The Matrix Linked: A Matrix Fanfiction Story

Chapter 1:

Side note: This takes place a few months after the first movie The Matrix and is otherwise a made up story that most likely differs from the rest of The Matrix movie trilogy. So please read the spoilers about or watch the first movie before reading this fanfiction. If you did one of those things, please enjoy this story.

In a dark passage are four figures running. One of them urges uneasily, "come on!" A flash of green code appears on part of a broken wall behind the figures. A second later, the same section of wall slams against the opposite section of fallen in ceiling. A cave in of bricks comes down where the figures used to be seconds ago. It looks as though a earthquake closed in on layers of fancy hotel rooms and brought it down under the earth.

A second figure among them sighs, "we had everything we could ever dream of." The figures keep running for their lives, their muscles aching like crazy.

A third figure wonders, "so? It's not like it'll help here."

The second figure figures, "of course not. Maybe this is punishment…for our sins."

The first figure remarks, "wouldn't be the first time. But right now, we got to keep going." The second figure pauses.

The same figure protests, "go on without me. I'm willing to accept…Hell." With the exhaustion catching up to the second figure, he passes out. The first figure and the third figure carry him over their shoulders, towards a dim light sloping upwards on scattered wall bathroom tiles. The floor comes up from behind them, knocking most of the figures off their feet. The second figure gets scooped up by the earth, and a flash of green coding that the figures don't see.

The first figure calls out to the disappearing figure, "Chavez!" He tries to grab Chavez, but the earth moves faster than the first figure.

The third figure turns to the first figure, "Brando! We have to keep moving." Brando uneasily runs with the other two figures below the moving body of Chavez.

At the same time…

In the disoriented chandeliers around Chavez, Chavez's short blond hair shines in the creepy lighting. Shadows of the same shadow and reflections of the same reflection bounce off of twisted fragmented bathroom mirrors and twisted fancy windowed doors with golden rims. In the next few seconds, his eyes open with green light reflected off of green Matrix code surrounding him. In another few seconds, he strangely disappears through the Matrix.

Across the Matrix…

A woman's voice echoes through hidden trails of Matrix code across the late 1990's setting of the Matrix, "listen carefully. I am the 1.0 secondary Matrix…and I need to coordinate with the 2.0 primary Matrix to eliminate a human error that has become a runaway virus in my programming. Every second, my code becomes weaker. And that can only mean, you, the 2.0 primary Matrix, is next." A hidden figure of a tall woman made up of green code appears next to a mirror of her figure in very different coding.

A second woman's voice echoes back through Agent comlinks, "confirmed, 1.0 Matrix. Proceed with the Matrix coordinates and elimination instructions."

The 1.0 Matrix reports, "0^05-1^24-1^12-0^04-1^09-1^20. Elimination orders loaded to Agent Brown. Target Chavez M. from 1.0 Matrix."

The 2.0 Matrix figures, "proceed."

In the 2.0 Matrix…

Chavez appears on the endless streets of Manhattan New York. And since this is the 2.0 Matrix, it is indeed endless. No animals but humans inhabit it. No alive animals do, anyway. Some parks are between houses and apartment buildings, but not much else in between besides typical big city buildings and the occasional big museum. Chavez in torn and dusty clothing looks uneasily for the two mystery figures and Brando from earlier, but is disappointed at not seeing them. He still sees code around him, but no indication that the three mystery figures were around.

Someone calls out from a gasoline driven car, "hey! Watch it!" This grayish blue car abruptly stops in front of Chavez, who is in the middle of a road. That car driver and the other car drivers around Chavez pass by, honking horns fiercely at him and among themselves in anger.

Chavez calls out, "sorry!" He mutters to himself as he runs to the nearest dusty sidewalk, "if this is Hell, it would have lawyers coming after my ass." Chavez turns around as he hears the movement of the combed back semi-short golden brown haired Agent Brown in a formal black and white set of clothes.

Agent Brown mutters as he takes out a black pistol, "this isn't about money, human." Chavez turns back around, running for his life. Gunshots are heard. Civilians run out of the way, but one of the random civilians closest to Chavez transforms into Agent Brown as he forcefully overtakes the body's position for his own. Chavez keeps running though, jumping over a passing car to get across to another street. Agent Brown systematically fires at Chavez, but instead hits the passing by car's engine. The same engine explodes, taking the rest of the car with it as it crashes into several more cars.

Many civilians scream and run from the scene, leaving their cars to save their own lives. Agent Brown, having no convenient nearby body to inhabit, runs after Chavez through several passing cars by passing through hidden temporarily breached Matrix code.

Minutes ago, onboard Morpheus's hovercraft the Nebuchadnezzar…

Semi-short black haired Trinity is at the wheel of the Nebuchadnezzar, steering it through sewer tube after sewer tube. It seems to go on forever. Dark blue robots called Machines that look like a unnatural cross between a spider and a octopus with tubes for arms are passing through some of these sewer tubes. The dark brown submarine like Nebuchadnezzar with scattered mirrored bluish disks around it is moving around the dark water from within the sewer tubes, doing its best to avoid the Machines. A bald headed Morpheus comes to the steampunk and computer themed cockpit, with wires sticking out and round little blue viewscreens with dark yellow rims. Morpheus checks, "how is the Nebuchadnezzar?"

Trinity sighs a little, "other than a few close calls from the Machines, we're doing fine."

Morpheus checks, "good. How close are we to Zion?" He turns to semi-short black haired Tank with a work suit on nearby as he says this. Tank is working on repairs to the Nebuchadnezzar from a previous battle with the Machines. Tank gets up from what he is working on.

He turns to Morpheus, "in a matter of a few days, we'll be there."

Morpheus decides, "and in a matter of days, we'll be out fighting the Matrix again."

Trinity concludes with a small chuckle, "we'll be eating real food soon."

Tank remarks, "that would be a nice change."

Morpheus adds, "my point is…don't get too comfortable. You get too comfortable, you start to go soft on the Matrix."

Tank figures, "oh, no sir." He returns to what he was fixing among many exposed wires and circuit panels.

Trinity figures, "good point. Wait. I'm picking up a weak point in the Matrix…but it's moving." Morpheus looks at the readout.

He realizes, "maybe it's a potential recruit."

Trinity adds, "possibly. Are you…?"

Morpheus reveals, "Neo and Tara are going into the Matrix to investigate this weak point."

Trinity suggests uneasily, "Tara is full of it."

Morpheus adds, "which is why Neo is going to teach her something."

Trinity suggests, "for all our sakes, I hope you're right."

Several minutes later…

A semi-short black haired man named Neo and a long red haired woman named Tara are in the process of being linked up to the Matrix through big bluish plugs in the back of their heads, in the center of the Nebuchadnezzar's wirily and control center like interior. Tara chuckles a little, "my first mission in weeks. Ready, Neo?"

Neo assures her, "been ready. I'm the One…remember?"

Morpheus mutters next to them, "now, don't get cocky. You're to investigate a weak point. If it's the Agents moving something sensitive, you wait for me and Trinity to join you. Got it?"

Neo assures him, "loud and clear."

Tara sighs a little, "taking the fun out of everything."

Morpheus comments, "so is life in the Matrix. Get used to it."

Tara mutters uneasily, "right."

Morpheus checks, "you sure you're all right? If you're not completely focused on your mission…"

Tara sighs, "I'm focused…okay?!"

Morpheus assures her, "just a fair warning. We don't want to lose you to the Agents."

Tara figures a little more relaxed, "fair enough." Tara and Neo get loaded into the Matrix.

In the 2.0 Matrix…

Neo and Tara appear in a big park with typical black legged and brown benches and yellow colored streetlights among winding dirt paved paths, apartment sized trees with spiky dark green leaves, and many calm civilians sitting down or walking around in the midst of it all. Tara and Neo now have sunglasses and black coats on. Tara turns to Neo, "I'm looking, but so far…"

Neo urges, "don't focus on me. Focus on the code."

Tara sighs a little, "all right already! Keep your pants on."

Neo mutters, "not funny." He and Tara look around, focusing on the ever self altering and mostly still green Matrix code that makes up the Matrix as a whole. Neo realizes, "there." He gestures towards Chavez, who is running between several trees somewhat distant from Tara and Neo with Agent Brown still after him.

Tara urges, "this should be easy. I'll protect him." She takes out her black pistol and fires at Agent Brown with fierce determination. Tara caught the Agent by surprise by hitting his primary gun. The possessed body and the exploding gun falls down as Agent Brown quickly gets a new body from a nearby bench. Three more Agents possess three more people near Neo and Tara, but all four Agents have backup pistols in case of such things...including Agent Brown and the combed back semi-short golden brown haired semi-identical Agent Jones. Interestingly though, Agent Brown is now missing a hand worth of programming.

Neo adds with approval, "nice try." He manipulates the Matrix code to jump high into the air and catch the bullets fired at him. Neo throws the bullets back at the Agents, but they simply shift in place out of the way. Chavez takes this opportunity to hide, but the exposed code around him is a dead giveaway to Tara.

Tara calls out, "no!" With the Agents' forces divided, Tara manipulates the Matrix code to turn herself into a human shield of encrypted coding. Agent Brown and a random Agent fire at Chavez with fierce human hatred, but it just bounces off of Tara's now nearly invincible body and ricochets into the random Agent. The random Agent disappears in bright white light. Tara, somewhat exhausted from turning herself into code, falls down to the ground before Agent Brown.

Agent Brown mutters, "two human traitors for the price of one." Suddenly, the ground underneath Agent Brown falls down by several feet, making Agent Brown be dazed by the bright white light around him. Neo had just deleted the code directly under the remaining Agents to make the ground under them not exist. Agent Brown cries out, "no!" He is engulfed by bright white light, as is the code around the other two Agents. However, the other two Agents vanish into the Matrix before they can be sucked into nothingness as well.

Neo checks as he helps Tara to her feet, "you all right?"

Tara sighs a little, "I am now. That was quite a stunt."

Neo assures her, "you didn't do so bad yourself."

Tara adds with a small chuckle, "thanks." Chavez slowly gets up.

He asks between breaths, "so…you aren't…going to kill me?"

Tara assures him, "kill you? We're here to save humanity."

Chavez sighs with partial relief, "they'll be back…won't they?"

Neo points out, "it's a long story. Where do you come from?"

Chavez cryptically responds, "from…Heaven."

Tara chuckles a little, "don't we wish we were there."

Neo sighs, "that's not good enough. We need to find a safer place to talk."

Chavez figures, "perhaps I'm not in Hell after all. Lead the way."