Oscar had always been different, even when he was young, and fantasy had always inspired his drawings and imagination. The only way of escaping his abusive uncle was to embrace the creatures that surrounded him...

The small toddler jumped from his bed and landed lightly on his cold feet. His dreams were not like other toddlers. Normal dreams were of flying, fighting as a superhero or meeting ones true love, but not his. His were full of enchanted creatures, twisted trees and daemons. But there was one creature in particular that kept appearing in his dreams and speaking of great lands and gardens of shadows. His dreams were more real than, he felt the cold draft that drifted through his window when the creature sat with him. The creature had goat horns on its head, a human like body, enlongated fingers and a very kind face. The creature called itself Custodio. But this night, it wasn't Custodio who came to him, but a small daemon. It was as black as night, had spikes covering its head that had very sharp teeth and it didn't look at all friendly. Oscar looked back at the bed where he had seen the creature and saw a small cloth. He reach across and picked it up, admiring how soft it was. Around the edge was a gold line that sparkled under the moonlight and he flattened it out on his floor. In the centre however was a small stone. He nudged it with his finger and when he saw it was harmless, picked it up. There was a length of rop attached to the top of it and he slipped it over his head. It seemed to glow as it rested against his chest and he fondelled it curiously.
'Its nice, isn't it' came a voice and he looked around to see the small creature standing on his bed.
'Don't be afraid, little one, i won't hurt you' he said in a kind tone dropping down beside him. Oscar sat against the bed and found he wasn't so scared of the small creature.
'Sorry but, who are you?' he asked curiously and the creature smiled.
'I am Deimos' he said bowing greatly and oscar smirked.
'I'm oscar' he said and the small creature shook his hand.
'Its a pleasure to finally meet you oscar, i've heard about you in my world' he said and oscar smiled.
'Who told you about me?' he asked and it was Deimos's time to smile.
'Custodio, he speaks greatly of you' deimos said and oscar smirked.
'Where is Custodio?' he asked frowning.
'He had special order buisness to attend to, thats why i'm here' Deimos said sitting down beside him.
'What does this do?' oscar asked lifting the small stone off his chest and showing Deimos.
'That enables you to see us, but others will not' he explained.
'So you could follow me and no-one would know?' he asked and Deimos nodded.
'Thats why we're here' he said and in a blur he was gone. Oscar looked around his room but there was no trace of Deimos. He pulled himself back onto his bed and pulled his covers around him, holding the stone close.

'Boy get up, you'll be late for school!' his uncle shouted grabbing his arm and yanking him out of bed. He yelped in suprise and pain and he dropped to the ground, hitting his head off the cold floor.
'Get up, you've got 5 minutes to be out of here' he shouted pulling him up but his arm and pushing him back before leaving the room. He steadied himself against his headboard but it didn't stop the room from spinning. A firm hand held him steady and soon the room became still again. He looked up and saw Custodio standing with him, smiling.
'Thank you' he said quietly and he nodded.
'You ok?' he asked and he nodded. He pulled his clothes on, grabbed his bag and ran down the path, closing the door behind him.
'Camilla will meet you there' Custudio said disappearing in a wisp of smoke. Oscar hitched his bag up higher and strolled along to school, like he didn't have a care in the world. He was good at hiding emotions.

'Camilla, what does the order do?' he asked the small fairy sitting on his shoulder. She was a bright red with autum leaves as wings.
'Even i don't know' she laughed. She was the same age as him which made it easier to talk with her. He dropped his bag down beside the bench and sat down, brining out his small leather sketch book. Inside was his drawings of the creatures that visited him. The first page was Custodio, then it was Camilla and after that was mostly sketches of their features and other smaller creatures he had seen. He started sketching deimos and soon the bell went, signalling first period.

'Good morning class' Mrs king called and the five year olds stopped talking at once.
'Good morning Mrs king' they all sang and she smiled.
'This is Mr london, he's going to be working with us for some time so i would like you to help him feel welcome' she said to the class, signalling to a man beside her. The class looked at him and chirped a long 'Hello Mr london' but there was one child that caught his eye. He was sitting at his desk near the side, looking out the window resting his head on his hand and gazing out it, talking quietley to someone.
'Oscar, pay attention' Mrs king snapped and oscar shot round and mumbled a quick 'sorry mrs king' and slumped back in his chair, giving a quick smile to a part of his desk. That was him.

Their lesson was art and it was expression arts today. They all grabbed their pencils and paper and started drawing their own drawings, expressing themselves. Frank walked around, looking at some of the drawings and finall made it round to oscar. His drawing was full of Fauns, daemons and other kind and feindish looking creatures. All of them were neatly designed and very detailed.
'Oscar, could i talk to you in private for a minute?' frank asked and oscar nodded before placing his arm out for a second then lifting it and following him. They went to the store cupboard and before he could ask questions they were plummeting down.

He was sure when they stopped he had left his stomach twenty stories before. His school clothes had been replaced with black spy gear and his hair had been gelled back. Camilla straightened her leafy dress and flew around the room they had entered. There was computers at one end and a very stern looking man.
'Is that the boy?' he asked crossing his arms.
'Defenite' frank answered guiding him over. Camilla flew around the mans head, pulling faces and making rude noises and oscar sniggered.
'Whats funny boy?' he snapped and oscar flinched away from him. Camilla grabbed her small pin of a sword and jabbed it into the mans nose.
'OW' he yelled, his hands flying up to his face and oscar laughed.
'What?' franka asked confused and the man glared at oscar.
'It wasn't me' he defended still smiling.
'Then who was it?' he growled moving his hands and oscar saw it was bright red.
'It was camilla' he said crossing his arms.
'Who?' frank asked gently smiling.
'Camilla, my friend' he said looking at him.
'Told you it was him' Frank said smirking smugly at stark who growled in furstration rubbing his nose.
'Oscar, could you come with me and talk to someone?' frank asked and oscar nodded. Camilla took one last look at stark and followed oscar. They walked into a small room with a glass wall on one side that showed a room with a chair in the middle. To frank he saw nothing, but oscar saw the person perfectly. He was about the same age but skinnier than oscar with frosty blue hair and flaming gold eyes. He had icy blue skin and was wearing a white shirt and black jeans with no shoes. He was pacing the small room clearly aggitated and felt the presence of them and turned. Camilla shrunk under his gaze but oscar suddenly felt the sadness coming from him and smiled reassuringly. The person smiled back and leaned against the wall.
'Can you see them?' frank asked and oscar nodded.
'Do you want to talk to him?' he asked and oscar nodded again with Camilla sighing. Frank walked with him and opened the door. He saw the boy stand up and oscar slowly walked in shutting the door behind him. Camilla flew over and the boy smiled, putting his hand out and she landed lightly on it. Oscar sat down with his legs crossed and the boy coppied him. Camilla sat on oscars shoulder and the boy smirked.
'Whats your name?' Oscar asked.
'Inna' he answered, his voice icy and distant.
'Nice to meet you, i'm oscar' he said putting his hand out. Inna shook it happily and they dropped their hands.
'What about me?' Camilla asked flying into oscar face.
'Oh, and this is Camilla' he said and she flew over to his face.
'Nice to meet you' inna said smiling.
'So, why don't you let Mr london see you?' oscar asked and Inna shrugged.
'They couldn't see me, so i thought i would just leave it at that. But then they caught me and...thats why i ended up here' he said shrugging.
'Do you want them to see you?' he asked and Inna thought about it.
'They'd probably think i was a freak' he said quietly.
'Why would they think that?' he asked and Inna looked up at him, his gold eyes dull and full of sadness.
'Because i am a freak' he whispered and oscar frowned.
'But your not a freak, whats freaky about you?' he asked clearly confused as to why this boy saw himself as a freak.
'Thats what my dad told me when i turned into this' he said quietley.
'What'd you mean turn into, weren't you born like that?' he asked and Inna shook his head.
'I was bitten, then i turned into this' he said putting his hands out in dispair.
'What bit you?' oscar asked feeling very sorry for the boy.
'He looked like me, but he was older' he said looking up at him.
'Where'd he bite you?' he asked and Inna turned his hand over. Below his thumb was a spiked spiral that looked very close to a scar. It travelled up his thumb and wrapped round it.
'What do the spikes mean?' he asked and Inna sighed.
'They mean cursed life' he said looking down and balling his hand into a fist.
'What does cursed mean?' oscar asked.
'It means i'm a freak and nothing more' Inna snapped before pushing himself up and walking to the other end of the room. Oscar sighed and stood up and was about to walk over to him when Camilla stopped him.
'Let him calm down first' she said sitting on his shoulder. Oscar nodded and leaned against the wall, watching Camilla fly around and doing tricks in the air.

Frank watched oscar talk with the invisible creature and wondered if he done this often. He realised that oscar kept talking to someone in the room, having a normal conversation but he would never talk to someone in his class. When oscar sat down against the wall he noticed he seemed to be looking sad.

'Inna?' oscar asked and he turned to him.
'Sorry' Inna replied quietley looking down.
'I don't blame you, every one calls me a freak, but i ignore them, they don't understand you see' he explained as Inna came to sit with him. They sat there in silence before Inna glowed a brilliant blue then stopped.
'What'd you do?' he asked and Inna gave him a mischeivous smile.
'Tell frank to come in' he whispered and oscar got up and walked over to the door. He opened it and walked over to frank who came out.
'Everything alright?' he asked and oscar nodded.
'Theres someone who you should see' he said unable to stop the smile creeping along his face. Frank followed him into the room and Inna stood up, shocking frank. Oscar, Inna and Camilla burst out laughing and Camilla flew up to his face, making him jump back.
'I don't bite' she said innocently and they all started laughing again.
'Frank, whats going on?' The man called walking over to the door.
'Nothing, stark' he spluttered starting to smile.
'Then why are you laugh-AHHHHH' he shouted jumping back and the three of them were rolling around the floor, dieing with laughter.

'He does exist' Oscar explained to a confused stark.
'Then how come we didn't see him before?' he asked crossing his arms.
'Cause he can chose wether he wants you to see him or not' oscar said and Inna smiled, watching Camilla fly around the room.
'So, how many are like you?' Stark asked Inna who shrugged.
'Don't know' he said.
'What do you mean you don't know' he snapped and Inna faced him.
'I don't know' he said slowly and stark sighed in furstration.
'So how is it that you can see them all the time?' frank asked oscar who shrugged.
'I just can' he smirked as Inna tried to catch Camilla. She flew into starks face by accident and made his sneeze violently. Oscar sniggered but quickly covered it up with coughing. Ever since then Oscar and Inna have been inseperable.

10 years later

'Frank, you didn't tell me who my new team mates were' rose whispered into her communicater.
'I know, i want to see if you can spot them' he said signing off. Rose sighed and looked around the play ground. There was a tall boy with a furry hat and matching cloak on talking slang with his mates, A girl who was wearing all the latest jewellery pieces with a athletic looking boy beside her. She thought that might be them, they reminded her of blane and daisy. She still looked around and saw a tanned girl with her medals hanging on her arms talking with another girl with long blonde hair. But then the two boys came. One was tall with icy blue hair and dazzling gold eyes while the other had tawny blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. THe blue haired boy chased the blonde haired boy as they flung their bags down.
'I'll get you for that!' the blue haired boy yelled.
'Have to catch me first' the blonde replied over his shoulder running faster. The blonde boy jumped beside the tree, caught the first brnach and swung himself up.
'Oi, scaredy cat, get down here!' the other boy shouted standing underneath him.
'I think i'll stay up here for a while' the blinde replied leaning against the trunk. The blue haired one jumped at the branch, grabbed the boy's leg and pulled him down. They landed on top of one an other and started play fighting. They couldn't possibly be spies. The bell sounded and the two boys helped each other up. They grabbed their bags then raced each other inside. Rose smirked then grabbed her bag and followed the others.

'Good morning class' Mr flatley droned and they replied with grunts and sighs.
'Yes well, all very cheerful today then i see' he said cheerily. He pulled out his register and cleared his throat.
'Davina berry'
'Donavan butler'
'Inna cole' the blue haired boy replied.
'Oscar cole'
'Yeah' the blonde replied going back to his conversation with Inna. Rose looked round at them and wondered how they could be brothers.
'Avril Franklin'
'Here sir' she said quietly.
'Carrie stewart'
'Here sir' she replied cheerily going back to her medals.
'Rose gupta'
'Here sir' she said happily.
'Welcome back rose' he said to her and walked round to his computer. She heard a faint buzzing noise and looked down to see her communicator. She looked around the class one last time and put her hand up.
'Sir, i need to take this months rainfall readings' she said clearly.
'Oh right, on you go rose' he said cheerily going back to his cpmputer, he still hand't turned it on yet. She walked out the classroom quickly then ran down the halls. Once she got there she looked around and saw it was empty. She waited a few seconds more when the door behind her opened and three figures ran through. The girl scanned her thumb and they all looked at each other.
'Whats with the hair?' carrie asked and Inna stuck his tongue out making oscar snigger. They all piled into the elevator and rose pulled the leaver. There was the loud alarm then they shot down. Oscar remembered that feeling from the first time he went down here and when he met Inna. Their school uniform changed to a sleek spy suit and they hair was gelled back and styled. The doors opened to reveal frank waiting for them.
'Frank?' rose said sounding shocked.
'Good morning team' frank said cheerily, standing up and walking over to meet them. Inna couldn't help but remember his first time being down here. It had scared him at first, being with people who didn't understand him, but when oscar came, he felt stronger somehow.