Chapter one

Don't think.

Don't stop…at all cost.

I was running, beads of sweat pouring down my face. I wiped them off with my shirt sleeve and turned my head back,scrutinizing the vicinity for a black mass. I did not remember for how long I had been running. With each step, I felt a sharp pain shooting through my bare feet making me wince. I instinctively bit my lips and advanced forward in the hope of escaping this nightmare. My breathing was heavy, I could hear air escaping and entering my lungs with difficulty. My senses had been slightly heightened by a shot of adrenaline, all to my advantage.

I jumped over a dead branch lying ahead of me. She could hear me. I had not really escaped, I knew it. She knew exactly where I was. She was playing with her; it was only a little game of cat-and-mouse as playing with the food first seemed to make the feast all the most enjoyable after the prey was caught. Oh! It was sure, sooner or later she was going to find me and I had a nasty feeling that it was going to be sooner. It was only a matter of time before I would find myself face to face with death.

It was so dark that I could only see as far as past my hand. I did not know if I was actually running in the right direction but again in this world nothing seemed to make and faint giggles could be heard emanating from the darkness. I was hurt all over, being covered in painful bruises. A rich, coppery smell rose to my nostrils. Blood. I was bleeding. The reddish fluid oozed in great quantities from the claw-like gashes on my arms. At this rate, I would be down earlier than I anticipated.

Why keep running away if I'm going to die anyway, you ask? I did not know where I was,however I was sure of one thing: there was surely an escape of any type and I would definitely try to find it. Clinging to this meager glimmer of hope, I tried to sprint up.

Then I heard it, that menacing low growl. I gasped. It was right on my tracks, nearby. I could not die, not here, not so young. In a swift movement, the beast jumped over my head and landed with a loud "thud" making the earth shake beneath it. I had not had the time to react; all I had heard was the noise of a body rippling through the air, tearing it apart. Its silhouette and eyes were its only visible features. The rest of his body was cloaked by the darkness. It raised its head and it's piercing bloodshot violet eyes met mine, making my saliva stop its course in the middle of my throat.

It stared right straight at me, seeming to look deep into my very soul. I felt the air growing scarce inside my chest, causing it to tighten so monster took a big step forward,causing panic to rise and take possession of my actions. I briskly backed away from the beast. It reacted almost instantly; a huge arm grabbed my waist with an iron grip and yanked me off my feet bringing me nearer to its face.

I read hunger in these huge violet eyes. Raw hunger, eating him from the inside and that was when I knew it. I took a deep breath, calmed myself, resigned to my fate. It seemed to like that behavior as his mouth twitched in a somewhat smirk. It next opened its mouth revealing a set of enormous, pointy, razor like canines.

The next assault happened in a flash, leaving me no time to understand what was happening to me. A razor-sharp claw tore through my skin, ripping it with an unequaled force.I could hear the distinct sound of my flesh being teared apart.I reeled back in pain, screaming as I felt the impact. In the silence of the dark, the slow, steady drip of blood platters against the ground could be heard.

My vision was getting dizzy and hazy from all the blood lost. Black and figures were mixing together as my vision diminished more and more as the seconds ticked by. I felt the life running out through my veins and just as I thought my suffering was over, it plunged its claw deep inside my heart as if searching for something. I felt tread like structures connecting with my very core, darkening it and squeezing it out.

While my very soul's nature was being altered into a darker one,a thought crossed my mind.

How did my innocent wish result in this?

[ To be continued ]