A year. That's how long it had been since Klaus and Caroline had gotten their real start. And since then, they hadn't been apart. Klaus couldn't believe it had honestly been that long since they made it truly official. Of course, their time together hadn't come without hardships, but it was always something they could pull through. She was always a challenge, and that was what he adored most about her. From the girl he had first met on set, to the woman she was today, he had only fallen for her more.

And there was only one way to show her just how much.

"This is going to bust," Klaus explained to Stefan as he fiddled with the white bow tie around his neck. "I don't see how this is going to be allowed."

"Finn and Elijah have already talked to the people in charge," Stefan assured him while he gelled his hair. "Do you understand how big of a thing this will be for them? The viewers will literally be squealing at home. All you have to do is decide the when."

"The goal isn't to bring them ratings though," Klaus said seriously, smoothing down his suit. "But I want to make a gesture nobody will forget. Win or not, I want to do it here."

"Then you've certainly thought of the perfect idea," Stefan chuckled. "What happened to the cocky asshole I always had to bring back down to earth? You wouldn't have worried about this so much before."

"He met his match in a little blonde," Klaus smiled, clapping Stefan on the shoulder. "Our girls don't get pushed over easily. They deserve the best."

"You don't even know the half of it," he sighed.

"And you forget I knew your girlfriend when she was still demanding for new toys to play with," Klaus laughed.

Stefan smiled, nodding his head in agreement. The two knew Rebekah like the back of their hands, but they were also one of the few who knew why she was worth all the trouble. Klaus wasn't surprised they were still living together after all these years. Stefan was the only one who knew how to tame the bitchy beast in her.

"Is she with Caroline still?" Stefan asked, curious as to the whereabouts of the women they hadn't seen for hours.

"She had better be. I think all of the girls are having a small get-together in Rebekah's trailer before the awards show."

"Aren't Damon and Alaric there too though?"

"I said all the girls," Klaus smirked. "Although I think Sage is with Finn. And Kol is having one of those…nights with Anna." The boy never did seem to change.

Stefan laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Careful. Damon will still lay you out if he hears that."

"I'd like to see him try," Klaus answered confidently.

"You better be nice to them. They're babysitting all the kids while we go have fun."

"Oh, right, because sitting through an entirely too long show and sweating my arse off is, as you say, 'fun.'" Honestly, if Klaus' plan didn't involve doing something so public, he would have much rather stayed home with Caroline.

"What does Caroline think about going?"

"She's nervous. I think she is afraid of making one of us look bad. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks anymore. I give them the courtesy of knowing my business, they can give us the courtesy of shutting the hell up about all else."

"You know that's not how it works," Stefan reminded him.

"I'm aware," Klaus sighed, grabbing the small box from the table, and stuffing it into his pocket. "It would be a nice change of pace though."

Stefan shrugged, walking with Klaus out of the trailer to go find the women. "Have you prepared what you're going to say?"

"It can't be long, that's all I know. However, I don't know how to sum Caroline up in such a short time frame. And that's just if I win."

"What if you lose?"

"Haven't thought that far ahead yet," Klaus said cheerfully. "I'm presenting, and I might be receiving. I can't do it when I'm presenting, because I presume that would be frowned upon. So I have no other choice but to do it if I win. If I lose, I may have to settle for a more private setting."

"Don't forget you're not the only one up for Best Actor," Stefan smirked.

"Oh were you in that category?" Klaus asked, furrowing his brows. "I've seemed to have forgotten."

"I'm sure you did." Stefan rolled his eyes, and continued on with Klaus in silence.

Truthfully, he thought Stefan deserved the award, but he would never say it for others to hear. It was like admitting his work wasn't capable of achieving a Golden Globe, which he wasn't. Klaus knew he could win it just as much as the rest of the nominees.

"How has Caroline's work been? Elijah and Finn refuse to say anything about the project they've cast her in."

"It's been good, she's excited about it. She was a little disheartened after losing that role against Meghan months ago, especially after leaving her job with Connor. But I warned her she might not get it. With Elijah's help, she at least had something to look forward to. And it's been working for her so far."

"Do you think she's going to make it?"

"She has all of my faith. It's just going to take her some time. But I believe she will eventually be in the same spot we're in. Only she'll be the obvious winner."

"Aren't you so cute," Stefan teased. Klaus shoved him, making him hit a nearby trailer lightly. Rebekah really was a horrible influence on him. The overwhelming amount of sarcasm he spewed made Klaus want to pummel him.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting to support her. It's not my fault she has so much untapped talent. All she needs is a little guidance."

"Klaus, I'm kidding. Caroline is good for you. It's why I want everything to go well tonight. And it will."

"Thanks, mate," Klaus grinned, nodding his head as they made their way up the stairs.

The night hopefully went well. He believed Caroline was ready for this as much as he was, even if she had never hinted it to him before. Klaus had asked for everyone's help in keeping this a secret, and putting it all together. To say it would be a downer if she disliked his gesture would be an understatement.

He could only hope he was doing the right thing, and she wouldn't say no. If Caroline were to say yes, there wasn't much that would bring him down after that.

"Caroline, you look so pretty," C.C. told her, smiling brightly from the couch with her freshly made sandwich.

"Thank you, sweetie!" she smiled. "You and Kristen both look very pretty too!"

"Daddy made our hair look beautiful," Kristen said from beside C.C.

"He did a very good job," Elena said from the recliner.

"I try my best," Alaric said from behind Caroline, still curling her hair into tight ringlets.

"Where are Grayson and Owen at by the way? Why don't they have pretty hair too?" Caroline giggled, trying not to move her head as she looked around the weirdly crowded room. The place always seemed to fit so many. It was shocking to see it with all these people for once.

"They're at a friends house. Thank god for sleepovers and long nights of video games," Alaric mumbled, eliciting more laughter from Caroline. "Stop moving!"

"I'm sorry! I've been sitting here for hours!"

"It hasn't been that long. Now be quiet before I give you an embarrassing haircut."

"Would you both just shut up," Katerina huffed, trying to talk on her cell phone. "I can't hear Tatia between your incessant talking!"

"Can't her boyfriend help?" Rebekah asked, annoyed. "It's not like we're kind of busy or anything tonight."

"You try being four months pregnant with an aching back!" Katerina spat, storming out of the room to go outside.

"I hope everything is alright," Caroline mused.

"An aching back is nothing to be concerned about." Rebekah rolled her eyes, crossing her arms while she sat in her green evening gown.

The thought made Caroline glad she had discussed the kid situation with Klaus not too long ago. He had still been firmly against having any, but at the same time, she knew he was cracking. If he hadn't been, he wouldn't have offered to help Caroline watch Sage's kids or Kristen so much. And it's not like Caroline herself was set on the idea of having them, but she liked to keep her options open. She knew one day that Klaus could be a good father, even if he didn't think so. Damon had his worries on occasion, but when he adopted Kristen with Alaric, Caroline could see how well he was with her. She had no doubts that Klaus would be the same.

"So how is Matt?" Caroline asked Elena; genuinely curious about why her friend's boyfriend couldn't have joined them.

"Working. All of you guys are always so busy these days," she chuckled. "Poor Bonnie is tired from singing all day, Matt's working, and now you're busy trying to get into acting."

"And you're going to write a best selling novel that will earn you millions, and you'll live in a house as big as Klaus' mansion," Caroline said, trying to cheer her up.

"That's being optimistic," Rebekah scoffed.

"Supportive, Rebekah. Be. Supportive," Caroline told her, pointing her finger at the other blonde..

"Bite me," she snapped.

"Be nice," C.C. chided them.

"Yea, be nice you two," Damon said. "We have impressionable minds in our midst."

The girls didn't say anything after that. The only sound that could be heard was the munching of sandwiches, and Alaric's curler going through Caroline's hair. It unfortunately gave her time to think of the show later. She would be sitting with people she knew at least, but so many eyes would be on her. She would be walking the red carpet with Klaus, and the cameras might pan to their table at some point. The Curse was up for a lot of categories, and surely their table would be the center of attention at various points throughout the night. What if she messed up?

Klaus had assured her not to worry, and that everything would be fine, but she couldn't help thinking about. It wasn't even the attention she was worried about. She was all too used to that after the Tatia articles, which had subsided considerably by now. It was also something she had to get used to if she was going to try acting. What she was worried about was making her, and everybody else, look like an idiot.

"There you go," Alaric said slowly, putting the curler down and turning her chair around so that she was facing him. "I was right. You look amazing."

"Best dressed anyone?" Elena mused with a grin.

"Really?" Caroline smiled, taking a look in the mirror. Alaric had certainly worked his magic again. She couldn't even recognize herself.

"You're not so bad," Damon shrugged, giving her the tiniest of winks.

"Liar," Kristen grumbled from the couch. "You look awesome!"

"Uncle Klaus is going to love you," C.C. giggled.

"I don't think we have to worry about that," Alaric muttered, glancing toward Damon. Caroline narrowed her eyes, and watched them carefully. Why did that sound like more than it meant? She knew Klaus loved her, even if he didn't say it often. But that look…

"What am I not being told?" Caroline asked suspiciously.

"What do you mean?" Alaric asked innocently. Okay. Something was up.

"Both of you are up to something," Caroline accused.

"They're just idiots," Rebekah said seriously, standing up and going to the trailer door. "Come on. If we don't go, we'll never get there with all the traffic."

"Right," Caroline mumbled, moving to give the kids and Elena a hug. "Thank you Alaric for doing my hair and makeup. And thank you Damon for being here too."

"Anytime, Barbie," he winked.

"Have fun, Care! We'll all be watching on T.V.," Elena told her, giving a tiny wave goodbye.

Right as Rebekah went to open the door, Stefan and Klaus stood on the other side, a fist raised and ready to knock.

"Wow…" Stefan trailed off, looking them both up and down. "You both look beautiful."

Rebekah grinned, and looked down shyly to the ground. Caroline wanted to roll her eyes now. Of course Stefan would be the one to get her to act like a smitten schoolgirl. But she couldn't blame her. The way Klaus stared at Caroline made her want to do the same thing.

"Shall we go?" Caroline suggested, walking down the stairs with Klaus' help. She could see that moving in this dress might prove difficult as the night progressed.

"Everybody is waiting in the limo. Where's Katerina?" Stefan asked.

"I'm right here," Katerina said, coming out of nowhere. She held on tightly to her dress, shuffling past them quickly. "Let's go before I'm forced to murder someone for making me stand out here to have a phone conversation."

"I would be sorry…but I'm not," Rebekah said, smiling smugly to herself. Stefan shook his head, and arm-in-arm, they walked to where the limo was waiting for them.

Klaus offered Caroline his arm, and she took it gratefully. "Are you excited?"

"This isn't the first one I've been to," Klaus reminded her.

"Yea, but you can still be excited."

"Truth be told, I'm a little nervous."

"Why? It's okay if you don't win," she assured him. "The fact that you were nominated is incredible enough."

"I just…really want to win tonight," Klaus smirked, patting her hand lightly.

"Relax, Klaus. I'm going to stick by you no matter happens," she told him quietly.

"I know, sweetheart," he smiled. "I know."

The two of them eventually reached the limo, where the door remained opened, with everyone inside waiting for them. Once Klaus helped her inside, holding her white dress while she climbed in, the group headed off for Beverly Hills. Her heart began racing, and she couldn't stop herself from gripping Klaus' hand tightly in anticipation. It was time for the show.

Caroline was in awe by the red carpet. When Klaus helped her step out of the limo, hundreds of people were awaiting them, actors and media alike. She had to hold his hand constantly to make sure she didn't get lost in the crowd of people. Before they got onto the carpet, at least. From there, it was a walk of posing and constant smiling. She felt like she was holding her breath the entire time. All eyes were on the couples passing by, and interviews were being done everywhere. It was frightening, and wonderful at the same time. She was actually at the Golden Globe Awards.

After the walk of horror was finally over, and the interviews had been conducted—it was only Klaus who did that part though thankfully—the group made their way to the table they had been assigned. Caroline was happy to see they were up near the front, and had a better view of the presenters. The venue was truly spectacular. Caroline couldn't stop looking around the lavish ballroom. The grand, crystal chandeliers that hung above everyone, as well as the large floor space made her feel so small in comparison. Television screens were spread throughout the room, and people were chatting together like there was no tomorrow.

The room began to darken after a while, and Caroline was glad her back wasn't facing the stage. She turned to Klaus, obviously anxious for the show to begin. Klaus only grinned at her, and leaned closer so he could give her a quick kiss. Caroline intertwined her fingers with his as the hostesses for the night, Meha and Yana—two of the funniest actresses in her opinion—walked out onto the stage.

Their monologue was fantastic, and had Caroline laughing through almost the entirety of it. When that was done, the presentations began. All the activity moved nonstop, surely so that they would make it within the time frame they had been granted. So many celebrities that Caroline admired walked onto stage, one by one, accepting the honored award. She imagined herself one day walking up those steps, and accepting that very trophy. The thought made her smile. Yes, that would be something she aspired for. To work her butt off until she could give an acceptance speech, and mention those who supported her through such a trying time.

Klaus had to leave at one point, so that he could go present with Lulu Morgan, an actress nominated for one of the action movies that was sweeping the categories with wins. She couldn't stop grinning when she saw him on stage, standing up there with all of the confidence that only Klaus could possess. He threw her a wink once while Lulu spoke, making Caroline break out into a bright smile. Even after a year together, he still made her heart quicken with nothing more than a wink.

The night continued to pass in almost a blur. One right after the other, presenters gave a short banter with the other presenter, or an entire skit was played out, but they went quickly. It was faster than Caroline would have liked. She didn't want the night to end. She enjoyed sitting with people she had come to know as family, sipping wine, and enjoying the show on stage. It was all so surreal. Never, in a million years, would she have imagined herself here.

It was near the end of the show that the categories they had been waiting for came. The Curse had only one an award for Best Director so far, but there was always hope more. The next category up was for Best Actor. This was the one Caroline was nervous about. It had both Stefan and Klaus in it. They were both the leading men in that movie, so there was no supporting role for the other to be nominated in. They were both the stars, and they were both getting recognition. But only one would get the award.

Currently on stage was Mel Martinez, the actress who had won for best leading lady in a comedy film last year. Caroline crossed her fingers as Mel introduced each of the actors, and then let the crowd watch the montage of clips on screen that showcased their work. She felt Klaus' hand find hers, and squeeze her hand gently. Caroline turned to him, and gave him a look of encouragement. He was going to do fine. She wanted Stefan to win because he was her friend, but she would always be on Klaus' side too.

"And the Golden Globe goes to…" Mel began, opening the envelope slowly.

This was it. Caroline held her breath, hoping with all she had that Klaus would win. Please be Klaus, please be Klaus, please be—

"Klaus Mikaelson, for The Curse," Mel said happily, applauding Klaus as everyone else did the same.

The entire table cheered, giving Klaus a look of excitement as Caroline stood up to give him an obligatory kiss of congratulations.

"I'm so happy for you," Caroline whispered to him.

"Thank you, love," he said in her ear, giving her another kiss on the cheek before walking away from the table, and strutting confidently up to where Mel waited with the trophy. While she knew him for the cocky man he was, he still had somewhat of an appearance to keep with the public. Despite the coverage he had gotten from the triangle the journalists had raved about, he was still seen as someone who would show modesty.

She watched as Klaus gave Mel a quick hug, and then waited for the applause to die down. Then he began his acceptance speech.

"Wow. I don't know what to say," he began humbly. Caroline paid attention to the way he looked at the award nervously, and for some reason, she felt something was wrong. Where was that unwavering confidence now? It was there literally a split second ago.

"Thank you so much to everyone involved in getting me this beauty, I am forever grateful to you, and I know who all of you are. However, rather than using what precious time I have by naming everybody one by one, I would like to use this time to thank someone very special in my life."

Caroline tried to remain emotionless as he spoke, but her heart was beating a mile a minute now. What was he doing?

"My girl, Caroline, has been supportive of me through all of my ventures, even through the trying times," he laughed, eliciting laughter from the audience as well. Caroline was pretty sure she had to remind herself to breathe at least twice.

"She didn't falter by my side when the tabloids were giving utter nonsense about her own life, or how it was involved in mine. She is an important person to me, and without her, I don't know where I would be today. With her, I have grown as a person, and as an actor. For everything she has done, I would like to take the moment to do something for her, and to show everyone watching just how much this classy, sweet, and infectious woman means to me."

With a determined air about him, Klaus gave the award to Mel, and quickly jogged down the steps, strolling toward Caroline with a purpose. The audience was in a silent tizzy. They were nothing but a murmur of whispers and anticipation for whatever Klaus was doing. Caroline watched with wide eyes as he stood by her side.

And then down on one knee.

The crowd was in an uproar of gasps and cheers. Caroline could only watch, stunned, as Klaus pulled a tiny, velvet box out of his pocket. She turned to Stefan hastily, who had an expectant look on his face. They knew. This…this was all planned. Everyone at that damn table knew he was going to do this. Caroline snapped back to Klaus, watching as he opened the lid for her.

A diamond ring sat prettily inside, glimmering from the light in the ballroom. She sat there breathless, unable to think of a coherent thought. He was…but he…was he really…

"I may never live this moment down," Klaus smiled, speaking to just Caroline since he thankfully didn't have a mic on him. "But I hope you don't mind me asking."

"Klaus…" she smiled, afraid to move a muscle.

"Caroline, will you marry me?"

That was the most ridiculous question she had ever heard leave his mouth. He didn't have to ask at all.

"Yes," she nodded frantically, making sure her answer was clear. "Yes I'll marry you."

Klaus grinned triumphantly at her, and took the ring out to place it on her finger. The audience got even louder when they were sure her answer was a yes. He gave her a chaste, but passionate kiss before going back on stage, and waving to the crowd.

"She said yes," he clarified smugly for everyone, getting one last chuckle from the crowd before the music started playing. He walked off stage with Mel, and one other person who had brought her the award.

Caroline was still in shock. He had just proposed to her in front of millions of people. That had actually happened.

"Congratulations," Stefan suddenly said in her ear, having gotten up from his seat to give her a hug.

"You knew about this, didn't you?" Caroline asked breathlessly.

"We all did. I don't even mind losing an award for this," he grinned, giving her a wink before going back to his seat. They had all known. Those bastards.

After a while, Klaus came back to the table, and together, they were met with even more congratulations. Other celebrities began to come up to them to say how cute the proposal was, and how happy they were for Caroline and Klaus. It was like one of Caroline's wildest dreams come true.

It was much like that for the rest of the show, since Klaus had kind of stolen it. Meha and Yana somehow managed to make a couple small jokes out of it, but nothing that ruined the moment. When the show was finally over—and sadly no more awards had been won for The Curse—their group began filing out.

Since Klaus had won, he had to do a few photo ops, and a Q&A for the reporters, but after that, it was to the after party they went. More drinks, food, and conversation were had. She did get to show off her ring a few times, which was kind of fun. A call from John had been one of the highlights of her night, telling her he had seen that whole thing, and that he better be getting an invite. Even Kol had called to shower her with inappropriate, sexual innuendos. He also proudly stated that he had known the whole time, and still never said a word. She could always rely on him to never change, no matter how long she knew him.

But after the long night, and the congratulations calls, all Caroline wanted to do was go home now and enjoy some alone time with her fiancé.

That, unfortunately, didn't happen for a couple more hours. Caroline could have thanked the stars above when they finally made it back to the limo, and were on their way to Klaus' mansion. The driver dropped off Stefan and Rebekah first, but Klaus and Caroline were up next on the list of drop offs.

When everyone had been properly hugged goodbye, and they had received a few more congratulations, Caroline walked hand-in-hand with Klaus to his front door. Once inside, Caroline practically tossed her heels away. Those torture devices would be the demise of her poor feet.

"So…" Klaus drawled, strolling closer to Caroline until he could wrap his arms around her waist. She placed her hands on his chest, and could not stop smiling to save her life. "What shall we do now, Mrs. Mikaelson?"

"That has a nice ring to it," she noted.

Unexpectedly, she was being lifted up, and toward the stairs. "I'm aware," he told her quietly.

"What made you want to ask?"

"It felt like the right time. Obviously, I was right," he smirked, stepping into their bedroom.

"I'm glad you decided to," she grinned.

Klaus set Caroline down gently on the bed, and put both of his hands on either side of her, so that he was looking her straight in the eyes. Those baby blues had never been so piercing.

"I love you, Caroline," Klaus whispered, that cute half-grin he wore lighting up his features. "And I want you to always remember that, no matter how many times we fight, or get angry at each other for days on end. You are important to me."

"I love you too, Klaus. And when I start acting, no matter how many more awards I win than you, that will always be true," she laughed, forcing him to tackle her onto the bed.

The night was spent mostly undressing each other, and lying together, talking about the type of ceremony that would work for both of them. Caroline was still amazed at the idea of being with Klaus for the rest of their lives. She knew though, that there was no one else she would rather spend it with. Her life was coming together finally.

Klaus, her friends, her job…it was all the makings to a beautiful life ahead. Caroline didn't regret one moment that had lead her to this point.

Especially getting that call from Sage, asking for Caroline's help with the cocky actor who would, unbeknownst to them all, not be able to make one determined blonde run away. Nor would he want to.

So no. She most certainly didn't regret that.

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