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Author's Note: Yahoo! Now, I'm back to write an English fic! (after I write so many Indonesian fics for a long time)

This fic have a time plot right after what happened in 'Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan' episode 37, while all of the wizards were cursed by the Majotourbillon's brambles. I hope you'll like it.

Well then, here we go!

Another Witch and Her Brambles?



Saturday morning, in Oshare Zakka Maho-dou…

"Hana-tan, hayaku Pao!" a little white elephant said to a blonde haired girl, "Pao-tan is very hungry Pao!"

"Pao-chan, chotto matte ne? Hana-chan will take some fruits for you," said Hana-chan while she walked to a door and opened it, "Pao-chan will always have so many food supplies here."

"Yeah, as long as you have so many golden poops," said Majorika, "I can buy your food supplies with those golden beads."

"Huh, whatever for that ones…" Lala sighed, then she noticed something, "Doremi-tachi aren't here yet?"

"Mama-tachi don't come yet. Hana-chan doesn't know when they will come." Hana-chan shook off her head. She took some bananas and gave it to Pao-chan, "Pao-chan, here, Hana-chan have bananas for you."

"Arigatou Pao!" Pao-chan answered cheerfully, "Now, can Hana-tan take some peanuts for me Pao?"

"Of course, Hana-chan can do it." Hana-chan walked back into the room, but when she wanted to take a sack of peanuts inside the room, the honey eyed girl found something new (at least, just for her), "Whoa! Look at this! Hana-chan finds a wonderful plant!"

Instead of taking the sack of peanuts for Pao-chan, Hana-chan took what she found and shown it to Pao-chan, Majorika and Lala.

It was Doremi's Royal Seeds tree, with ten Royal Seeds were hanging on it. Different with the usual Royal Seeds, these Royal Seeds have some golden lines on it.

"Is it Doremi-mama's tree?" asked Hana-chan while she pointed the name on the vase, "Hana-chan had recently studied about how to read romaji, so Hana-chan can read this."

"Well, you're right, Hana. That tree is Doremi's tree," said Majorika, "You know, two years ago, when Jou-sama commanded her to become your mother, she also commanded her, Hazuki, Aiko and Onpu to plant some magic seeds. The tree which you take now is the tree that grow from the magic seeds that Doremi planted."

"Eh? Sugoi!" Hana-chan amazed. She never knew about it before, "But how can the colors combined with some golden stripes?"

Before anyone could answer it, the front door were opened, then six girls came into the shop and greeted, "Ohayou!"

"Ohayou!" the others replied.

"Doremi, mite mite! Hana-chan finds your Royal Seeds tree inside Pao-chan's food supplies room," said Hana-chan.

"Eh? That tree?" said Doremi, "I think it was gone with the other's tree when we changed Maho-dou to become the Sweet House last year."

She and the other five ojamajos walked to where Hana-chan, Pao-chan, Majorika and Lala were, with the said plant which Hana-chan took a few minutes ago.

"Wow, wonderful!" said Momoko in English, "So, this is the tree of the Royal Seeds! I've never see something like this before!"

"Well, actually, I just planted a regular magic seeds. I didn't know if later, it had some Royal Seeds as the result." Doremi corrected. She saw her tree more detail, "Demo, how can this tree is still here after all? And how can it makes more Royal Seeds? If I'm not wrong, there were four Royal Seeds when the first time it came out, and I used two of them to refill my wrath poron in that time. I also didn't take care of the tree after that, though…"

"Not only that, onee-chan." Pop shook of her head, "These Royal Seeds also have some golden lines on its seeds."

"Ah, you're right, Poppu!"

"Hana-chan, do you just find this tree inside there? Don't you find any others?" asked Hazuki.

"Ah, wait a minute! Looks like, Hana-chan see some other trees inside, but all of them were dry." Hana-chan tried to remember what she saw in the room some minutes ago, "Hana-chan also see two empty vase."

"Empty vase?" Aiko looked confused, but then she remembered something, "Ah, I think I know what it was. Hana-chan, let's we took them out from the room!"

"Un!" Hana-chan nodded.

"One more Pao!" added Pao-chan.

"Nani, Pao-chan?" asked Hana-chan.

"Atachi no peanuts Pao!"

"Ah, wasureteta…" sighed Hana-chan, "Okay, Hana-chan will bring those items here."


"I've already guess it." Aiko sighed, "Hazuki-chan, these two empty vase are the vase that we used to plant the seeds of the magic spheres."

"I remember it. It takes so long to make it grow," said Hazuki.

"Sore jaa, how can we find these here?" asked Doremi, "What can we do with these?"

"For now, nobody know about it." Onpu said, "But I think, we'll know about it later."

"And now, it's better if all of you do one thing." Majorika added.

"Nani?" asked the seven ojamajos.


They all sighed and said, "Hai hai…"

After put all of the trees in a safe place, they opened Maho-dou and started to work. Hazuki and Aiko were in the cashier while the others were making some accessories.

Everything happened as usual, until something terrible happened in the afternoon…

It was when Hana-chan and Doremi were in Hana-chan's room, when the others were still so busy to work…

And it changed… everything…

Author's Note: Well, maybe this is enough for the prologue. I'll make the next chapter become longer than this.

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