Author note: this is a cross over based on the story fate stay night with elements of warhammer 40 000 thrown in for fun.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership over any of the characters or concepts mentioned below

Intro : the summoning

The dark dusty room echoed with the dying sounds of the summoning spell. The light began to fade from the circle on the floor. There sprawled out over the couch was a tall man wearing a unique green military uniform. The young man was quite a sight, from his armoured boots to his jacket covering his shoulders. He was sitting causally despite the rough and unstable summoning which had resulted in a minor explosion.

"An archer huh?" Rin said with a very dissatisfied tone. She folder her arms as she looked at her new servant. In her heart she had hope for a Saber the strongest of the servants. But it was too late to try again. "Drat I was hoping for a Saber."

"Well I'm no saber." Said the man as he looked around the room. "But I'm betting you're a very powerful mage so it won't really matter if we plan our moves right. That's provided the knowledge I was given is right and mages aren't prone to blowing up the way physkers do back home." He replied. "You'd have to be to summon me from all the way where I was."

"We'll I guess you'll have to do." Rin said shrugging her shoulders. "What is your name Archer?" she asked.

The young man lit a cigar and took a drag. "Creed." he replied letting out a puff of smoke and holding the cigar at his side in one hand. "Ursarkar Creed"

Rin's face changed to a stumped expression. "U... Uru- Urasa?" A tongue tide expression adorned Rin's face as she struggled with the name. It was as if the pride she held could be seen tearing at it's extremities. A slight blush flushed her cheeks as she spoke questioningly. "Urusakaru?"

Creed held his hand out for her to stop. "Creed is fine. That's what everyone calls me that anyway." he said with an ever so slight smile. "So shall we begin?"

The Tohsaka family dining room was grand filled with high class furniture of elegant design. Creed was seated opposite Rin. He was disappointed but not to any length surprised by the lack of imperial drink he was used to in Rin's house and duely resorted to taking a bottle of wine he'd been offered from Rin's late father's cellar. He muttered a quick imperial blessing before pouring the glass. Rin wasn't looking his way at all but was staring intently at her cup of tea.

Creed herd her mutter the words saber again. "On to that subject again are we?"

"Don't get me wrong I'm not dissatisfied with you or anything I'm just upset it's been all this time training and I miss my mark."

"Fair enough." Creed replied, he shrugged his shoulders and took a sip from the glass.

"Anyway as your master I have the need and the right to know everything about you. Your title, history and what your wish for the grail is." She blurted out arrogantly.

"Very well if you must know." Creed replied. He then drained his glass took a slightly deeper breath then normal. "Well my title is Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed. I was raised the cadian 8th regiment and live in the Cadian gate. The sole system that lies between the eye of terror's opening and the rest of mankind. I have fought chaos for most of my life and my wish is nothing more then the destruction of the dark gods or closing of the eye of terror. I have no clue exactly how powerful this grail is but since it's not chaos I see no problem using it to help the emperor."

Rin stared at him blankly then blinked a couple times.

She barely understood a word I said did she. Creed thought to himself. He poured another glass of wine whilst pondering the meaning of him being on Terra all this time ago. "It's okay if you don't understand Rin. I'll try and explain it more simply what it means when we discus strategy."

Chapter 1: That fateful night

It wasn't too long before the first the two were involved in their first fight. They had spent most evenings scouting out for any signs of the opposition. Now they had found one. The night was young and the stars were begging to gleam down on the school courtyard. The wind kicked up a gentle breeze making the clothing of the parties involved in the face off flutter.

"So the enemy reveals him self at last." Creed said. They had been sensing the presence of another servant for some time. "Looks like he was waiting for a night attack. Nobody to interfere."

Rin stood just off to the right behind Creed. Her eyes narrowed "Looks like a Lancer." She said staring at the blue robed man wielding with a bright red spear.

"No sign of the enemy master yet," Creed said quietly to Rin. Creed had his hands by his side ready for a quick draw of his pistols. "We'll go with plan 3 for now but keep your guard up. Their master may strike at anytime."

Rin nodded and jumped away. In that instant Lancer began his attack lunging toward Creed in a crazy zigzagging strafe. Ursarkar drew his las-pistols and blasted away at Lancer. The first shots missed and the two that hit pierced harmlessly through the man's propped up shoulder armour, missing any of the servant's actual body but leaving holes inside the steel. Creed dogged and jumped back as the spear was thrusted at him. He ducked under a sweeping attack and switched his pistols to full auto. He gave more and more ground as the Lancer kept up the ferocity of his attacks. Then his chance came for a counter as the Lancer gave a wide sweeping strike at the Cadian. Creed ducked into a combat role and landed behind the Lancer and unleashed a wild volley of las-rounds. Creed was back on the offensive and with every shot was forcing Lancer back into an alcove between buildings. Creed finally landed a hit but with the low setting of the las-pistols it didn't do much but trim the spirit. The fact the Lancer had lasted this long unscaved showed tremendous skill on the side of the spirit. Creed's aim was said to rival that of an Astartes though landing hits in this situation was not his ultimate goal. Almost there he thought, Lancer was being slowly pushed into his trap. They wanted to capture him and draw out the enemy master in this plan. Then movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. With out lowering his guard towards lancer he looked over to find a student looking over at the combat. Lancer's master perhaps. Did we manage to draw him out.

"We've been seen." Lancer yelled abruptly breaking from the combat and dashing toward the student. "We'll finish this another time."

Creed took this chance to flick both his pistols back to Hot-shot. "What's the call Rin?" He asked. "I have the chance to gun him down but the kid could get away."

"What are you standing around for after them." Rin yelled after she landed.

"What do you want me to do if I catch them?" Creed asked as he and Tohsaka bounded after the fleeing targets. By the time they caught up the boy was dead. They had chased the two all the way into one of the school buildings. The corpse was of a young kid, couldn't have been more then sixteen or seventeen, laying face down in a corridor right outside the math's room. Creed had seen many an worse deaths then this but something left him a little uneasy about this one.

A shocking silence filled hall-way as the two stood there. Blood began to spread over the floor and Rin's head and shoulders sank. Creed prepared to speak realising they were short on time but Rin beat him to it. "Go after Lancer he'll be heading back to his master we at least need to find out who that is!"

"I'm on it." He said.

After that the room was empty. With just Rin and the body.

"I'm sorry." she muttered to the body and moved over to dispose of it. Then she caught a glance of the boys face and her heart dropped. "Why... Why did it have to be you?" Without hesitation Rin took off her necklace and began work reviving the kid. "I'm sorry father." She muttered to herself.

Some time latter the two reconvened at the Tohsaka estate. Rin was sitting with her arms folded across her chest and drinking a cup of tea. "How did the mission go."

"Not, well. I know his master isn't anywhere in the south end of the city. But the target got away." Creed said. It had been years since he last tracked a target out in the field. The last time he could recall was in his days as a white shield. Though even then he had never tracked a target that could move this fast.

"That's too bad." Rin sighed and stared back into her cup. She took a sip and glared off into the distance.

"Would I be correct to assume you healed the witness?" Creed asked as he sunk back into his armrest. "Wasn't that a valuable asset? The crystal you used that is."

"I have plenty more i-idiot they're not that special." She said in a huff and turned to face the window with an out raged expression.

"No it's not that. I commend your actions in sacrificing something you held dear to save an innocent life. No..." He leaned back and lit his cigar and leaned back. "It's just I fear your efforts might go in-vain."

Rin turned back to him with wide eyes and pale features. "W-what do you mean in-vain i-idiot?"

"I mean Lancer is bound to realise his target is still alive." he let out a puff of grey smoke which blew past Rin's face and out the window in to the cold night air. "Tonight if his master was observing us from a distance. Then he'll go to finish the job."

Rin's face was a mixture of anger and shock. "Archer we're moving out." She said rising from her seat and barging out the door.

"I thought as much" Creed chuckled to himself and the cigar dematerialised.

The Emiya estate was almost as quiet as the traditional japanese styled mansion always was at that point in the night. In fact If the neighbours and occupants were asleep or reading a very captivating chapter of the dark sunrise, they would hardly notice the sounds of crashing glass and ramble's of Emiya Shirou as he tried to fiend off a mad spear wielding manifestation of a heroic spirit. However this was exactly the sign Rin and Creed were looking for as they made their rush to come to his aide, so the pair were not fooled but illusion that someone was just watching a really intense action movie with their surround sound way up.

"He's heading for a small building just off from the main one." The sound of the rushing wind almost drowned out Creed's calm and strong voice.

"O-okay." Rin yelled as she held tightly to Creed as he made his descent.

"Brace your self." Creed warned. With a grav-chute on his back one faithful las-pistol in his hand and one determined Rin in the other arm he plummeted towards the estate engaging the grav-chute at last second. The two felt a lurch and Rin could feel her tea deciding to try abandon the ride. Creed let a rage of low powered las-rounds crack throughout the air at the enemy Lancer. Small bursts in the Lancer's flesh made him reel back giving the dazed boy a chance to flee into the outer building.

"Hey big guy. Remember me?" Creed said with a smile as he landed on the grass to the western wing of the estate. Lancer shot him a vile glare from the eastern end. Creed let Rin enjoy the safety of a solid ground beneath her and he Stood forward drawing his next pistol.

"What insolent stage act are you fools trying. To preform?" Lancer spat at Creed. Without another word or moments' hesitation Lancer charged at Creed through the blaze of blistering las-rounds. Lancer shrugged off the las-wounds as he burst forwards. He stabbed and swung with intense force at Creed who dogged and switched out his pistols for a cadian tactical knife.

"Get back!" Creed yelled at the dazed Rin. Creed caught one of Lancers' stabs intended for Rin but in doing so left himself open. The blunt end of the spear took out Creed's legs and he was taken to the ground. A spear thrusted at his throat was deflected off Creed's knife. Lancer felt a heavy imperial boot land with full force on his gut and he doubled back. Creed took this time to ditch his grav-chute and roll out back into a stand. Lancer saw an opportunity and broke the combat to head into the small shac.

Rin forced herself to her feet and struggled her way away from the conflict as the world seemed to spin around her. She looked back to see a blinding light blast from the small building Emiya fled into. A blonde woman burst forth and attacked the incoming Lancer. There were a few blows and counters exchanged by the two before a stand off occurred. A triangle formed with Lancer and the woman taking a ready stance angled towards both the other an Creed.

Creed stood there with a las-pistol aimed at both fighters and a stern expression on his face. Now that the kid was out of sight he had the pistols set to hot-shot. He focused a little more on this new fighter. She was an elegant woman adorned with a majestic looking armour. Even with all it's beauty and elegance the armour puzzled creed somewhat as it seemed to guard unimportant areas and leave vital spots wide open.

I guess it comes down to her fighting style. They maybe left open to intentionally draw attacks to her shoulders and head.

A dissatisfied 'tssk' sound came from Lancer. "My master is calling me back. I guess we'll do this some other time." He said giving a mocking, parting wave as he leapt way from the combat. The distinctive crack of a las pistol followed him. Two rounds blasted through the Lancer's shoulder. Creed could see the clear change in posture of the disappearing figure and could tell he'd injured the spirit. The former Lord Castilian cursed at having to miss another opportunity to gain intel on his enemy. But there was no way he was going to leave Rin in the hands of this new spirit.

Almost the instant Lancer was out of sight the woman launched at Creed. A volley of hot shot rounds was sent in her direction. The cadian backed off trying to keep his distance from the invisible blade the woman used. He dogged the first few strikes and landed two hot-shot rounds to cut through her armour and pierce through her chest plate mail. She lashed out and carved a bow into Creed's shoulder plate as she fell to her knees. A huge chunk of Creed's carapace broke off and he was also brought to his knees.

"Archer, Vanish!" Rin yelled and Creed felt the word around him fade as he returned to spirit form.

Without a word the woman turned took to her feet again. She pressed her gauntleted hand against the holes in her armour and the chest plate returned to it's prime condition. At that the cold green eyes and the invisible blade of the servant were turned on Tohsaka. With a faint smile on her lips Rin let loose a jewel catapulting towards the servant. Without so much as a blink the blond woman cut down the projectile mid flight and continued her run through the flames the jewel released.

"STOP SABER!" Emiya shirou yelled as he ran to catch up with the rouge spirit.

Saber lowered her sword and came to a grinding halt a few meters before Rin.

"She is the enemy archer's master she must be eliminated now." Saber declared with confidence. "Lay down your sword saber. Girls shouldn't be swinging such dangerous things around much less when you're injured like you are." Emiya reasoned. He slowed down to a walk as he neared the two.

"I will not lay down my sword in front of an enemy, Master." Saber replied refusing to lower her guard.

The smile on Rin's face spread. "Oh, so the great saber is going to defy her Master's orders?"

The challenge was clear and with a spiteful glare saber begrudgingly lowered her sword.

"Tohsaka?" Shirou asked with the utter bewilderment showing clear across his face.

"Good evening Emiya." Rin replied with casual wave.

Rin picked up one of the pieces of broken glass littering the inside of Emiya's main building. She spilled a little of her blood on the tip of the shard. Almost immediately the glass panel began reconstructing itself until all evidence of the damage simply disappeared.

"Well you can probably do much better than that but I hope the gesture helps." Rin said turning to face the tame looking saber and the enthusiastic Shirou.

"Wow that's amazing. I could never do anything like that Rin." Shirou replied. He made a face like that of a dog wanting to know the answer to the ever asked question of 'who's a good boy'.

"Wait this is really basic and fundamental magic." Rin replied with a gasp.

"I only really learned a little magic from what my father taught me. So I don't know any of the basics and fundamentals."

Rin's face went briefly into a humorous smile then into a pit of broken dreams and disappointment. "You mean an amateur managed to summon a Saber?" she asked as the realisation hit her dreams adding insult to injury.

"I guess." Shirou replied.

"You have no idea what you're caught up in do you?" Rin said condescendingly. She shook her head fighting off the urge to rant. "You just joined a sort of game. The holy-grail wars. Seven masters and seven servants kill each other over possession of the grail. The omnipotent wish granting device."

"They kill each other?" Shirou exclaimed.

"Come on let's go." Rin said as she turned in the direction of the main door.

"Come on? Where are we going?" Shirou inquired. Following after Rin.

"To the place where the judge of this competition resides." Rin said simply giving off a smile as she departed.

The three eventually arrived at a grand looking church. Saber was wearing a large cloak to hide her glistening armour. Shirou had explained that he hadn't summoned her properly meaning she couldn't heal herself or change into spirit form. When they reached the gate Saber insisted she would wait outside. Emiya reluctantly accepted and left with Rin. It must have been a full half hour of Saber waiting alone in the cold. She didn't mind the freezing temperature and kept a vigilant guard gazing through the frog.

"Saber!" She heard Shirou shout. She turned to gaze over at the young man coming towards her. His odd scruffy brown hair and yellow eyes were an eye catching feature for him. Her new master stood half a head taller than her making Saber's proud gaze drift upwards.

"How was it master?" she asked. Before he has a chance to reply a sound and a presence triggered Saber to leap into defensive stance. "Master stay back." She commanded. She drew her blade and faced off with the new found opponent. Out of the fog appeared two figures. One a small silver haired girl who was dwarfed by the ten ft tall hulk behind her. The giant figure was adorned in the thick tank like armour of an astartes. A whirr started as he raised his large chain-axe.

"Good evening. This is the second time we meet like this onii-chan." The girl smiled in a way that way obviously meant to be sweet but threatening. Naturally with the armoured giant standing behind her only the sinister overtones came through. She curtsied courteously.

"Shit her servant's power is incomparable." Rin said with a stern expression covering her face.

"Pleased to meet you Rin. I am illiya. Illya von einzbern You understand right"

"Einzbeld." Rin repeated. The name struck a chord and her facial features tightened into a glare.

"I don't think any more pleasantries need to be exchanged since I'll be killing you all here." the white haired girl laughed. She was thoroughly enjoying the upper hand.

"Do it Beserker!" illiya commanded with a wave of her hand.

With that the towering creature released a sound indistinguishable between being a laugh or a howl. His red armour crackled with excitement and his chain-axe kicked into full. The Berserker ran slowly towards the group. Each step the astartes took echoed and shook the grounds.

Saber launched forward drawing her sword to meet the new foe. Berserker brought the axe down with one mighty swing of his arm. It took all of her strength to deflect the blow. She took the opportunity to take a strike at the astartes' chest. Her mighty blow was rendered useless by the adimantium plating. Only a small scratch was left on the armour. Before Saber could withdraw from the attack Berserker brought the back of his axe into her side. She was sent flying into a nearby lamp post. The post crumpled from the impact. Saber pushed herself back to her feet. A small stream of red began to trickle down her pale face.

"SABER!" Shirou Cried. The howling laughter erupted from the Berserker again. "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" He yelled. The words echoed throughout the night as the fallen angel of death moved in on his new victim. Saber readied herself and moved quickly this time to avoid the onslaught of attacks by the Berserker. The clash of sword an axe happened again and again but the stronger opponent was clear. A full blown swing of the axe broke though Saber's guard and tore into her armour and ground away at her flesh. She was knocked off her feet and away onto the pavement.

Emiya continued yelling her name as she tried to push herself upright. He tried to rush out to her but Rin stopped her.

"What are you insane?" She yelled. Pushing him aside and beginning a chant she faced off with the astartes. She finished the incarnation and fired off bolts of black energy fired off at the giant. The bolts dissipated off the hulking armour. Berserker turned his head over towards Rin and lazily raised his bolt pistol.

It was at this point creed forced himself to re-materialise in front of Rin. He fired off a ferocious volley of hot-shot rounds that cracked the air and tore slits in the Berserker's armour. Berserker retaliated by firing off three fist sized bolt pistol rounds at Creed. Two of which were deflected harmlessly off the golden glow of his refractor field. The last one impacted into his damaged shoulder piece and detonated blasting searing hot shrapnel into creed's shoulder. Creed dropped to one knee. The Pain would have killed a normal man right then and there or at least rendered them unconscious. Creed gritted his teeth and raised his good arm to continue firing at the Berserker. The damage he was doing was beginning to build up.

Saber had almost brought herself to her feet. She was shaky and had to use her sword to stay up.

Without taking a shard of his attention away from the fire fight between him and Creed, Berserker broke away to finish Saber. He lashed out with a brutal swing of his chain-axe. Shirou got in the way. He pushed Saber out of the line of attack and found himself launched backwards onto the concrete ground with a new wound tearing open his chest from shoulder to stomach. He landed immobile on the cold ground.

There was a pause from those in the fight to gather what just happened. Creed took this time to unload the empty power cell in his las-pistol. It was hard with only one useable arm.

"Shirou," Saber called. No response. She glared up at Illiya from her place on the pavement.

"Wha- why would he?" Illiya exclaimed. "Never mind, this is boring now. Berserker we're going." Before she disappeared illiya stopped and tossed a parting threat. "Oh and Rin. Next time I'll kill you for sure."

Creed fired a parting shot that managed to damage a vital organ. The Berserker's posture sagged a bit and he wobbled a small amount. The full extent of the damage was not seen as illiya simply snapped her fingers and the hulking creature disappeared.

After they were gone Creed pulled himself to his feet. He cursed at having to let a worshiper of the ruinous powers go alive but he had little choice in the matter. The only one not injured or down was his master and he had to make sure he didn't leave her open. Then he looked at his battered armour and refractor field. He was glad that the combination had survived to let only one shot wound him. He knew the odd were against it with him having stayed perfectly still throughout the fire fight in order to keep Rin safe.

Rin turned to Shirou and yelled, "Gesh, what the hell do you think you were doing. I can't save you any more!"

By some miracle Shirou survived the injury. His wounds began healing at a rapid rate so Creed helped Saber and Rin carried Shirou back to the Emiya estate. Along the way Creed found it upon himself to talk to the knight he was aiding.

"You were both skilled and brave to be able to fight like that with an Astartes my dear lady. Or as they'd say in the Cadian 8th. You got guts kid." Unable to tell wether he was insulting her or mocking her, Saber shot Creed a cold glare. Creed smiled. "My name is Ursarkar Creed."

"Archer!" Rin exclaimed harshly.

"Relax Rin she won't gain any thing from that knowledge." Creed reassured using his pare hand to wave down Rin's fluster. "Besides we want to be on good terms if we end up co-operating again."

"Very well since you have given me the honour of your name I shall give you mine." Saber replied. She was able to hold herself with pride despite needing Creed's help in order to move. "I am King Aturia Pendragon."

Athuria? Sounds like a guy's name, Creed noted.

"May I ask what makes you so sure I know not of your existence. Ursarkar Creed." Saber inquired.

"Simple, I'm not from this planet nor this time." Creed looked down at Saber. "And if you were from my time you would have thought twice before charging like a mad-man into a Khorne berserker."

With that insult Saber pushed herself off Creed's support. "I can walk on my own from here on out." and she did. She walked a little further ahead of the group.

Seeing his job fulfilled Creed turn to over a Rin a hand which she politely declined.

Later on that evening Creed was out smoking on the roof top of the Emiya estate when Rin decided to join him. He had his shoulder armour off and a bandage wrapped tight around the bolter-wound. He had his classic Cigar out in his left hand. He enjoyed a relaxing smoke as he looked over the the estate and into the country beyond. He heard the sounds of Rin scaling the wall to get up to him. Creed didn't stir or turn he just stared out at the calm night's landscape.

"So how's the kid doing?" Creed asked.

"Defying all common sense and healing at a astounding rate." Rin declared in an exhausted half spiteful kind of manner.

Creed chuckled. "So the same as before huh?" He took a deep drag and looked up at the moon.

Rin couldn't help but stare at the soldier next to her. His stern strong features and muscular build were enough to make most women stop and stare. He looked at most nineteen if that yet held himself as if he'd lived a life time of honour and self actualisation. But there was something different about him tonight. Something hidden Rin pondered as she scanned his face for answers then something in his eye caught her as he turned to look down at the girl. In that moment with the light of the moon glancing of his face she saw it. He was hurt. Not the pain of the bolter, something emotional seemed to be hidden behind a wall of courage. Just a glimmer, but it was there. Rin opened her mouth but stumbled on her words.

"What's the matter Rin?" Creed inquired. "You look cold, let me fix that for you." Creed materialised his full blown trench coat he normally wore over his armour and placed it gently over Rin's shoulders.

"T-thanks" Rin blushed. The warm was nice and the coat fought of the cold of the night. "B-but why can't you just dematerialise like normal to heal." Rin asked pointing to Creed's bandaged arm.

Creed shrugged his shoulders. "I used my refractor field too much. For some reason it's messing with my mana." Creed sighed long and deep. "By the emperor." he muttered. "I hoped my old enemy would not send their warriors to this world." He paused. Looking out at the stars. Not a hint of fear or anxiety corroded his words, just simple quiet disappointment. "Listen Rin. With them here I maybe forced to do thinks that seem wrong or unfair. But please know this, I'm only trying to do what's right. To protect this world from the fate I've seen claim so many others."

"You're a noble spirit. How can one big monster like that shake you like this?" Rin demanded rather un-courteously. Half to try and shake Creed out of this mood that was really beginning to scare her. Creed was usually a serious guy, but this was something new.

"Ha, I'll fight Chaos in the far ends of the galaxy where ever it threatens as fearless as always!" Creed laughed quietly, "I know because I have." He confirmed letting out a puff of smoke.

Rin laughed and thew a soft fake punch against Creed's chest. "Oh yeah. Then why do I sense that you're all unsettled ya big dummy."

"It just brings back some rather haunting memories that's all." Creed replied. He smiled and shook things off.

"But thanks for being concerned about an old soldier like me. But no matter what happens I'll be fine." He threw a reassuring arm around Rin. "I live on the edge of hell itself and grew up on the battle field. One little bolter wound and some memories aren't going to stop me now."