Authors Note: This is a future AU fiction that contains discussion about and acts of domestic discipline and adult consensual spanking. Rated Mature.

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For all she hated being spanked, Rachel, as Brittany had theorized, responded well to the structure and rules of a domestic discipline lifestyle. Under Quinn's firm hand both as wife and director, Rachel lost some of the destructive diva behavior that was caused mostly by her insecurities and fear. Her true talent was able to shine through and the cast and crew responded in kind to the new improved Rachel Barbra Berry-Fabray. They came together and Rachel found herself surrounded by the family she had always dreamed of having full of laughs, fun, hard work and friendship.

The first time Rachel showed up at rehearsal with homemade vegan cookies for the crew and actually inquired about the grip's family everyone stood around with open mouths. They had no idea she thought of anyone but herself. Rachel had visited a cast mate's sick wife in the hospital and quickly became everyone's friend. No one had any idea of what caused the change but they found themselves loving Rachel and forgiving her occasional tantrums.

Quinn had grown as well from this experience. She took the role of disciplinarian very seriously and was always fair but firm. The blonde tolerated none of the selfish diva behavior she had allowed in the past and when she took the diva over her knee, she was no longer hampered by the guilt and shame of their past. Quinn Fabray had finally forgiven herself for her high school behavior and moved on from it.

Rachel knew the rules but conquering her fears and her diva behavior did not happen overnight, so she spent more than one evening with her nose in a corner and nursing a sore bottom after a tantrum or a storm out. What was gone was the guilt and fear of destroying her relationships; once she was punished, she knew she was forgiven and had a fresh start.

She felt more love for her beautiful blonde wife than she ever believed she was capable of. Their marriage blossomed and they became even closer than either thought possible. The love and trust that came from this new intimacy opened entire new avenues in their relationship.

When the play premiered; both Rachel and Quinn became the toast of New York and Tony buzz started immediately.


After a particularly grueling performance, Rachel was seated in her dressing room in front of the mirror removing her makeup, when someone knocked gently. Her dresser informed her it was Santana and Rachel told her to let her in.

The two had become close friends over the last few months and grew to actually love each other deeply. Santana had come to be someone Rachel could trust and turn to with questions and concerns about her new D/D lifestyle and relationships and life in general. The Latina worked on overcoming her embarrassment and the urge to kill Rachel lessened considerably even if it never actually went away entirely. She found herself admiring Rachel's kindness and ability to forgive and forget and came to depend on her as well.

"You were incredible out there tonight Hobbs, absolutely brilliant and even though I've known you all my life and can't count how many times I've seen the rehearsals and play, I absolutely believed you were Sarah and just let go and got swept away by the story, just like every single person in that audience tonight." Santana said pulling the petite brunette into a loving warm embrace.

Rachel blinked back tears at hearing such high praise from her former rival and enemy. She was incredibly moved, "Well Quinn's direction is nothing short of amazing and Britt's choreography and dancing is simply ethereal. We got so lucky to get the perfect cast and crew; everything just came together for this show."

Santana snorted in amusement, "Alright where is the real Rachel Berry-Fabray and what have you done with her?"

Rachel slapped at Santana and rolled her eyes in amusement, "Some of us actually do learn from our punishments and TRY to change!"

Santana pretended to be insulted, "I've changed, I'm alone with you in a room and I'm sober, aren't I?"

The actress smiled with affection and turned back to finish taking off her makeup, "God Tana, remember that night you came over my house drunk and threatened to kill me? You scared me half to death that night."

Santana sat down on the chaise and laughed merrily, "That part was fun, the rest of the night and the day after I could have lived without." She looked at the incredible flower arrangement on the table and read the note attached, "These are from Barbra Streisand? Seriously, THE Barbra Fucking Streisand?"

Rachel blushed and nodded truly humbled by the kindness of her idol.

"Fuck Hobbit! You sure have come far from your days in Lima, Ohio and Glee Club!"

"We all have Tana, we all have!"

"Have you talked to Q, where are we going to eat?" Santana changed the subject.

"I don't know, I really am exhausted and I would love to skip all the accolades and just go home and hang out there tonight."

Santana looked at Rachel in amazement, "Skip the accolades? Jesus Berry, you really are growing up!" She smiled and winked at Rachel in the mirror, "Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting out of these fuck me heels myself, my feet are killing me."

Both girls turned at the sound of the dressing room door opening revealing their two favorite blondes.

Quinn came up behind Rachel and kissed her neck, "You were unbelievable tonight darling, your best performance to date and that's saying something." She turned to face the other couple, "So what are we doing tonight ladies?"

Santana said quickly, "I'm really beat, why don't we pick up some Chinese and go back and hang out at your house? Relive some of the glory days eh?" She noticed the look of relief and gratitude on Rachel's face so she tossed her a wink.

Brittany and Quinn both nodded their approval, "What do you think Rach? Is that ok with you?"

"That sounds simply delightful, I am a bit drained tonight as well and I can't think of a better way to spend the night than with my beautiful wife, my best friends and some good food and maybe a little wine?"


The four friends had a lovely evening laughing and reminiscing and talking about the future. After Brittany and Santana left for the evening, Quinn and Rachel were putting dishes and glassed in the sink and headed off to bed.

Rachel sighed in contentment and snuggled up next to the blonde gently tickling her neck with her breath, "Tonight was so much fun, Britt and Tana seem so happy right now."

"Just like us baby, happy and content and in love."

"You know Quinn; I never thought we would all get to be so close and actually enjoy an evening like we did tonight with no conflict and no drama."

"Well that is in no small part to you baby and your efforts. You and S have really come far and worked out a lot of the past. I am so glad you two have really gotten to know the real people that I know and love so deeply. I know it's hard for both of you to open up and show that vulnerability to others but I had a feeling once you really got to know each other, you would love each other as much as I love both of you!"

Rachel sighed into Quinn's neck, "It was so hard at first but Tana really tried as well and I really do love her, she is one of my best friends now. You know in school and after, I honestly never could understand what you saw in her or how you tolerated her but I have never met anyone as loyal and protective as Tana. She would die for Britt and you and me and poor Christian."

Quinn chuckled softly, "She would and believe me, before she got to know you, she had the same doubts about my sanity regarding you!"

Rachel swatted gently at Quinn's stomach and chuckled as well, "Oh dear, remember all those months ago when you had me apologize to Britt and Tana as part of my punishment."

Quinn smiled gently and brushed the soft curls off Rachel's forehead and leaned in and kissed her wife, "It wasn't part of the punishment sweetie, it was just the right thing to do."

"Well whatever it was it was even more humiliating than the spanking!" Quinn's eyebrow shot up at that, leave it to her wife to be more embarrassed by admitting she was wrong than getting a bare assed spanking.



Rachel and Quinn stood in the hallway outside the Lopez-Pierce house arguing quietly, "Quinn this is too embarrassing, I cannot face them seeing that they both know I have been spanked like a little girl. I won't do it."

Quinn hardened her glare at her wife and stated firmly, "You will or I will put you over my knee right here and right now for refusing to apologize. This is not a request Rachel, do you understand me?"

"Oh god," Rachel groaned in humiliation, "Fine, let's just get this over with then."

Quinn held onto the diva's arm to ensure she didn't make a run for it and leaned forward and knocked gently. She had already secretly texted Brittany and alerted her to their arrival and the purpose of their little visit so Brittany and Santana were aware of the two in the hallway and had heard the entire conversation. Santana had smirked and Brittany had turned around to glare at her wife, "I don't need to remind you of what will happen if you embarrass me in front of Rachel and Quinn, do I?"

Santana exclaimed quickly, "No, of course not." She crossed her arms and pouted when Brittany went to answer the door. She was still sore from the other night; she certainly didn't want a repeat performance.

The door opened to reveal a very small looking embarrassed diva with red eyes and flushed cheeks. Santana instantly felt her pain having been in a similar situation on numerous occasions and she felt her anger and resentment with Rachel melting away and being replaced with empathy and compassion.

Brittany let Quinn and Rachel into the living room and offered them a beverage which both refused.

Quinn made a quick statement, "Thanks B but Rach and I only have a moment then we have to run, but Rach had something she wanted to say," She turned to her wife and gently pushed her out in front of her, "Go ahead baby, everyone's listening."

The petite brunette stood in front of everyone ringing her hands in embarrassment and rubbing a circle in the carpet with her shoe, unable to meet anyone's eyes.

Brittany having had experience with recalcitrant penitent's before said softly yet firmly, "Rachel, you need to look at me when you speak to me please."

Quinn looked at B with gratitude for breaking the stalemate and Rachel looked up in surprise at the tone Brittany just used on her. A shiver ran up her spine at the implied threat in the tone and Rachel immediately felt compassion for Santana and the trouble she had been in as well.

Rachel cleared her throat, "Brittany and Santana, I wanted to apologize for all the trouble I have been and all the trouble I have caused. Brittany, you have done an amazing job with the choreography for the show and I know I've made your job harder with my behavior. I also know how much you love Quinn and how hard it must have been to watch me treat her so abominably in public. Santana I know I caused problems in your marriage and your friendship with Quinn as well and I am so sorry and sincerely hope you both can forgive me?"

Brittany nodded and said, "Thank you Rachel for your apology and since I know you have been punished sufficiently for your behavior, I think a second chance is in order. I accept your apology."

Santana had still been feeling the effects of her punishment and noticed from the stiff way Rachel had walked into the room knew she was still sore as well. She immediately felt so emotional she didn't have the control to speak out loud so she walked up to Rachel and pulled her into a gentle hug much to the shock of everyone but Brittany.

"Me too!" Is all Santana felt she could safely say for the moment.

Brittany cleared her throat to get everyone's attention, "Quinn is not the only one we love Rachel, I hope you understand that. We both love you just as much and you are our closest friends and it hurts us both to see you throw away your talent and your reputation and your marriage. It isn't necessary, we love you and we have your back the same way we have Q's." Santana nodded in agreement.

Rachel, overcome with emotion threw herself into the tall blonde's arms and sobbed out her guilt and gratitude.

"Now now Rach, no need for that, you've been forgiven, totally clean slate and second chance to start over and do better, ok?" Britt said gently rubbing the girl's back.

Quinn and Santana both shed a few tears of their own and a new chapter in the friendship began that day and all four women became closer than they ever had before.


Rachel cleared her throat swallowing the lump of emotion that formed whenever she thought of the love and forgiveness she received from her friends that day.

"Humiliating or not, your apology changed our friendship for the better forever that day."

The singer nodded seriously, "It really did, I can't imagine not having Britt and Tana in our lives. If the play is as successful as I believe it will be we will run for awhile, then London, if we choose to go there we could be busy for the next few years. Are you ok with that Quinn, I know you put your Hollywood directing on hold for me and my career?"

Quinn cuddled her wife, "As long as I am with you baby, I'm as happy as I could ever be."

Rachel leaned up and kissed under Quinn's earlobe causing the blonde to shiver in delight, "What do you think about this idea? In a few years, we turn the play over to someone else, you take a job directing an Academy Award winning movie, and we make a baby of our own?"

Quinn started in shock, "A baby? Rachel, are you serious?"

"I want to have a baby with you, I want to bring a little one in to share our happiness and love, and I want Britt and Tana to be aunties and godmothers. What do you think darling?" She asked carefully.

"I think you're a fucking genius Rachel Barbra Berry-Fabray! Will you do me the incredible honor of being the mother of my child?" She said tearfully, she had wanted another child ever since giving Beth up for adoption.

"I will!" Rachel cried out in joy pulling her wife in for a passionate kiss, "But we really need to work on your language!"

Quinn laughed out loud, "No worries, we have a few years yet." She rolled over on top of her beautiful wife with the intention of showing her gratitude and love in a more tangible way.

"I love you so much Quinn, I'm so glad I didn't destroy us!"

"I love you too sweetheart, you're my whole life and you could never destroy us, we are forever! Now you might wear out my hand or destroy a few wooden paddles…."

Both women laughed as Rachel swatted Quinn's backside, "Hush you and make love to me!"

"Gladly wife, at your service." Quinn quickly closed the gap between her mouth and Rachel's and kissed her with all the depth of her feelings and all the hope she had for the future.