Sitting at the lunch table, waiting for Jake, I couldn't help my mind from wondering to places I really didn't want it to go. But I was just so… I didn't even know the word! Excited sounded too eager, but I was, I was excited to see Jenna again. It wasn't even the whole sex thing either, I just couldn't wait to see her. I had promised myself never to get this attached to a girl, but with Jenna she made everything so confusing, like I wasn't thinking straight. That made me think. If I liked her so much why don't I go public?

One of my many flaws was that I cared to much what other people thought. I enjoyed being popular and I wanted to keep it that way and I wasn't sure if Jenna would change my status in the high school chain. The thought made me sound like a jerk, but I couldn't help it. I had to decide what was more important to me, Jenna or popularity?

I was relieved when Jake thumped into the seat opposite me, forcing my thoughts in new directions. He began chewing on a sandwich, his mind obviously else ware. I cleared my throat and when he still didn't pay me any attention, I moved his tray from under his nose and banged the table.

"Yo! Dude, you in there?" He jumped and smiled sheepishly turning a slight shade of pink. Jake blushing? Oh, I had to get more details.

"Yeah, sorry. A lot on my mind I guess," he shared a secret little smile and I began edging for information.

"Hmmm, is Jake Rosati blushing?" He rolled his eyes and grabbed his tray back, munching on his food once again.

"Yeah right! I'm just thinking."

Man! This guy was hard to get information from!

"Is there a girl involved in this thinking process?" There it was again! A pink tan to his cheeks, and he looked down averting eye contact.

"Who is it?" I leant forwards, intrigued at who held the heart of my best friend.

"No one, you wouldn't know her,"

"Have you slept with her?" I asked and in reply he growled and narrowed his eyes at me.

"Not every girl is just there for you to bang, Matty." I laughed, changing the subject, knowing it was an argument we would never agree on. Not that I thought that every female was there for my amusement, just some of them.

"Come on Mate! You can tell me, it can't be that big of a secret, unless you're ashamed of whoever it… Please tell me it's not Sadie…" Jake visibly shivered out of horror and I couldn't help but laugh.

"No force of nature would make me want to hit… that." I snorted and started pushing him again,

"You know you're gonna tell me right? So you can choose to do it now or live with me pestering you until you break. Your choice entirely." I snatched his sandwich and began stuffing it into my mouth as I watched him think it over.

Obviously deciding, he pushed his tray aside and looked around, making sure no one was around to hear. I leant forwards, trying to catch his whispered words.

"Ok, there is a girl," I snorted and rolled my eyes,

"obviously…" But he carried on, ignoring me like I hadn't spoken.

"And she's really cool. I know it's probably wrong seeing as I'm dating Lisa but she's different you know?" I did know, I felt the exact same way about Jenna.

"It just happened, I don't even know if she feels the same way but when we kissed it was like everything just… turned on." Again, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"It sounds stupid I know, but I just want to see her again." He looked at me with awaiting eyes, expecting advice. Why would he want it from me? I was having difficulties with my own relationship if you could even call it that.

"Ok, what's her name?" I asked, taking a gulp of red bull and swishing it around in my mouth.

"Jenna Hamilton." He said it just as I swallowed and ironically, the liquid decided to go down the wrong stupid hole. I began choking and splattering as Jake hit my back with a smirk on his face. I was not amused. Jenna? Jake liked Jenna? Jake kissed Jenna?

"You mean Jenna Hamilton with brown hair, slightly short, brown eyes?" I asked hopefully. Maybe there was a chance that we were talking about two different Jenna's. Fat chance.

"Yep that's her. I didn't know you knew her…"

"You kissed Jenna Hamilton?" I hissed and Jake looked pretty confused, I should probably have told him right then but…

"Yeah, it was great…"

"Why the hell would you do that!" My voice began rising, making people look and Jake's brow to furrow in even more confusion.

"I don't know, it was a spur of the moment thing…"

"Did she kiss you or did you kiss her?" I demanded.

"Does it matter?"

"Yes it matters!"

"Why are you acting crazy?" He asked hesitantly which made me stop.

Why was I so upset about it? I mean it wasn't like we had defined the relationship. She had the right to kiss whomever she wants, but that made me want to hit the guy who so much looked at her the wrong way. Including Jake. Maybe I should have made Jenna and me public. Now was not the time to think about it, I had to keep my poker face on so instead of punching Jake in the nose…

"I'm not. I'm happy for you mate. Look, why don't we talk about this later? I need to go… somewhere." Without waiting for a reply, I stood and left, feeling my best friend's eyes on my back the whole way.