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Will Doremi and the others win from Majoroseline? And how about Fami? Will her coming change the future? Check those out here.

Another Witch and Her Brambles?



After sought her for a long time, finally, Doremi and the others found Majoroseline in the Misora Park. Fortunately, there were nothing but the ojamajos, Fami and Majoroseline.

"Wow! So you all have already find the way to erase my curse, huh?" teased Majoroseline, "Well, but I think all of you can't win from me, ojamajos!"

"I don't think so, Majoroseline," Doremi shook of her head, then she crossed her hands, hold her wrath poron and attacked, "Pirika Patraine!"

"W-what a…" suddenly, a piece of thorny wood flew up from Majoroseline's right hand, which later was destroyed by the magic blast from Doremi's wrath poron.

"Oh, sugoi!" said Fami, "Have you already know about the source of her brambles, Doremi-obaachan? Now, you're success to destroy it."

"Well, I don't know," answered Doremi, "I just think about how to stop her brambles attack."

"Hmph. Do you forget that I'm a stronger witch than you all, the amateur witch appren-"

"Perutan Patraine!" Momoko attacked, cut what Majoroseline said. The Japanese-American witch apprentice trapped the witch in a glass cage.

"Wha- hey, let me go from here!" Majoroseline shouted, "Naughty girl, let me go!"

"Sorry, Majoroseline. We just want you to think about what you've done," Hazuki grinned, "Paipai Patraine!"

The glass cage flew so high, just about five hundred meters above the land.

"Hey! What do you want?"

"You don't need to know about it. Just relax," said Aiko, "Pameruku Patraine!"

Suddenly, the gravitation affected the glass cage, caused it fell in a maximum speed.

"Aaah, what are you doing? !" yelled Majoroseline.

"Don't worry, Majoroseline. That glass cage won't hurt you," said Onpu, "Pururun Patraine!"

Two arrows appeared and broke the wall of the cage, pinned Majoroseline at one side of a big tree.

"Argh! Let me go from here!" Majoroseline still complained, "It's so unfair for me! Let me go!"

"Gomen ne, warui Majo-san. Hana-chan even think that you should be there now, until you accept your lose," Hana-chan said, "Pororin Pyuarin Hanahanapii! Tied Majoroseline at the tree!"

Then, a rope appeared and tied Majoroseline there.

"Oh, fine. Now I know that you all are so strong. I know I lose," sighed Majoroseline, but then she smirked, "I'm also glad that you don't attack me like the others, pinky hair."

"Don't you mind if I attack you like onee-chan-tachi?" asked Pop.

"No, I don't say it for you, rookie," said Majoroseline, "It's for the future witch apprentice. The time traveler witch apprentice."

"Hey, you said that you wanted to fight with my grandmother and her friends, and now you've already got it. You fight with them and they win," said Fami, "You're the one who want it."

"I know it, but actually, you did it not only because of my request, right? But also, you don't want something bad happens with them because of your spell."


"She doesn't attack you because she had already used all of her power to save me from your fake brambles last night. Is it enough to answer your question?" said Doremi.

"Really? So, isn't it because of her dangerous spell that will make you all forget about any fact about her? Or the worst, it will kill you?" the witch widened her smirk, "Alright, let me go now. I want to go home, to my own timeline, in the future."

"Fine. You can go now. Don't try to make us drop our mission anymore!" Doremi turned to Fami, "Fami-chan, is it true? How dangerous is your spell? Do you really hide it from us?"

"Well, that's…" the future witch apprentice was so confuse. She didn't know how to explain the truth.

"Alright. If that is too dangerous for you to explain it now, we can talk about it later," said Doremi, "But promise to me that you will explain it, okay?"

Fami nodded, "I promise."


After Majoroseline went home to the future, the ojamajos agreed to helped Fami to go home, but then she said, "Uh, actually, I just need help from one of you, not all of you."

"Really?" asked Pop, "But it doesn't mean that what Majoroseline said before she went home is right, ne?"

"Of course… it isn't right, Poppu-chan. I really need help from one of you to go home," answered Fami.

"Well, I think I can help you. I've already promised to you to help you for that ones," said Doremi, "Minna, it's better if you all go back to Maho-dou now. We should open it after all."

"Shouldn't we wait for you here before we go there, Doremi-chan?" asked Hazuki.

"Daijoubu yo, Hazuki-chan, minna. I'll go there later, after I help Fami-chan to go home," Doremi smiled, "Saa minna. Don't make Majorika mad just because you all late to open the shop."

"Yossha! We'll go now," said Aiko.

After the other ojamajos went back to Maho-dou, Doremi asked Fami, "So, will you explain about what Majoroseline said a few minutes ago?"

"Well, actually… I still can go home by myself, but… I can't tell you all about my spell," Fami started to explain.

"Why can't you tell it to us, Fami-chan? Is it too dangerous for us to know about your spell?"

"Actually no, but Majoroseline had already do something to make it dangerous to you all."

"What did she do?"

"Before she came here, she told me about her mission to make you all stop to make gifts for Majotourbillon. I tried to stop her, but then she casted a spell to make my spell became dangerous for you all. If I used it in front of any of you and your friends, you all will forget about my arrival from the future now, and also, you all will forget about anything that I said to you all before."

"You mean, we'll forget that you come here from the future to help us fight with her, and also, we'll forget that you're my granddaughter from there, right Fami-chan?"

The pink long haired girl nodded again, "Now, would you mind if I command you to go? Just tell your friends that I go home with your help."

"I don't think that I should go now. I must be here now," Doremi shook of her head, "Actually, I shouldn't know about your real identity, as my granddaughter."

"Demo ne, Doremi-obaachan…"

"Fami-chan, it doesn't matter if we forget about your arrival from the future now, as long as I remembered about your arrival last year," cut Doremi, "You still be my special best friend, although I don't know about your real identity."

"Actually, I don't want to tell you about my identity. Even, I just want to help you just with my power from my timeline, but when I saw that she was going to kill you, I couldn't hold it anymore, and that's why, I came and said that you're my grandmother," said Fami, "I'm so sorry if you think that it's a big mistake. I'm so careless."

"No doubt, because you're my granddaughter, but I still think that it's better if I and the others don't know about your true self," said Doremi, "Moreover, we'll just forget about your coming from the future, as my granddaughter. I think, we'll still remember that there's another witch apprentice from Tokyo who help us to fight with a bad witch. We'll still remember you as our friend from Tokyo, not as my granddaughter from the future."

"I hope so."

"So, can you tell me about your spell? Do you have a similar spell with me? Or with Poppu?" asked Doremi, "Well, you know, at the first time I and Poppu became witch apprentices, we got the same porons, and also, have the same last words in our spell. Do you…"

"I got the great ones. I have your spell as mine," answered Fami, looked a bit sad.

"Wow, great! No wonder. Why did I ask it to you? Of course you'll have the same spell with me."

"Exactly, I have your spell, and that's the truth," tears started to flowing down the future witch apprentice's cheeks. She hugged her relatives who still stood up in front of her, "In my timeline, Auntie Hana-chan gave your magic power to me, because you've already…"

"That's because I'm not there, right?" Doremi guessed, "Well, I don't have idea why could Hana-chan give it to you. Even, I don't have any idea about the future, but when I see you cry while you tell me about it now, I know that something terrible must be happen with me in your timeline."

"I'm sorry. I should be not crying in front of you like this," Fami wiped her tears out from her eyes and her face, "I should go home now."

"Okay, you can go home now. I think, I've already asked something wrong to you."

"No, you're not wrong to say it. It doesn't wrong if you're curious about my spell."

"Uh, well…" Doremi smiled, "You can go now. Bye bye, Fami-chan."

"Bye bye, Doremi-obaachan," said Fami, "Pirika Pirirara Poporina Peperuto! Bring me back to my own timeline!"



Fami's POV

Right after I went back to my timeline, I decided to watch my grandmother and her friends again from a mirror which the Queen (Auntie Hana-chan) gave me to watch them everytime I want, and what Doremi said before I went home was right. They just remember me as another witch apprentice from Tokyo, and also, Doremi didn't remember about my spell (as she just remember that I went home by train).

I sighed. Maybe she was right to say that it was better if they didn't know about who I was, because it could change the future, although it was just a bit change.

However, just like what it should be, everybody just could know about what happened in their past and their present, but they just could guess about their future, and not exactly knew about it…


The End


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