Hi Guys, I've re-ordered this so that the first passage has become a prologue and the rest has been re-written and will feature later. I have writer's block, but chapter 3 should be up as soon as I can manage (a week or so).

Disclaimer: This is FanFiction. I am not Anthony Horowitz. Happy?

Moisture, dripping down the wall of an underpass, cast with the eerie yellow light of the street lights, occasionally flickering and warping the strange shadows.

A man walks, tense and anxious, in the near-twilight dusk, the small amount of moonlight throwing light on him and twisting the nervous lines in his young face into strange, dancing monsters.

It was, he noted, one of those nights with a hint of danger in the air, when horses were skittish and dogs howled and whined.

At a noise behind him, he wished this hadn't been an unarmed mission.

The street lights flickered and faded to black. White to black, black to white...

A cut off scream, then silence.

Terrible, terrible silence.

The street lights returned, and it was as if it never were.

The moisture continued to drip down the wall. A puddle of death was forming in the murky depths of London's criminal underworld.