Chapter 2

The sound of hoofs hitting heavily against the surface of the ground broke the usual peace and tranquility of the forest. The wind blew through his light brown hair,slightly ruffling it,as the black horse broke into a faster run. Anxiety glued over his face, he stared straight at the path unfurling itself in front of eyebrows shaped into a frown as various thoughts wracked his brain. Dusk was approaching, as it could be observed by the sight of the orange-pink sky stretching as far as his vision could go. Vibrant orange and red leaves flew about, carried away by the gentle wind.

Focusing on his job,he could not help letting his mind drift to the recent rumors he had heard. A witch….

That was the subject of the rumors. People said to have witnessed a witch appear out of nowhere and collapse right at the entrance of the a member of the order of the Silver Knights, he had been assigned the responsibility of confirming whether or not this supposedly witch existed. The kingdom could not afford having such rumors being spread around, especially during these harsh times. The kingdom was at war; in fact every surrounding kingdoms were at war with each other. No one knew exactly how the war began,however all these petty details did not matter now. The most important thing for the kingdom of Valessia was now to stay strong and survive all through this deadly battle. The only way for a kingdom to stay strong was for its people to stay united and provide all the help they could. If everybody did his share of the work; he did not see how the kingdom of Valessia could ever be destroyed. War was a thing which brought the best and the worst out of people,but generally the amount of good brought out could not balance out the amount of evil brought out. This was the reason why the only final results of a war were death, destruction and pain.

Unfortunately, enemies did not always play fair and they often resorted to cheap practices to crush the opponents. Some of them made use of Magyk to destroy harvests, curse people or even was an ancient art which had been outlawed in most countries but as Valessia was politically unstable, this issue had never been brought into the council. There were many dangers lurking around and magycal creatures were listed as being part of them. They were creatures of pure evil that seemed to find it very entertaining to cause misery to everybody. The attack of these creatures created even deadlier damages than the war. The only kingdoms who had survived the numerous raids of these monsters were the ones who had either allied themselves to these creatures or dissolved the law against magic, thus hiring mages to help them.

For all he knew, he did not specially care about all this stuff right now. The thought of a similar creature on the lands of Valessia disgusted him above all and his only focus was to find this witch, if she ever existed,and end her days immediately. Eyes now set into a glare, jaws tight and his fingers holding the reins tightly, he hit his horse,urging it to go even faster. "Lord Reddenhurst! Wait!" shouted a young knight in training behind him,however the man did not stop or pay attention to the poor kid.

The faster this matter is taken care of, the better it would be for everybody,he thought to himself.


~ Mal's P.O.V ~

I woke up with a massive headache. I felt as if little beings were hammering my brain. The pain was too much to bear and my eyes shot wide open. Dazzling light met my eyes and I had to cover them with my left arm to prevent the light from reaching my eyes. I blinked numerous times before my eyes finally adjusted to the light. I tried to get up with much effort given that I was feeling weak and tired but was stop midway by a sharp and cold object pressed to my throat. A knife! My breath caught in my throat as my gaze slowly moved up to meet the face of the person holding the knife. I found myself staring blankly at a young kid of about 5 who was shaking while holding the gaze caught my eye,i could clearly see only one thing:loathe for me. I did not understand anything at all. Why was I being attacked by a kid? Why did he despise me so much? I took a look at my surroundings, my brain working to its fullest, searching for an escape and realized much to my horror that I was surrounded by a huge crowd of armed peasants. What did I ever do to these people? I thought starting to get jittery and feeling the slight hysteria creeping up on me.

"Give up, Witch!" an old man bellowed. "This is the end for you! What are you waiting for,Aticus? Cut her head off already!"

The kid-Aticus was sweating uncontrollably. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself and I saw his breath catch itself in his throat. He closed his eyes, bit his lower lip and I felt the knife sliding slowly against my throat.

[To be continued]