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'So whats up?' carrie asked sounding eager. Frank nodded and walked over to the computers, the four agents following.
'This' he said clicking on a picture and they all looked at it, a bit confused. The mage was a simple stone statue of a lady holding her baby.
'What's wrong with the statue?' rose asked raising her eyebrow.
'There's been reports of them...moving' frank said knowing he sounded insane.
'But statues can't move' carrie said folding her arms.
'Actually, they can' inna said sheepishly ansd they all turned to him and oscar who were looking down, clearly knowng more than they should.
'What'd you mean they can?' rose asked looking a bit scared as she had three stone statues of elves in her garden.
'Well, first of all they're not statues, they're daemons who can move if they're unseen' inna explained.
'And if they catch you, they kill you' oscar finished and that certainly scared them.
'Well how'd do we stop them, you can't kill stone' rose said sounding very doubtful.
'Thats what your job is, to find out how to stop them' frank said nodding and they got to it. Inna and oscar sat at the computers while rose and carrie analised fragments of stone frank had gotten from m.i.9.
'You know they weren't always daemons' inna said as he searched through the pictures.
'Yeah, but how'd you break a curse without breaking them' oscar said looking at a specific image.
'She's pretty' inna said looking at his screen. On it was a girl looking about their age with long tousled hair and a slim old fashioned dress.
'I've seen her, before she turned into one of them' oscar said shrugging.
'Was she nice?' inna asked looking at him.
'Very' oscar said turning to inna. They were silent for a moment before inna turned around and smiled.
'What?' oscar asked turning and getting smacked in the face by a fairy.
'Ow' he said lifting the small winged creature of his face and letting it sit on the palm of his hand.
'Camilla, if you want attention then just ask' oscar said smiling at the small girl.
'Well you boys spend a lot of time together, wouldn't want to ruin it' she said turning around and playing with her fingers.
'Why would you think you would ruin it?' oscar asked setting her down on the desk.
'Cause boys think girls are un cool' she said crossing her legs and sitting beside the moniter.
'Have you been hanging around with davina?' inna asked and oscar chuckled.
'Don't listen to the human girls, they talk a load of rubbish' oscar said smiling. Camilla laughed and looked up at the screen, watchng the pictures flick by.

'Nothing, after all that, looks like they are just plain stone' rose exclaimed to herself.
'Is there anything in them that shows life?' carrie asked and she shook her head.
'What about between the layers?' inna asked walking over and sitting beside them.
'You can't get layers in rock' carrie said laying her head on his arms and playing with a pencil.
'But they weren't alway's rock' inna said smiling and picking up the rock. He ran his finger along the top and underneath it started glowing. The skin of the rick peeled back from the line he had drawn with his finger and they saw the inside. Red and blue veins ran along the rocks surface and rose stared, unblinking.
'What are they?' carrie asked sitting up straighter and looking at the rock curiously.
'They suck the life of the daemons host then leave the stone of its once form to live on, bringing death everwhere it goes, searching for a purpose' inna said holding the stone carefully as if not to hurt it more.
'What happened to this one?' carrie asked.
'Don't know, poinson, curse, anything... cutting it won't kill it thats for sure' he said placing it down.
'How do you know all that stuff?' rose asked.
'Just a few books i've read' he said jumping off the table and walking over to oscar.
'There's something not right about them' rose said as inna and oscar started talking quietly.
'Rose, i've been thnking exactly the same thing' carrie said watching the strange pair.

'Come on oscar' inna called, sounding aggitated, running down the street.
'I'm coming, calm down' oscar called back hitching his bag onto his back and running after him. The both ran down the streets, dodging by people and getting a few odds looks, but humans never understood. They skidded down a side street and saw the tall trees peaking out from above the top of the gates closing in the cemetery. They walked through, leaving their bags hidden in a crook of a rock and trekked through the tombstone field.
'I knew i had seen those statues before' inna said looking around him.
'They wouldn't be here, would they?' oscar asked looking past the tall head stones and statues.
'There she is' inna said quietly, stopping a few paces infront of a winged statue. Oscar stopped beside him and they both gazed upon the face of Akila, creater of beauty. They both sat down infront of her and placed in hand onto the earthy soil beside them, letting her magic flow between them and her world.
'Why have you come, young warriors' she spoke, unmoving, but her voice as soft a silk.
'We have come to ask for your help, queen Akila' inna said bowing his head.
'With what task should you need help?' akila asked.
'The task of restoring those lost to the daemons' oscar said feeling the magic flow therough both of them.
'And with what purpose would you need those taken by the dark ones?' she asked, her voice still soft but demanding.
'We need their knowledge of the dark ones to defeat them' inna spoke. She was silent for a while but the two boys stayed, hoping for help.
'Very well, you must take the flower of the elves and bring it to me and in return i will spare those taken by the dark ones' she spoke, falling silent once more. Inna and oscar bowed their heads then released their hands, seeing the faint glow of magic spreading down their arms and warming their heart.
'The trade is set' inna said as they turned to leave.
'Will they give us the flower?' oscar asked as he grabbed his bag.
'I should hope so, some of their own have been taken' inna replied closing the gate behind them.

The pair walked back through the streets, taking as much time as they needed to think things over. They passed a garden with pristine garden beds and plant pots but there was something sinister about the peaceful stretch of life.
'Inna, turn around, slowly' oscar whispered. They both turned slowly to find one of the gardens small angel statues sitting on the pavement behind them.
'Be gone daemon' inna growled, but it did not move. They turned and walked, only to hear the sound of stone grazing stone. They shot around and saw the small angel looking up at them, teeth pointed and hands curled into claws.
'Run' oscar whispered and they took off, leaving the small statue to slowly smile. They bounded over the pavement, avoiding the gardens, ridden with statues, but every turn there was one, watching them, never taking their eyes off them.
'We can't out run them, they follow us everywhere' oscar said as they headed down a street of flats with no gardens. They turned the corner and saw one, a small statue of an elf watching them from behind a lampost, its eyes glazed over, unseeing but knowing they were there.
'As long as we look it won't attack, they may be fast but even they are bound to rules' oscar said as they edged round it, staring at its unmoving form.
'We can't keep hiding from statues, they'll follow us anyway' inna said through clenched teeth.
'You got a better plan?' oscar asked as they ran out of sight of the elfish daemon.
'Guess not' he laughed as they bounded down the empty streets.

They finally made it back to the small m.i.9 house his uncle lived in and unlocked the door with the spare key.
'There you are!' camilla criend flying down the stairs.
'Not our fault' inna said swatting her away.
'We got Akila's permission to bring the ones taken by daemons back' oscar said excitedly dropping his bag.
'Finally good news' she sighed settling on his shoulder.
'So thats good news, but me finally getting 38 jelly beans in my mouth isn't?' inna exclaimed throwing his arms out.
'Actually for him thats a record' oscar said turning to camilla who sniggered then started laughing, before falling off oscar's shoulder.
'She never respects me' inna said looking down at the fairy who was still laughing.
'Want orange juice?' oscar asked and inna nodded, before they laughed and went to the kitchen.