, Minako interrogated all of her friends. Usagi cried. Darien just said the same thing Matoki said; 'Sorry, but we don't know, no one hated him.' Useless. But what about Seiya? Poor guy. He had no idea about him, even though they were best friends and co-workers. Rei called later on to say that her bike had dents on it and the lock on the shed she kept in it was broken. Pfft, the things people say to get out of trouble.

Minako then went home to think about what she had learnt, once again she paced around her room saying her thoughts out loud. "There were signs of forced entry on the gate, and apparently on Rei's bike and shed. No witnesses of death, bouncer came later. Darn, If I had gotten there earlier I might have caught the killer! But stupid Seiya just had to be late. And for what? Because his mum called to ask how he went at the concert! Ugh! Well it must be Rei then, but it still doesn't feel right! Why not? Isn't this done then? Something isn't right."

That's when Rei called again. "Did you hear? Seiya is leaving for a new tour! Isn't that great news!?" Minako dropped the phone. That was it, wasn't it? Seiya got a call from his mum, wait. Isn't his mum dead? And he didn't want us to call an ambulance... Minako picked up the phone again, "Rei! Meet me at the train station in ten! Hurry!"

The blonde, raced to the train station. Lucky it's such a small town or I'd never get there in time heh.

When Minako got there, Rei ran up and bombarded her with questions. "Minako! Why are we here?! What happened? Do you know who it was? I think someone framed me! Is it Sei-"

Minako held her back, "Rei! Calm down, questioning is my job heh. Oh and yes it is Seiya! I'll explain why later, quick call the police and get them down here fast, make them do their job for once! We have to stop him from leaving!"

Minako ran further down the station until she saw him, Seiya was putting in his luggage in the train. Then he saw her. "Hey, what are doing here? Sending me off with a farewell?"

Minako tackled him. "You won't get away with this!"

"Ah! Get off me Minako! What did I do!?"

Minako got off him, as dignified as possible before delivering the news. "We know you did it Seiya! You killed your own brother for the fame didn't you!? After your first brother went home after your mother died you got more money and fame, then you wanted all the limelight for yourself, but Yaten just wouldn't leave would he!? So you killed him, then framed Rei by stealing her bike so you could get away with it!"

Seiya backed away slowly. "Hah, yeah so what? I'm getting away with it aren't I? No one would believe you or Rei, you're both just little kids. Plus the police are too stupid to catch me! Haha!"

Someone cleared their throat behind him, he turned around just to be turned back around and be cuffed. "Stupid are we? Yeah well we're smart enough to know a good tip off when we get it." Rei slowly appeared to the real detective's left.

Seiya grumbled as he was shoved into a police car with cameras in his face, Minako slowly walked up next to the detective and Rei. The detective turned to the blonde. "Hey kid, ever thought about being a detective when you're older? I can put in a good word if you want?"

Minako laughed. "After this? Ha! Hell no." The detective grumbled a goodbye and walked to the press to answer their questions, leaving Rei with Minako. "Heh, wouldn't you agree with me in saying a criminal's best asset is his lie ability. Heehee!"

Rei walked away, but not before grumbling, "no."

Fin. Thanks for reading.