Three days had passed and everyone, both in the village, as the castle Merlinspike, already knowing that Haddock, had found his son.

Soon the next morning after the great discovery he had invited several friends to a big party in order to celebrate the union of father and son.

After that, everyone lived happily as they could. Bianca, made her wedding Haddock with an eternal honeymoon and continued with her musical concerts around the world, Professor Sunflower, joined NASA at the research center; And detectives Dupont and Dupond, continued fighting the few crimes that circulated through the city , and brought Milou, to work with them.

As for Tintin, once happy and content, knowing he had finally found his father. And the fact he can no longer walk, he had to be realistic and admit that its time adventure had actually finished. So he readmitted in the newspaper where he worked and began to write columns telling about his adventures

''I Consider the events at the Cathedral of St. Salvatore, my last adventure experienced in flesh and bone. From now, my adventures, they were only on paper.'' Was what he said


I apologize for the very short epilogue, but I confess that I improvised this end, since my ideas were already exhausted.
Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for reading my work.
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