Antonio was in the middle of town, selling his morning's catch. He had missed having the chance to talk with Jayden before going out, but he just didn't have the heart to wake him. Jayden had spent most of his life waking up early, training all day, dedicating almost every moment to preparing for battle. Although he knew how much it weighed heavily on Jayden stepping aside and letting Lauren take over, knowing that now she faced all the danger, he figured that if anyone deserved a break then it was Jayden. He was long overdue for some time where he could just do as he liked.

Antonio was also happy with the trade he was doing. Thanksgiving had been and gone, and a number of people were re-stocking their cupboards after the event. Some fresh fish obviously sounded good to a number of people.

Antonio was talking with his latest customer, wrapping up his purchase.

"Trust me, this is such a beautiful piece of fish, it would be a waste to do anything else with it." Antonio assured him. "Just grill it or fry it, with a few herbs, some salt and pepper and just a little lemon juice, and you'll thank me. Just promise me you'll leave that ketchup bottle in the cupboard!"

As the customer left, Antonio heard his morpher bleeping, but as he was about to answer it, he noticed people running away, screaming. He answered the call.

"Antonio, its Lauren." The Red Ranger began. "There's..."

"Let me guess, a big ugly Nighlock in my area?" Antonio asked her. "Oh, don't worry; I'd say I'm pretty close."

His words proved to be prophetic. As he said this, Gigertox rounded the corner, firing off some blasts, wrecking some nearby parked cars. Antonio checked around quickly to make sure no one was watching, before morphing.

"Samurai Ranger, Gold Power!" He called out, running out to put himself in Gigertox's path. He could feel his power from here, and his Samuraizer gave off a little warning bleep. The Nighlock just looked at the Gold Ranger, before advancing on him.

"Just one puny Ranger?" He asked. "It's not even one of the REAL Samurai. I'd have thought I'd warrant at least the Blue Ranger...even though it's Red I really want. They send me you? I'm insulted!"

"Well let me add some injury to that ins...arhhh!" Antonio was sent flying back by Gigertox's first attack. It came far quicker than he could have anticipated, and it hit like a meteorite. As he struggled to get up, Gigertox launched a blast that caused a massive explosion. Antonio finally managed to struggle to his knees, looking across to his cart, finding it completely destroyed. The explosion had been the gas tank going up. Antonio summoned the Light Zord to his hand.

"OK, now you owe me a new cart!" He stated as he ran back to the attack, hoping to buy the others time to get there. For all his tough talk, it was obvious that something was different about Gigertox.

Over in the woods outside of the city, Serena and Terry were looking for Jayden. Dayu had sent them word of the duel, planning to draw Serena to the site of the battle. While Serena had tried to tell Terry not to come with her, he had insisted it would make the search a little easier. Jayden's previous duel with Dekker had gone from the beach to the cliffs, so even though they knew where the duel had started, they knew it could take them quite some time to find him.

Arriving in a clearing, Serena knelt down, placing Kasamune on the ground and picked up a bandage. She handed it to Terry.

"It looks like Dayu was right about where the duel started." Terry commented. "The question is, where are they now?"

"Wherever they are, no doubt Dayu isn't far away." Serena told him.

"Let's split up." Terry told her. "We'll cover more ground that way."


"Come on Serena, the sooner we find Jayden the better." He told her.

"Terry, I have this." She reminded him, showing him Kasamune. "If you run into Dekker, or if Dayu's playing us..."

"Hey, I have as little desire to be parted from my internal organs as the next guy." Terry assured her. "I'll be careful, I promise."

"Fine, just remember..."

"I know, I know, call you if I find him, and don't try to take Dekker myself." Terry grumbled for the hundredth time since they had decided to look for Jayden. "I'll take this path, you go that way."

Serena just nodded, before running off in the other direction. As he left, Terry reached into the backpack he had brought with him. He had brought a little something with him that he hoped would buy his friends a little more time.

Over in the city, the Rangers arrived to find Antonio lying in a heap against a wall, battered and beaten. The Light Zord lay by his side, showing signs of damage, and he had been forced to de-morph. Mike and Emily were quickly by his side.

"Antonio, are you alright?" Emily asked him.

"Not really." He grumbled. "Be careful guys, there's something different about this Nighlock. He's really powerful, possibly even as powerful as Serrator."

"Well we took him." Mike reminded him. "Just rest up here, let us take care of this guy."

As they assembled, either side of Lauren, the new Red Ranger stared the new Nighlock down.

"Well well, it's true; you have a new Red Ranger." He commented. "Nice skirt."

"This guy really is powerful." Mike told her. "You should see the state Antonio's in."

"We're prepared to follow your lead." Emily reminded her. "What's the plan?"

"Here's an idea for a start." Lauren commented as Gigertox launched some tentacles their way. "DUCK!"

The Rangers all dived this way and that, avoiding his attacks. Lauren summoned up the Black Box as she saw Gigertox taking down the others in short order.

"Fall in behind me!" Lauren ordered them. "Be prepared to strike on my signal!"

Using the power of the Black Box, she moved at incredible speed, far faster than would normally have been possible, even morphed. Treating it like the training with the Light Zord, she swatted aside his tentacles, keeping his attention on her.

"Wow, maybe I ought to try that Light Zord Power Disk thing." Mike remarked as the rest of the team assembled behind Lauren. She powered forward, giving them room.

"NOW!" She called out, throwing herself to the side.

"Quadruple Slash!" Mike and the others called out as they powered up their Spin Swords. Gigertox was taken clean off his feet by the force of the attack, rolling away. Lauren didn't wait for him to regain his composure, summoning up the Super Bullzooka.

She aimed it at him, concentrating on the attack as she slammed the Power Disk into the Black Box. She had only used the Super Bullzooka once before, and on that occasion, she had fired it at point blank range. Her training had been very traditional, so she hadn't really used guns before. Levelling the weapon, she aimed it, and started to breathe slowly. Gigertox managed to get back to his feet by the time she fired.

Fortunately, the shot was good. Striking him in the chest, Gigertox screamed in pain, before pitching backwards, and exploding as he hit the ground. Mike and the others were quickly by Lauren's side.

"Well, that one went a LOT better." Mike commented, patting her on the shoulder. "Nice shot by the way."

"Pretty good for a beginner right?" Lauren asked him.

"Hey, take me through that Power Disk training thing you do, and I'll show you how to practice shooting." Mike promised her. Beneath her helmet, she smiled. Mike had been the one to win over.

"I'd like that." She told him. "Now, everyone stay sharp, this isn't over yet."

Right on cue, Gigertox began his second life, growing to massive size. Lauren pulled out the Samurai Combination Disk.

"Alright, this guy's powerful, but he's also fast. We need to slow him down first." She told them. "We'll begin with the Samurai Battlewing."

"Good choice." Kevin complimented her. "You heard her guys; it's time to go Mega Mode."

Back in the woods, Jayden was battling Dekker, along a long, winding path up the cliff. The woods in this area were considered a great beauty spot in the area, and so a sky bridge had been built over them. Following Dekker onto the bridge, the battle took a doubly dangerous turn. Not only did it mean both of them had less room to manoeuvre, it also meant that the danger of falling was also a factor. While it wouldn't be lethal if he remained morphed, and he doubted it would finish off Dekker, the damage suffered from that could be decisive.

"I've craved this ever since you broke Urumasa!" Dekker told him. "My blade will not break this time!"

"This time, I don't intend just to stop you!" Jayden called out, swinging for him. The two remained locked in battle, unaware as Serena arrived by the stream beneath them.

She had been drawn by the sound of clashing swords, and looked up, seeing them in desperate combat. She looked around, cursing her luck. She had taken the path to the side of the stream, meaning she was far below them. She was nowhere near them, meaning it would take her some time to get to them.

She drew Kasamune, and looked around for another way up, finding none that would give her fast access. Hearing something, she looked up in time to see Jayden's Spin Sword flying over the edge of the bridge. He ducked and dodged as Dekker sought to press the advantage.

"Damn it!" She screamed. Just then, she saw something else, someone ran onto the bridge. She couldn't believe her eyes as the Pink Ranger ran onto the bridge, hitting Dekker from behind with a flying kick, almost knocking him over the edge.

"Terry?" Jayden asked as he saw that this Pink Ranger was a man. Terry just nodded.

"Go and get your sword." Terry told him. "I'll keep Dekker busy."

"Terry, he's too dangerous!" Jayden told him. "Stand down!"

Terry wasn't listening though. He ran towards Dekker, closing the range, taking their swords right out of the battle. Jayden watched Terry lay into Dekker, who was still off-balance with kicks and elbows.

"Terry, what the hell? You have a sword for a reason!" Jayden yelled at him. "Use the damn thing!"

Just then, he noticed something that he hadn't before. Terry's suit snagged on a ragged edge on the guard rail and ripped. His Ranger suit should never have done that.

Dekker caught him in the face with an elbow, sending him staggering, before smashing him in the side of the head with the handle of his sword. Jayden and Dekker both came to the same realisation as the helmet shattered, sending fragments of PVC flying. Jayden looked to a fragment that landed near him with horror.

"The Halloween costume!" Jayden gasped. Dekker swung Urumasa, scoring a hit across Terry's chest that sent blood flying, and caused him to collapse to his knees.

"You're brave young one." Dekker complimented him. "Not many would dare get in my way, not least of which without the power to do so."

He sliced Terry's plastic sword in two, before stepping past him.

"Now, step aside and let us finish this." He told him.

"Jayden?" Terry asked.

"What?" Jayden asked him.

"Catch me!" Terry called out, rushing Dekker from behind. He grabbed Dekker's wrist, bringing Urumasa down across the side railing, causing the bridge to capsize, throwing all three of them over the edge. Serena could only watch in horror as they fell.

Jayden managed to catch Terry, controlling their fall as they hit trees on their way down. They both landed, with Jayden taking the hit. He rolled to a stop, looking to Terry as they landed. Serena came to their side, dropping Kasamune as she did so.

She looked to Terry lying stricken on the ground. It reminded her all too much of Jayden's first duel with Dekker, when Stephen had thrown himself in harm's way. Terry looked up at them.

"Terry!" She shrieked, checking on him. Dekker had not cut deeply, obviously not figuring that Terry was much of a threat.

"It was just his Halloween Costume!" Jayden told her. "What are you both doing here?"

"We came looking for you." Serena told him. "Um...we saw Dekker's energy signature on the scanner. The others are busy..."

"You could have been killed." Jayden told them. "You need to get him out of here."

Just then, they looked up as Dayu entered the clearing.

"This duel's getting a little crowded." She commented, drawing the Short Sword from her Harmonium. "I suppose that means anyone's invited."

"Do I get to stay now?" Serena asked, picking up Kasamune. "Dekker's still around here somewhere."

"Fine, just keep Dayu off my back." Jayden told her. "Dekker's mine!"

With that, Jayden ran off to look for Dekker. Serena looked to Terry.

"I'll be fine." He groaned. " what you have to."

Serena placed Stephen's octagonal Power Disk on the handle of Kasamune and prepared a guard.

"Well, we're here as you asked." Serena told her. "Now what?" Dayu didn't say anything in response, instead rushing to the attack with a hellish scream.

Back at the site of the battle, Lauren and the others were in the cockpit of the Samurai Battlewing, taking the battle to Gigertox. He managed to score some telling hits, but their power of flight kept them from taking too much damage. Lauren brought them around for another strike.

Gigertox yelled out in pain, but was still on his feet. Fortunately, the way he was limping, it seemed their plan of slowing him down was working.

"Alright, he's on the ropes!" Kevin announced.

Lauren put in the Ultimate Combination Disk, bringing together the Gigazord.

"Alright, let's get this done." Lauren called out, bringing the Shogun Disk out. "Shogun Mode, Power of the Ancestors!"

Gigertox was finally back on his feet, and could only stare as the power blast powered up.

"Time to put another one in the win column!" Lauren announced.

"Oh fu..."

Gigertox never finished. The ultimate blast fired off, destroying his second form. The Rangers all turned to each other, whooping excitedly.

"Alright, that time around was better in every way than the last time!" Kevin commented.

"And that guy was way tougher than the last one!" Mike added.

"I'd say we finally figured out this new team." Emily complimented Lauren. "Good job!"

"Uh...guys, what's going on there?" Mia asked, pointing out of the window. They all watched as the spot where Gigertox had fallen erupted. Their energy scanners started to go haywire as a gigantic, purple dragon grew out of his remains. It towered over even the Gigazord, and it glowed with unnatural power. It reared its head towards the heavens, bellowing a deafening roar.

"A third form?" Kevin gasped.

"Maybe you should try talking to it?" Mike suggested. "I mean, you're the dragon guy right?"

"I've...I've never seen anything like it!" Mia gasped.

"Well, we're going to get a real close look!" Lauren answered. "Here it comes!"

With that, it launched itself at them, biting and snapping at the Gigazord, driving it backwards with every lunge. Lauren and the others struggled with the controls, knowing that they still had a long way to go with their battle.

Back in the woods, Jayden continued to look for Dekker, clutching his Spin Sword in his hand. He had de-morphed to save some energy, but he could tell that Dekker couldn't be far. They had both fallen from the bridge, so he couldn't have gone particularly far. He looked up as he heard hooves, turning around to see Dekker a little way off.

He was in human form, and looked a little worse for wear after the fall, but otherwise ready to resume their battle. He was sitting on top of a jet black horse, with white barding patterned after his own robes. He had Urumasa clutched in his hand.

"Where did you get the horse?" Jayden asked. Dekker just chuckled.

"Is that really the most important thing you can worry about?" He asked. Jayden just pulled out his Samuraizer.

"Symbol Power!" Jayden announced, drawing up a symbol, casting it forth. "Horse!"

He mounted the steed, bringing it around to face Dekker. He brought up his sword.

With a huge battle cry, they rode towards each other, their swords clashing in the air as they circled each other, jostling for position. The duel was back on.

Back at the site of the main battle, Lauren saw Gigertox's third form circling away from them, rearing back for more power. Sparks flew from the console as they tried to regroup.

"This is getting serious." Lauren stated. "We can't take too much more of this."

She summoned the Light Zord, damaged as it was, and placed it on its podium. She hit the top, bringing out the Shark Zord disk.

"This worked on Serrator right?" She asked. "Alright, I'll need all your Symbol Power!"

"Dragon Zord, Swordfish Zord!" Kevin announced, tracing his symbols.

"Ape Zord, Octozord!" Emily added.

"Bear Zord, Beetle Zord!" Mike continued.

"Turtle Zord, Clawzord!" Mia called out, adding her symbols.

"Lion Zord, Tiger Zord, Bull Zord, Shark Zord!" Lauren concluded, tracing her symbols, channelling the energy of all their combined Symbol Power into the Shark Zord. "Alright, here he comes; we have to time it just right...NOW!"

With that, they lashed out. Gigertox screamed out as the power of the attack caught him. The dragon bellowed out one last time, before exploding. Seeing all the scans coming back as negative, the Rangers all finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good job guys, I'm really glad to have you with me." Lauren announced, feeling emboldened by their victory. "I couldn't have done it without you. This time, I really mean it when I say...Samurai Rangers...Victory is ours!"