Authors Note: This is a future AU fiction that contains discussion about and acts of domestic discipline and adult consensual spanking. Rated Mature.

Chapter 7 Paying the Price of Diva-Tude


After Brittany had come to take Santana home, Quinn told Rachel to stand in the corner again and think about her behavior. Quinn was astounded when the petite diva did as instructed without comment. Rachel Barbra Berry-Fabray never did anything without comment. She also stood there quietly displaying a surprising amount of humility.

Quinn thought back to her conversation with Brittany this morning and remembered her friend telling her that Rachel would be happier and more balanced emotionally with clear cut rules and boundaries and consequences. Clearly, Brittany was completely correct about Rachel, and Quinn was immensely grateful to have such loving friends in her life.

Quinn went to the kitchen and took the straight back chair and pulled it away from the table and turning it around to face the living room. Tucking the maple wood paddle under her leg, she sat down and watched Rachel, thinking about how she wanted to proceed and what she needed to say.

After 15 minutes had passed, the blonde called her lovely wife over to her, "Rachel, I need you to come here please." She stated firmly.

Rachel turned around and walked slowly to Quinn's side blushing furiously. She was clearly very embarrassed and would not look the blonde in the eye.

"What's going on Rachel? I need you to look at me when I talk to you please. Have you changed your mind about being punished?"

Rachel shook her head and looked at Quinn pitifully, a single tear slowly making its way down her face. Quinn felt her heart tug and her stomach lurch just a bit but she steeled herself and realized she couldn't afford to give in to her desire to comfort the love of her life. What Rachel had done was serious and could have had long reaching consequences for both of them. She would have to stay strong.

"Well?" Quinn said in a no-nonsense tone acting much sterner that she actually felt.

"Well," Rachel was digging at the carpet with the toe of her sock, "it's just embarrassing Quinn, everyone's going to know that I have been punished like a spoiled little girl!" She finished with an emotional wave of her arms and Quinn had to fight back a smirk at the theatrics of her overly dramatic wife, who was currently acting just like a spoiled little girl. The irony was not lost on Quinn who found it rather amusing.

Pushing aside her amusement at her wife's antics, Quinn could see that although the diva felt guilty and truly believed she deserved to be punished; she was not going down without a fight. She decided to just nip this in the bud, "S and B are not everyone Rachel and quite frankly you are very lucky that I am not spanking you in front of everyone at the theater. You certainly had no qualms about embarrassing me in front of the entire cast and crew!"

Rachel paled at that thought and realized immediately there was no escape from this situation. She had been a complete and total brat and now she was about to pay for it.

"Is there anything else you would like to add Rachel?"

"No Quinn, I mean ma'am, uhm, no ma'am, I don't have anything to add." Rachel stuttered.

The hazel eyed beauty thought, not for the first time, how freaking adorable her wife was and then mentally scolded herself for having those kinds of thoughts at this moment, "I can't help it, she is freaking adorable!" She heard that little voice in her head answer her back in clear rebellion against her own need to be strict right now.

"Good, please tell me why you are in trouble today?" Quinn continued.

Rachel looked at her like she had lost her mind, "I don't understand we both know what I did." She answered just a little peevishly really just wanting Quinn to get on with it already and get this over with. The anxiety was killing her.

Quinn took a deep calming breath and drilled the brunette with steely eyes, "Seeing as how you are about to go bare bottomed over my knee and I am about to be holding a wooden paddle in my hand, you might want to reconsider the attitude little girl."

Rachel's treacherous mind betrayed her, "Dear god, she is so sexy when she's all strict and domineering like this. This is how she used to scare me and turn me on at the same time in high school being all HBIC." She was thinking of different scenarios when she heard Quinn clear her throat.

"Rachel, are you listening to me?"

The diva swallowed audibly hoping her thoughts were not obvious to her wife as she blushed again, "Sorry, let's see, I guess I pretty much blackmailed you emotionally to direct me in this play even though I knew you didn't want to, I yelled at you in front of the people you need to be in charge of at the theater and undermined your authority, I have been terribly mean to you at home, I acted so unprofessionally that I have almost totally undermined my entire career during rehearsals, I nearly drove us to get divorced because of how childish and selfish I have been."

Quinn just nodded her head, "Yes, what else?"

Rachel looked confused for a moment and then added, "I caused problems between Brittany and Santana?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"I did, I caused trouble in their marriage as well." She said feeling rather small in her guilt.

"What about last night?" Quinn asked pointedly.

"I was already punished for last night Quinn, that's not fair!" Rachel stamped her foot in aggravation.

Quinn immediately stood up and the paddle fell to the floor. She took two steps forward and was face to face with her defiant diva, "you were punished last night for disobeying me when I gave you clear instructions and for pushing me when I told you to stand in the corner, rather like you are pushing me right now." She growled in a low angry voice.

Rachel fought the urge to take two steps backwards.

"Now Rachel, let's try this again, what happened last night?"

Rachel had trouble taking her eyes off the paddle but she dragged them away and looked at Quinn's dark angry eyes and immediately answered in a contrite voice, "I tried to storm out when you wanted to talk, then I told you to, well, I swore at you rather loudly."

"You screamed Fuck You at me when all I wanted to do was try to talk to you about your behavior."

Rachel swallowed again and nodded, it sounded so much worse when Quinn said it.

Quinn stooped to pick up the paddle and sat back down, "Take off your pants and get yourself over my lap, now!."

Rachel quickly removed her yoga pants, folded them and placed them on the table and stood nervously wringing her hands at Quinn's side.

Quinn huffed and in one swift movement reached up and pulled Rachel down. She clearly was never going to lay over Quinn's lap all by herself and the blonde was really ready to get this over with she was developing a terrible stress headache.

"Rachel, don't reach back, don't try to stand up and this punishment will be over when I say it is, now do you understand me?" Rachel nodded silently. Quinn brought her hand down hard and swift making Rachel jump a little at the suddenness of it.

"I asked if you understood me." Quinn added another hard smack to the first.

Rachel immediately understood, "Yes ma'am." She squeaked not trusting her voice. This kinda hurt already and they hadn't even gotten to the paddle yet.

Quinn just nodded and started delivering firm even swats; making sure to reach every single spot on the brunette's panty clad ass, warming her up as Rachel had never really experienced a real spanking in her life if you didn't count last night.

It stung but it wasn't as horrible as she had imagined and Rachel thought maybe she could get through this without totally humiliating herself.

She felt Quinn stop the swats and reach up and drag her panties down to the back of her knees. Quinn noticed her wife's backside was a nice even pink. Rachel felt cool air on her rear and it felt good for a moment. She lowered her head and shifted a little uncomfortably.

Quinn took a moment to shift Rachel closer to her body and put her arm around the diva's waist and pulled her close. She then started to apply much harder spanks. Rachel couldn't believe the difference between bare and over panties and started to squirm in discomfort.

"Hold still Rachel before you fall off, we are not even close to done yet!" Quinn said sternly never breaking her stride as spank after spank rained down on Rachel's unprotected ass.

Rachel felt her eyes filling with tears and she jumped a few times at the harder spanks, "I'm sorry Quinn please!"

Quinn increased the strength of the swats and Rachel tried to reach back to cover her sore bottom. Quinn grabbed her hand and removed it saying, "Keep your hands in front of you Rachel; I don't want you getting hurt."

Rachel was so busy trying to keep still and not cry that she completely missed the irony in that statement. She grabbed the chair leg with both hands and hung on for dear life.

Quinn was watching Rachel's reactions closely and knew she was feeling discomfort but not a great deal of pain. She could tell the little diva had started to cry softly she could hear her sniffling. She didn't want to go overboard on Rachel's first spanking but she wanted to make an impression so Rachel would think twice before behaving this way anytime soon.

The blonde rained down spanks until she saw Rachel's ass was a pretty cherry red color. She stopped and reached under her leg and grabbed the paddle.

Rachel looking back saw the paddle come out from Quinn's leg and started to panic. She tried to stand up and started protesting loudly as she tried to squirm off Quinn's lap, "No Quinn please I can't take anymore really, please stop, I won't misbehave anymore at the theater, I promise."

Rachel was stronger than she looked and almost succeeded in standing up but Quinn after years of holding up and catching 100 pound cheerleaders was stronger. She quickly got Rachel right back into position.

She brought her arm all the way back and brought the paddle down in a swinging arc, striking bare flesh and watching as Rachel's bottom blanched white and flattened under the punishing wood.

Rachel let out a loud shriek and jumped about a foot. "OW, Oh god that hurt." She really started crying now.

"That was for getting out of position and fighting me like that. Do not EVER do that again, both of us could have been hurt. I told you this was over when I say it is, now hold still!" Quinn lectured.

Quinn raised her right leg to angle Rachel's head down towards the floor and give herself direct access to the now bright red backside. She watched in approval as Rachel grabbed Quinn's leg with both hands and then moved them down to grasp the wooden chair leg again to steady herself in this awkward position.

"Rachel, it's almost over," Quinn said softly laying the cool wood paddle across Rachel's burning cheeks, "I want you to count these last ten out and after each one I want you to tell me that you are going to behave like a professional. Do you understand Rachel?"

Rachel sobbed, "Yes ma'am."

"Alright, here we go."

Quinn cracked the paddle down with a medium stroke on Rachel's left cheek. Rachel jerked slightly but complied, "One – I will believe like a professional ma'am."

Quinn continued medium strokes on alternating cheeks while Rachel counted down her punishment. She was wriggling and squirming and crying out at every single spank but she managed to count them all out and promise to behave professionally.

The blonde decided to make the last four swats with the paddle memorable for her little misbehaving diva. She lifted her leg higher and cracked spank number 7 down right in the middle of Rachel's backside with a hard swat.

"Ow, ow, ow, Quinn, ow please."

"Count Rachel!"

"Ow seven and I will behave like a professional."

"Of course you will!"

Spank number 8 landed flat on Rachel's left upper thigh, caused Rachel to jump and cry out again but she managed to count without needing to be reminded.

Number 9 landed on Rachel's right upper thigh and Rachel was sobbing out loud now and Quinn knew Rachel would be thinking twice before pulling any more of her stunts at the theater.

"On Monday you will apologize privately to Brittany and Santana. Got it?" Rachel just nodded as she was having trouble speaking and Quinn didn't push it, "Ok, this is the last one Rachel"

Quinn didn't wait and give Rachel time to think or tense up as she let loose with the hardest spank of the night and Rachel sobbed out, "10 and I WILL act like a professional!" She just lay across Quinn's lap and cried her heart out. She was so relieved it was over; she knew she couldn't take one more spank with that paddle. She was going to make sure to behave from now on. Rachel never wanted to do this again.

Quinn let her cry as she patted her back and gently rubbed her backside, "Shh it's ok baby it's all over now and we can just move on free and clear." She just kept repeating her loving words until Rachel seemed to catch her breath.

Quinn helped Rachel to her feet and led her gently over to the couch where she sat down and carefully pulled Rachel onto her lap and just held her and rocked her gently, "That's my girl, just let it all out."

Rachel cried out all her guilt and shame and felt so much better, "I'm so sorry honey, I was just so afraid of failing, I am so sorry for hurting you and yelling and swearing, I was so awful to you."

"I know Rach, but you never have to be afraid when I am here, ok? I will always have your back baby until the day I die; I will never ever let you destroy yourself. You are wildly talented Rachel and I will always be here to remind you if you forget. I love you now and forever and you are my girl." She comforted her sniffling hiccupping wife who looked quite adorable and quite like a little girl right now.

Quinn started to hum like she always did when Rachel was upset and she wanted Quinn to cuddle with her. She just kept rocking and humming softly.

It was only a few minutes before Rachel was fast asleep in Quinn's arms and Quinn knew everything would be alright now.

She smoothed Rachel's sweat soaked chestnut hair off of her forehead and looked at the guilt free peaceful expression on her wife's face and she kissed her softly on her forehead with love and tenderness. She adored this woman and always would.

They had come to a deeper more intimate place than either girl had ever experienced with another human being. Quinn thought her heart would shatter from all the love and happiness and pride she felt in being the wife of Rachel Barbra Berry-Fabray.

Santana is currently sleeping off her hangover but she gets what's coming to her next chapter…..