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Natsu's back gave way as he sunk into the warmth hat wrapped around him. The sweet aroma filled his sensitive nose. He missed this warm embrace, hell, he missed her.

"Lucy..." he mumbled, eyes slowly closing.

"I'm home... Natsu..." she whispered in his ear. he gave a content sigh before his dark eyes opened wide.

"I wanna see you."

Lucy gasped as she felt the familar warmth leave and the rough hands press against her shoulders, pushing her to the wooden floor. Her eyes closed when she felt his heated breath pant over her face.

Natsu's gaze trailed from her small chin, pausing slightly at her parted plush lips, to her cute button nose, up to the closed brown eyes and laying on the terrifying sca marring her otherwise beautiful complexion.

"What... happened?" he whispered against her face, a thumb gently caressing the once torn skin. Lucy's soft eye opened, slightly widening when realizing Natsu's closeness. A prettyblush erupted on her cheeks.

"Huh?" she shyly asked.

"This..." Natsu blew out, his warm breath surrounding her face. he surprising smelled... minty?

"OH this?" Lucy said, gently bringing an arm up and rubbing over the skin. "I got this... in a dogfight." she finished. Natsu's eyes sharpened and a low rumble vibrated through his throat.

"A dog... did this to you?" he seethed. Lucy laughed.

"Don't worry! i got it back good!" Lucy winked playfully. Natus only looked at the cheery blonde doubtfully, staring at the pale scars.

"I must have hurt though..." he said concerned, slightly grimincing. Lucy batted his hand away.

"It was, but it's already done and over with. I got plenty more over the past years too you know." she giggled, flicking his nose. Natsu jumped back when her nail connected with his sensitive nose. Lucy laughed at his surprised face before gently pushing the pink head off of her. She ran a gloved hand in her long thick hair.

"You also grew your too..." he murmered in awe. he brought a few long strands between his figers, rubbing the two together, feeling the silky texture. Lucy chuckled.

"Of course. This keeps me warm." Lucy collected all her hair and wrapped it around her chest, letting the rest at her stomach. Natsu raised a pink eyebrow.

"Warm?" he questioned. Lucy giggled.

"Yes warm silly." the rest of the guild stared at the blonde strangely. Warm?

"Hey lover boy! Stop hogging Lucy!" Natsu's eye twitched when he heard the most annoyingest voice he ever thought could be possible.

"Fuck off ice shit." He growled, turning his head to stare at the raven haired male. Gray scoffed, deciding to let this one insult slide. He walked up the the sitting blonde girl and immediately hugged her. He heard the surprised grunt of his long lost partner and in the back, a horrified gasp of 'love rival'! But he only ignored it all.

He tightened his hold on the girl in his arms. She was finally home.

"We missed you Lucy, don't you ever leave us again you crazy bitch." he chuckled in her ear. He felt the soft vibrations of her laugh travel through him before a pair of warm eyes encase around him.

"Don't plan to, stripper." he smiled at the comment. Damn, it was good to have her back.

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