Ch 1: The Proposal

Declaimer: These characters are from Rick Riordan's imagination. I do not own any of these characters.


I was sitting in the mess hall, surrounded by all the Athena kids. We had just finished eating and chatting when the conch horn sounded for bedtime. As I was walking to my cabin some-one grabbed me by the shoulders and clamped my mouth shut. Whoever it was wheeled me into the forest. I smelt seaweed, Percy….

I waited.

Three. Two. One.

I flicked my wrists and kicked him in the gut. He doubled over.

"Annabeth, it's me!" he grunted.

"I knew that! I could smell seaweed a mile away," I exaspered.

"Why did you kick me in the gut then?"

"Isn't it obvious? You were strangling me!"

"Ok! OK! I took you here to ask you something….."

I suddenly turned red and my ears grew hot.


"Ok! OK! I took you here to ask you something….."

I could see her face turning red.

"Yeah," she mumbled, unsure.


I got down on one knee and gazed into her piercing grey eyes.

"Annabeth Chase will…you…… bride?"

I took out a small tiffany box and held it out, open. A small gold ring glinted at her.

She took a while to answer which made me nervous and it felt like eternity with my ADHD. Finally she answered, "Um Percy, I eh... would l-love to be your bride."

Suddenly a big burden was lifted from my shoulders. "But?"