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Deep underwater, a spherical object took up allot of the space on the sea bed, evil oozed from it. Many pipelines crawled along the sand, one tunnel reached up and out of the water, connected to an oil rig platform above the facility the main control room was buzzing, the Red Queen appeared on a few of the screens. The female seen before, Excella, took a proud stride over and stood in front of the screen.

"Yes?" she asked casually, standing in an odd pose.

"The White House has fallen, Project Alice's location is unknown" The girls evil voice silenced the noise in the room.

"Do you think she'll come here?" Excella asked, pondering the possibility.

CCTV footage appeared on the screen beside her, showing Ada Wong snooping around where she shouldn't be. It vanished after a few moments.

"So, there's a chance?" Excella questioned.

"I don't deal in chance, the possibility must be treated as a true threat, maximize security, Project Alice will not take the crucible" she vanished and Excella turned.

"You heard her, i want patrols running on the access tunnel hourly, armed guards and update me regularly" She shouted and the room started buzzing again, she walked out of the room and into her own, a metallic chair sat for her, a computer and screen and beside her two people were in containment tubes. Chris and Claire.

"What's happening?" a low voice spoke out from behind Excella's seat. Excella arched her eyebrows at the female with dark hair, her muscles were swolen, her eyes were a blood red.

"The parasite has reached adult hood, congratulations" Excella said in a mocking tone, the woman now identified as Rain growled.

"Cut to the point, Gionne'" Rain replied with a hard, rough voice.

"The Red Queen implied Project Alice and others will come here" Excella sat down on her throne. Rain smiled evily.

Through the eyes of a binocular Ada was able to see the oil rig platform in the ocean from their location on the coast. She lowered the binoculars and passed them to Leon who had a look.

"There's some activity, the fog is providing cover but i see people, living people" He said looking through them.

"We can't approach from sea, they'd spot us" Alice explained, they all sat on the roof of the bus on a road next to a small beach.

"and none of you noticed the store on the beach front, diving and fishing supplies?" Jill walked over in front of the bus, she had gone looking around.

"Does it have everything we'll need?" Alice asked, standing.

"Enough for two people, full suits, my idea is that two of us go under water, take them by surprise and then the rest can come by boat without alarming Umbrella" Jill explained.

"Becky, if mommy goes and does this, will you be alright staying with Leon and Ada?" Alice turned, signing to her child.

The child hesitated before speaking.
"I guess so, mom, promise you won't be long?" she looked up at her with teary eyes.

"I promise, trust me" she replied with a half smile.

"Looks like its you and me, Valentine" Alice smiled as she hopped down from the bus and followed Jill to the store. She had laid out the two skin tight suits with oxygen tanks and masks.

"I'll just keep this old suit on" Jill smiled, referring to her purple battle-suit she had worn whilst being under Umbrella control.

Alice nodded as she removed the Umbrella armor from herself, eventually taking each boot off. She pulled on the skin tight wet suit over her body, zipping it at the back.

Each girl walked out from the store and onto the road. Alice had picked up a harpoon gun whilst searching the store.

"Leon, take this" Alice called handing him a back pack with her and Jill's boots, and other items inside.

"We'll use this to show you it's safe" Jill said pulling out a flare gun from a holster on her thigh, she zipped the front of her suit up to her neck.

Leon nodded to Alice and Jill. Ada felt left out, but kept silent.

Soon enough the girls were walking into the deep water, Jill applied the oxygen mask to her face. Alice copied as they went in to head height. They were soon able to start swimming, they kept just under the surface of the water but not too close to be spotted.

Alice could see some metal tunnels in the sea bed a fair distance underneath her.

It took a good ten minutes for them to reach the metal supports for the rig platform. It was easy to climb like a ladder. Jill took one side, Alice took the other. Both sneakily climbed the metal structures until they climbed over the guards patrolled the area around the metal pipes and other quietly tip-toed up and roundhouse kicked one guard, he fell over the ledge and crashed into the water before she quickly moved on, sneaking around and breaking the necks of other man came up in front of her with his assault rifle raised. Jill panicked. Suddenly a long metal hook burst through his skull. The man fell, Alice was seen behind dropping the harpoon gun. Jill sighed with relief, a small laugh intertwined.

"Let's do it" Jill said, raising the flare gun into the air. A green spark was shot into the air and illuminated the sky above them. Back on the main land, the rest of the group had found a small operational speed boat on the coast.

"There's the signal!" Ada called, helping Becky on to the boat. Leon started it and started the journey over the ocean.

The girls didn't notice the one survivor behind Jill but she heard him walking, creaking the wooden surface. She suddenly ran up to the ledge and kicked from the surface, back flipping onto the man's shoulders. His head was between her thighs, she roughly twisted her upper body to the right whilst her lower body twisted to the left causing the man's neck to break with a loud crack. She back flipped again as his corpse fell, landing quietly on her bare looked impressed yet surprised.

It didn't take long for the rest of the team to arrive, one by one they climbed up onto the platform. Becky hugged Alice right away.

"Theres one main elevator down over there, we can bet they'll be expecting us" Alice said to them.

"I don't like the idea of Becky being down here" she said after, looking to the young child.

"Well we can't leave her here" Ada frowned, examining the area.

"I'll make sure she's safe" Leon said, surprising the women. Alice looked at him.

"I'll stay to the back with her, it'll be safer" he continued, Alice wasn't sure. She remembered leaving Becky once before with the good Rain Ocampo and she was snatched by the licker.

"I think it's a good idea" Becky said out loud. Alice looked down, confused how she knew what they'd been saying.

"I lip read what Uncl- I-I mean Leon was saying" she explained, Alice arched her brow.

'Did she almost say uncle?' Alice thought to herself before nodding to them.

"Fine. you keep close to him" she told Becky before they all climbed into the elevator. Alice, Jill and Ada stood in front of Leon who's hand was taken by Becky to make her feel more safe.

The elevator came to a stop at the very last floor and the doors opened, Umbrella soldiers waited in front of it in the main corridor expecting the unwanted visitors but they saw nothing but the young girl, Becky, crying.

"Is that a girl?" One soldier whispered to the other. The other nodded, sharing his confusion. One soldier felt bad and slowly walked up to the elevator door, investigating the inside, only the girl was there.

"Are you okay little girl?" the soldier asked, she looked up, frightened.

"Have you seen my mommy?" she asked in a pathetic tone.

"Your mom- what?" he was clearly confused.

"Oh there she is!" Becky grinned, before the soldiers knew it Alice and Jill had dropped from the air vents in the roof behind the soldiers and started firing into them, taking the last of them out. Ada and Leon followed soon after.

"Hell you've taught her well, Alice" Ada praised the girl and Alice.

She nodded and moved forward, Leon took Becky's hand again, leading her behind the other women.

"The armoury is the next right, then a left, then straight on" Ada explained looking to the schematics she had kept on a mobile device.

"Let's go do this" Jill mumbled.

The group walked down the dark corridor, they could hear the dripping of water which didn't help them to feel safe, like the water would come crashing in at any moment. They reached the next right and started the walk down there, it was surprisingly empty. Then came the left turn and the straight corridor towards the large metal door with "ARMORY" above it, engraved into the metal surface. It was lightly guarded by two men either side of the door. One man approached the two guards.

"Keep an eye out, we've just lost contact with red eleven" He said in a quiet tone.

"What's red eleven?" Becky signed and whispered to Alice.

"Must be the name of the bad men who were up in the platform above water" she replied, quietly.

"Leon keep Becky here" she whispered before stepping around the corner, in full view of the two guards.

"Hey you!" one of them shouted and raised his pistol. She walked casually towards them, Jill and Ada at either side of her.

"Raise your arms above your head and stop there" the other one spoke. All of them raised their arms but moved until they were a short space away from the soldiers. Simultaneously Ada and Jill kicked their legs up and disarmed the soldiers. Jill hung onto Alice's arm and swung around and smacking into the guard closest to her, Ada back flipped as she kicked the gun away from the man, as she landed she caught his gun in her hand and held it towards his head, but struck him in the temple with it shortly after.

"Come on!" Alice shouted and Leon and Becky ran into the armory, Jill approached the door to enter but an alarm went off suddenly, sealing the armory door with Leon and Becky still inside.

"Becky.. NO!" Alice pounded her fists off the blast door which prevented her entry to the armory. Static filled a small speaker which hung in the corner of the corridor.

"Did you think I'd make it that easy?" Excella's voice mocked her. Alice growled, her pupils had dilated.

"All of the weapons have been moved, the only thing they'll find in there is certain death" she continued and might've been right. Inside the armory, Leon and Becky were greeted by an empty room, except an odd canister sitting in the center of it. It shook unnaturally, something was inside and waiting to strike them.

"Excella!" Alice shouted as she continued pounding on the metal door.

"What do you want?" She shouted after.

"Your defeat, the end of your pathetic resistance, give up!" Excella spoke over the speaker.

"Alice, i have her location, we can open the doors from there" Ada whispered so Excella didn't hear. Alice backed away from the door, looking to the CCTV camera.

"I'm coming for you!" she growled and shot the camera with her last bullet before speeding off down the corridor, Ada followed. Jill picked up the gun the guard had and followed after them towards Excella's location.

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