I don't know what possessed me to do it but one moment I saw Jake sneak behind the bleachers, then I saw Jenna follow him and the next moment I was sitting next to them disrupting their conversation. I had let my jealousy get the better of me and now they were both angry with me.

As I watched them both walk away, I knew I only had time to run to one of them. My best friend or my secret girlfriend. It shouldn't have been a tough decision, I had known Jake my whole life and Jenna since camp started. But I realised something right them. I was in love with her.

Maybe if I told Jake, he would understand my behaviour and back off but if I ran off after him that would mean I would have to let Jenna walk away and I couldn't do that. I had finally made my choice. What was more important? Popularity or Jenna? Easy. Jenna.

Ignoring Jake's glares, I turned my back on him and followed her out of the bleachers. I shouted after her but she either couldn't hear me or she was ignoring me. I thought the latter. It was when she was walking down the busy hallway that I spurted after her so that I was in front and blocking her way.

She sighed as she tried to step around me but I just dodged.

"Jenna, please. I'm sorry about Jake, I should have let you talk it's just that he told me about the kiss and I… Well, I got jealous." She stopped and looked at me through lowered lashes. I was aware of people stopping around us to hear what was going on but I didn't care. I only had eyes for her.

"Matty…" She started but I knew I had to get it out or I never would.

"No let me finish. Please. Jake really likes you and I tried to sabotage his feelings for you and I know that's wrong, but I didn't care. The thought of you with him made me sick, and that was when I realised. I love you Jenna Hamilton."

She stared at me with her eyes rounded and her lips slightly apart. The teens around us had stopped talking and were listening intently. Jenna moved her lips as if to say something but no sounds came out so I carried on talking.

"You don't have to say it back. That wasn't why I said it. I was planning on making you public on Saturday but I can't wait that long. I love you Jenna and I want to be with you."

There I had said it. Now I had to wait to see what she would say. My lips went paper dry and I'm pretty sure all my blood and rushed to my face as I awaited her signal. Butterflies were hitting my stomach desperate to get out as I looked down upon Jenna's shocked face. I knew people around us where whispering but I didn't care.

Very slowly, a smile appeared on Jenna's face. Was this a good sign? Or was this where she began laughing at me. Just the thought made me want to throw up. But she didn't instead she said in very quiet tones,

"I love you too Matty Mckibben ."

My heart leapt in my chest and before I knew it, I had pulled her closer so our lips were together again. It was the best kiss. I it her lip asking permission and she gave it. The people around us disappeared in my head and all there was, was Jenna in my arms.

I had won. I had Jenna.

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