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AN: Beginning of a new fan fiction, this is my ideas on what the sixth and final installment of the RESIDENT EVIL movie franchise should be like. Warning: Several Spoilers for past films including recently released RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, also i owe the title and image to a fan made artwork, and i loved the name they gave the next movie, Credits to its creator. I did NOT make it.

Chapter One - Rude Introductions

A group of heavily armed soldiers burst through the large metallic doors of some unknown facility, the five of them reached much heavier blast doors with a passcode lock on the side of it, the symbol on the doors was three different colour hexagons facing in different directions. TRICELL was written above it in bold, black letters.

"Leon, how's that door coming?" a female spoke as she removed her headgear, revealing a beautiful blonde middle aged female, streaks of brunette were starting to appear on her head.

"Two minutes at the least, Valentine" Leon replied as he plugged a device into the pass code device and watched it hack the machine.

"Are you sure Chris and Claire are in this facility?" another female spoke up, also removing her headgear, the dark brunette shook her hair to the side, looking to Jill.

"Wesker said they were transferred here when you were taken to Umbrella Prime" Jill paused placing her hand on the other females shoulder.

"We'll find them, Alice" she spoke again, in a reassuring tone. Alice smiled as best she could.

"Got it!" Leon called as the doors split and pulled into the walls of the corridor, allowing them access into the facility.

The five soldiers, Alice, Leon, Jill and two other of Wesker's men roamed through the corridor, it was dark, messy and the lights were blinking. Alice wasn't confident that anyone remained alive. Leon took point, aiming his assault rifle forwards, Jill held her handgun at her side and Alice with two sub-machine guns ready for firing. There was an eery atmosphere around them as they made their way through the network of corridors. Doors lined up beside them, labelled as offices for the people who used to work here.

"Place looks abandoned" One of the soldiers called. Alice kept her 'captain obvious' remark to herself. Eventually, the group reached a door labelled 'Laboratory One'. It didn't seem that suspicious until the lights inside the room flashed on brightly.

Leon held his hand up in a fist, the group moved to each side of the corridor away from the door. Leon peered through the small glass window into the room, looking for the cause of the activity but was met with a bloodied, horrifyingly mutated face which smacked against the window causing him to jump back and curse loudly.

"Biohazard, take it out!" Leon called as he pushed the button to activate the door and stepped back, allowing the group to open fire on the mutated beast, eventually its head blew into pieces but the parasite within ripped through the hole and swiped at them. One of the unlucky men were gripped and torn in half, causing blood to splash over the rest of the team.

"Pull back!" Alice called, Leon scowled at her. He didn't like when she tried to take his job as leader, but it was what she was best at. The four remaining slowly backed down the corridor.

"Grenade!" Jill called as she removed the incendiary grenade from her belt and tossed it onto the monster, which caused flames to engulf it until it melted into a pool of black liquid which stayed on the ground, like a dirty puddle.

"Come on, before something else comes" Leon ordered and lead them into the laboratory through the door. Jill and Alice walked over to a computer to download the schematics of the facility onto a mobile device. Leon communicated Wesker.

"Wesker, this place is in ruins, I'm starting to doubt that anyone is alive in here" he said with a sigh.

"I assure you, if the Redfield siblings are anywhere, it's there" Wesker replied with a crackled voice due to bad signal. Suddenly the communication was cut off.

"Got the schematics, but that's not all there's someone else here, look, heat signatures, here is the four of us but there's three more coming from what appears to be a landing strip outside" Jill explained, Alice started sprinting away.

"Alice!" Leon growled and sped after her, followed by the other two.

Alice gasped as she was still running with amazing speed, ahead of her was a large herd of undead blocking the corridor, but she didn't stop, instead she kept running until she reached them and flipped into the air performing many flips before she landed ahead of the group of them. They turned, just noticing due to their slow reflexes but she was already out of the door onto the landing strip.

Jill, Leon and the other soldier stopped at the group of undead that was following Alice out onto the landing strip. Jill started taking head-shots to remove of some of them, and some started turning to see the cause of the noise.

Down the landing strip, Alice saw the aircraft that was similar to the vehicles Umbrella had used. One figure stood out to her, a female with dark hair and a white dress who stood on the ramp. Beside her, two more figures with a small red glowing object upon their chest which Alice recognized as the P30 injecting Scarab Jill had been controlled with. Suddenly the aircraft took to the air and hovered just above ground, Alice sprinted to it.

"Who are you?!" Alice demanded and the woman smirked, still stood on the ramp.

"You can tell Wesker, Excella said" she spoke, putting her mouth to her lips and blew a kiss. Alice growled, her pupils dilated to an extraordinary size but the guns on the aircraft shot a rocket into the ground causing her to fly backwards across the strip, landing in a heap. A zombie took this opportunity to dive down to eat her, but a bullet tore through its brains and it fell down dead. Leon knelt down beside Alice, the helicopter took off into the sky and Jill followed it with her eyes. From above, the landing strip was above MT. Rushmore, even further out the devastation to the land could be seen, fire and smoke in the distance.

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